Garth [Male Human]
World: NeverWhere

Gazir [Floating Fuel]
World: NeverWhere

GelGel [Male Semi-Human]
World: NeverWhere

Gnomes [Aliens]

God, see Priest

Demon King Gorgum [Male Creature]
World: Rowlf

Gore Gobbler, Furry Backed [Animal]

Greb [Male Human]
World: NeverWhere

Grittlgum [Male Human]

Razar Map

Groumaut [Lake]
World: Razar the Unhero

Guenot [Area]
World: NeverWhere

Gulper [Animal]
World: NeverWhere

GunoGuno [Female Human]
World: Murky World

  • "Murky World [I]": A big size amazon without hair. She is skillful with sword. She has got a twin sister Bodon.

GurgyTateGurgy Tate [Male Human]

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