Harrowing HeightsHarrowing Heights [Castle]
a castle home of Horrilor.
Horrilor Intro #1: "Harrowing Heights"
Horrilor Afterwords #1: "Horrilor at Her Desk"
Horrilor Intro #2: "Horrilor, Eager and Waitin'"

Helmsman [Semi-human]
World: NeverWhere

Hippie Girl [Voluptuous Female Human]

Holcum [Male Human]

Horrilor [Voluptuous Female Creature]
a horny hostess with gorgeus body but horrific face, lives up on a castle called Harrowing Heights.

Razar Map

Hotspur [City]
World: Razar the Unhero

Houhnmahr [City]
World: Razar the Unhero

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