Page Count

Thousands of pages of good, enjoyable comic stories. Pages always counted on the first publishing year (no matter if part of the story was printed on following years).


(page count 50 pgs/4 stories so far)

Mr. Corben wrapped up his Edgar Allan Poe adaptations with "Edgar Allan Poe's The Premature Burial", "Edgar Allan Poe's The Cask of Amontillado", "Edgar Allan Poe's Morella", and "Edgar Allan Poe's The Murders in the Rue Morgue".


(page count 88 pgs/7 stories)

The first published story was for Dark Horse, "Uncle Mangus", then he went on with his Edgar Allan Poe adaptations with two part "Edgar Allan Poe's The Fall of the House of Usher [II]", and shorties "The Assignation", "Alone", "The Raven [III]" and "The Masque of the Red Death". He also made a quick visit on the old Den character with "Dun's Return". Evidently it was not a new Den story, mere a teasing.


(page count 170 pgs/7 stories)

Four short Edgar Alla Poe adaptations for Dark Horse, "The City in the Sea", "Berenice [II]", "Shadow [II]", "The Sleeper [II]", one longer "Edgar Allan Poe's The Conqueror Worm", and a collaboration with John Arcudi, "The Illuminations of Charity Wallis". A collaboration wih Jan Strnad is a 96 page story, "Ragemoor".


(page count 101 pgs/3 stories)

Continious story of his own, "Murky World", and once again two more (!) Hellboy stories, "Being Human", and "House of the Living Dead".


(page count 64 pgs/3 stories)

Two (!) Hellboy stories for Dark Horse, "Hellboy in Mexico", and "Double Feature of Evil", and one shortie for DC, "Moon Wolf".


(page count 144 pgs/4 stories)

One full feature for Marvel "[The Origin of] Starr the Slayer", one for Dark Horse, Hellboy: "The Bride of Hell", one shortie for DC, "The Hounds of Titus Roan", and a sequel for his own oldie story for "From the Pit" (Part 2), which was started back in 1999. The last story is still unfinished, but Mr. Corben decided to printed it by himself since it was already (partly?) done.


(page count 136 pgs/2 stories)

Two Dark Horse stories, one main story for Hellboy: "The Crooked Man", and one side story for Conan: "Conan the Cimmerian".


(page count 14 pgs/1 story)

One short story for Dark Horse, "Juice Wagon".


(page count 125 pgs/11 stories)

One Hellboy story for Dark Horse,"Makoma", and 10 short stories for Haunt of Horror: Edgar Allan Poe for Max Comics.


(page count 90 pgs/1 story)

A full feature for IDW Publishing's "Bigfoot".


(page count 92 pgs/3 stories)

Two full features, Marvel's The Punisher: "The End", and DC's Swamp Thing: "Missing Links".


(page count 40 pgs/4 stories)

More shorts, mainly for later coming DC's Solo. Also for French Metal Hurlant (both in French and in English), "King's Crown".


(page count 136 pgs/5 stories)

One full feature for Marvel, "Cage", and several shorts, mainly for later coming DC's Solo.


(page count 90 pgs/1 story)

One single full feature for Marvel, "Banner".


(page count 203 pgs/3 stories)

Two full features for DC, John Constantine, Hellblazer: "Hard Time", and "The House On the Borderland".


(page count 44 pgs/5 stories)

More wild short stories, among others Robert E. Howard story, "Spear and Fang".


(page count 31 pgs/3 stories)

Short stories here and there, among others The Wild Satanika Jam: "Mirror Into Black", and "Shadows in the Mist".


(page count 72 pgs/2 stories)

More DC, "The Survivor", and a full feature for Dark Horse, "Aliens: Alchemy".


(page count 78 pgs/4 stories)

Suddenly Mr. Corben put out a Penthouse Comix, "Denz", an unexpected loose sequel for Den's Legacy. Also in same place short stories, "Pollution", and "Gone Fishin'". First DC work, Batman: "Monster Maker".


Dead year. People are waiting, what's next...


(page count 42 pgs/2 stories)

Fantagor Press goes down with "From the Pit".


(page count 42 pgs/5 stories)

Fantagor Press goes on with DenSaga.


(page count 94 pgs/4 stories)

Fantagor Press starts high quality color series, DenSaga. A collaboration with Clark Ashton Smith in "The Seed from the Sepulcher".


(page count 71 pgs/9 stories)

More Fantagor Press short stories, as well as B&W sequential Horror in the Dark aka Tales of the Black Diamond, though it will not sell as well as expected.


(page count 102 pgs/5 stories)

More Fantagor Press: a sequal with Jan Strand, "Son of Mutant World", and 28 page Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles story with Jan Strnad: "Turtles Take Time".


(page count 22 pgs/7 stories)

Lots of short stories under under Fantagor Press, mainly by Jan Strnad.


(page count 161 pgs/2 stories)

More sequels for Den's Legacy: "Den 4: Dreams", and "Den 5: Elements" (both stories have got additional pages as a paper back version). All stories printed firstly as a comic book serials, and after that as paper back books.


(page count 142 pgs/3 stories)

A major Fantagor Press story, Den's Legacy, starts with second sequel, "Den 3: Children of Fire". Also "Vic and Blood" story with Harlan Ellison, printed by Mad Dog Graphics/Strnad Publishing.


(page count 116 pgs/3 stories)

An another Bruce Jones time-travelling story, "Rip in Time", starting Mr. Corben's new own Fantagor Press comic story/art publishing period. First collabroations with Kevin Eastman and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, "You Had to Be There".


(page count 51 pgs/2 stories)

"Pilgor, Dreams of a Magic Planet" expands as a full feature, "The Bodyssey", this time with Simon Revelstroke. First Marvel work, X-Men: "Heroes for Hope".


(page count 54 pgs/4 stories)

28 page adaption of Edgar Allan Poe's famous "The Fall of the House of Usher" appears, as well two other horror stories, "Fur Trade", and brilliant "Roda and the Wolf". Collaboration with William Nolan, "The Small World of Lewis Stillman".


(page count 31 pgs/5 stories)

An another photo-comic in Heavy Metal, "Doomscult". "Jeremy Brood" has got a dead end sequal in Fantagor #5 (a long trilogy dies in one and half chapters). As well "Ogre [I]" will have a sequal (as a regular comic story, not photo-comic), "Ogre II".


(page count 80 pgs/4 stories)

An another jam story, this time in Spanish Ilustracion+Comix Internacional, "El Comic Vivo". One more full feature story, "Jeremy Brood", starts (a sceduled trilogy story). A 8 page short story, "Pilgor, Dreams of a Magic Planet", with Starr Armitage, appears in several foreign comic books (never printed in English!).


(page count 103 pgs/2 stories)

"Den [I]" has got a sequal, "Den II". A visit on Kitchen Sink, "Spirit Jam", an old Warren title.


(page count 8 pgs/1 story)

"Rowlf" concludes, "The Beast of Wolfton" reprints in color, with a sequal "The Spirit of the Beast".


(no new stories)

"New Tales of the Arabian Nights" goes on in Heavy Metal, as well "Rowlf" reprints in color.


(page count 202+8 pgs/6 stories)

Two big full features with Jan Strnad, "Mutant World" for Warren's new title 1984, and "New Tales of the Arabian Nights" for Heavy Metal. "Den [I]" will have also an epilogue, "Den's Farewell". Last short stories for Warren: among others a photo-comic, "Ogre [I]", and the conclusion for the time-travelling thrilogy, "Years & Mind Forever".


(page count 22 pgs/2 stories)

The end of Warren period's short stories, one more with Bruce Jones: "You're a Big Girl Now". Mr. Corben is focusing on his upcoming sequential full features with Jan Strnad. "Den [I]" reprints in Heavy Metal magasine, a sister for Metal Hurlant.


(page count 176 pgs/9 stories)

Still as a regular Warren artist: memorable works with Bruce Jones, "In Deep", and the beginning of the time-travelling trilogy, "Within You Without You". "Den [I]" expands as a full feature story, printed in sequals in French Metal Hurlant. The first print of full feature adventure, "Bloodstar".


(page count 58+81 pgs/8 stories)

Still as a regular Warren artist. "Den [I]" expands as a full feature story, printed in sequals in French Metal Hurlant.


(page count 110 pgs/15 stories)

Warren stories multiplies, color works became regular.


(page count 66 pgs/9 stories)

An opening for Den's Legacy, a short story called "Neverwhere [the Short Story]" (15 pgs) in second issue of Grim Wit. More Warren, now also in color ("The Low Spark of High Heeled Noise!").


(page count 173 pgs/28 stories)

A peak year of the quantity of short stoires and page count. Lots of undeground works, More Fantagor issues, now under big publisher, more Warren stories. Another own title, Grim Wit, "The Beast of Wolfton" in it.


(page count 100 pgs/13 stories)

More underground works, more Warren stories.


(page count 78 pgs/9 stories)

Year 1970 was finally Mr. Corben's opening for his own fanzine market (he said, it sold bad). But his own fanzine, Fantagor, showed his talent and his stories started to appear in different other underground comic books. His second, even more remarkable, full feature story appeared, "Rowlf". Mr. Corben's first Warren story was also printed this year.


(page count 42 pgs/2 stories)

"The Lure of the Tower" was printed 1969. But the first remarkable, long story was "Tales from the Plague", a 32 page long story.


(page count 10+ pgs/2 stories)

Mr. Corben started his comic career with cartoons. They appeared in several underground fanzines. "Monsters Rule" was first printed comic story. Also "Star Beat" was offered, but never printed as it's total length (one fanzine published first two pages of it).

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