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Years ago I used to have a page "How to Read" on my web site. It was during my web site with an old out-look and I have to deleted it, because it was not accurate with new, this one.

As that prev. version, this is neither an instruction how you can learn to read, but just a short verbal structure of this web site; how you can read this site.


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Comic stories

If you are looking for a Corben pict from a comic story publication without Corben comics in it, see books.

This is a comicography web site. That means we are focused on comic stories. You can find alphabetical list of all publications that contains Corben comics on them under page Comix.

Non-English, translated publications are listed separately: Brazil, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Norway, The Netherlands, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, Yugoslavia.

Comic stories are also listed in alphabetical order. If that is not enough, I've got also an alphabetical list of writers.

If you do not know the name of the story but aproximately when it was done, try Chronological, or Periodical lists. Chronological list puts all stories in order according they first publishing year, and Periodical lists them according the period they were done: Underground Period, Warren Period, Heavy Metal Period, Fantagor Period, and Super Hero Period. Underground lists all stories before year 1980 (excluding Warren and Heavy Metal). Fantagor is divided in three subperiods: Pre-Fantagor, Fantagor, and Post-Fantagor. Pre-Fantagor lists all stories between 1980 to 1990 (excluding Heavy Metal and Fantagor), and Post-Fantagor everything after 1990 (excluding Super Hero).

The rest

If you are looking for publication without Mr. Corben comic stories, you'll have to search it under Books. It contains everything else: book covers, separate picts, reviews, critics, minor mentions, etc. Also comic story publications without Mr. Corben comics are under it (of course if they contain something by Corben, a cover or other pict).

Every pict (with sign, ) on this web site you can find from one of these lists: Cover Arts (sub-pages: A-E | F-Q | R-Z), Sculptures, Story excerpts, or Altered versions. The later one lists (and explains the differences of) all main Corben picts with two or more existing altered version. There are some separate picts that were never printed as Front Cover Art; they are not listed anywhere - yet. Pictures without visual are not included in these lists.

If the magazine has several issues containing reviews, it is listed separately. Separately in alphabetical order are also Calendars/portfolios, and Trading cards.

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