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"Alice in Wonderlust", compared with two different text versions: .

"Aliens: Alchemy", from the story: .

HardJohn, Part 1: "An Angel Shy of Hell", from the Original Art Plate: .

"As Though They Were Living!", from a Finnish version:

Creepy's Loathsome Lore! #35: "Astrology", pg 1: .


"Startling Stories: Banner", from the original, .

"The Beast of Wolfton", from the B&W original and a color German versions: .

"Bloodstar" aka "King of the Northern Abyss", from the original version: .

"The Bodyssey", see "Pilgor, Dreams of a Magic Planet", from a 5 pg short story version.

"Bookworm", a German version ():

Survivors of the Suicide World, Episode 3: "A Brief Encounter at War", from a Spanish and Flights into Fantasy versions: .

"Bug", from the reprinted version, .

"Bull Digger", from the Original B&W Art Plate, .


"Max Comics: Cage", from Trade Back version: .

"Change... Into Something Comfortable", from the color version:

"Chance Meeting!", see "Tarzan: Chance Meeting!".

"El Comic Vivo", a Spanish jam story (never published in English): .

"Cidopey", different versions of pgs 4-5: .

Creepy's Loathsome Lore! #34, see "The Golden Sun Disk of the Incas"
Creepy's Loathsome Lore! #35, see "Astrology"


"Da Dork Planet", a Richard Corben parody, pg 1: .

"Den [I]", differences between short story and full feature versions, pg 11. . Rejected page (pg 33, the opening page of chapter 5): .
"DenSaga", a small excerpt from Part 2, pg 11: .

"Doomscult", photo-comics: .

"Dreaming", tittle page, pg 1: .

"Duel of the Titans": .

"A Dumb Story", comparing censored versions: .


The Punisher: "The End": .


Fantagor Epilogue #3: "Flower Thing": .
Fantagor Epilogue #4: "We Sure Likes Worms": .
Fantagor Epilogue #5: "Gurgy Tate": .
Fantagor Intro #1: "Fantagor and Uk": .
Fantagor Intro #2: "Fantagor and Uk Waiting Fer Ya": .
Fantagor Intro #3: "Me and Uk Fishing": . See also CoverArts.
Fantagor Intro #4: "Luscious Lucious": .
Fantagor Intro #5: "The Light of Day": .

"Forgotten Tomb", tittle page, pg 1: .


Creepy's Loathsome Lore! #34: "The Golden Sun Disk of the Incas", pg 1: .

"Gone Fishin'", a Spanish version, pg 1: .

"A Gothic Tale [Part 2]", a missing page from reprint (pg 8): .


X-Men: "Heroes for Hope", 3 pages: .

Horrilor Afterwords #1: "Horrilor at Her Desk", two different versions: .
Horrilor Afterwords #2: "Horrilor's Fare Well": .
Horrilor Intro #1: "Harrowing Heights": .
Horrilor Intro #2: "Horrior, Eager and Waitin": .

"John Constantine, Hellblazer: Hard Time", from Part 3, pg 13: , pg 19: , from Part 4, pg 22: .

"Herbert West: Reanimator", from the story, pg 1: .

"Instinct", from a Turkish version: .

"Judas", from the Original Color (!) Art Plate, .

"King's Crown", from English version, pg 1: .


"The Last Voyage of Sindbad", see "New Tales of the Arabian Nights"

"The Low Spark of High Heeled Noise!", the opening frame, pg 1: .

"Luke Cage: Hero for Hire", a promo for "Max Comics: Cage", .

"The Lure of the Tower", from a Spanish version: .

"Lycanklutz", from a French version: .


"M-80", hand painted originals:

"Mangle, Robot Mangler", comparing tha original/censored: .

Masks: Too Hot for TV! Uncensored!, see "Redhawk - Costumed Hero"

"Max Comics: Cage", see "Cage"

"Me and Uk Fishing", see "Fantagor Intro #3"

Vampi's Feary Tales #13: "Metifa!", pg 1: .

"Monsters Rule", pgs 1-8: .

"The Mummy's Victory", an Australian version (prob. equal with the original):


"New Tales of the Arabian Nights", the original art plates: .

"Night of the Monkey", a French version, pg 2: , and an Italian version, pg 4: , pg 5: .


"Ogre [I]", 1) different versions of pg 4 (text bubbles),
1a) Warren version: ,
1b) the French (Ogre) version: ;
2) different versions of pg 5 (text bubbles),
2a) Warren version: ,
2b) the French (Ogre) version: ;
3) different versions of pg 8 (remaked the middle part of the page),
3a) Warren version: ,
3b) the French (Metal Hurlant) version: .

"On the Street", the original art plates: .


"Pilgor, Dreams of a Magic Planet", a 5 pg short story of "The Bodyssey" (here an Italian version):

The Punisher, see "The End"


"Raven", from the Original B&W Art Plate, .

"Razar the Unhero", comparing censored versions: .

"Reanimator", see "Herbert West: Reanimator"

Masks: Too Hot for TV! Uncensored!: "Redhawk - Costumed Hero", 2 pages:

"The Return of the Sorcerer", the opening frame, pg 1: .

"Rowlf", pg 10 with "modeling photo" (from old Playboy!): .


"Shadow", a color version, pg 3: .

"Shadows in the Mist", from Part 1, pg 7: , pg 8: ; from Part 2, pg 1: , pg 3: , pg 5: .

"Sindbad", see "New Tales of the Arabian Nights"

"Slash and Burn", a Spanish version: .

"Solo #2" (upcoming, Dec. 22nd, 2004), some excerpts from different stories: .

"Son of Mutant World", from the B&W original and a color German versions: .

"A Sound of Thunder", compared a 10 pg sketch version to a 12 pg final: .

"Spear and Fang", from the ogirinal version: .

"Spirit Jam", part of the jam story: .

"Startling Stories: Banner", see "Banner"

"Star Beat", from the story: .


"Tarzan: Chance Meeting!", an early work:

"Terminated", only known Corben story in 3-D:

"Top to Bottom", a French version, pg 2: .


Vampi's Feary Tales #13, see "Metifa!"

"We Sure Likes Worms", see "Fantagor Epilogue #4"

"When Dreams Collide", erased 5th page: , pages 6-7: .

"Within You... Without You", from the Japan version:


X-Men, see "Heroes for Hope"

"You Had to Be There", Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles inking: .

"You're a Big Girl Now", differences between French (12 pgs)/Danish (11 pgs)/English (10 pgs) versions: .

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