Sadali [Dark Skinned Male Human]

Sagot [River]

The Beast of Wolfton

Saxon [Race]

Sayre [Male Human]

Scon [Human]
World: NeverWhere

Seth [God]

Simon [Male Human]

Robert "Rob" Sims [Dark Skinned Male Ghost, ex-Human]

Skoor-Negg [Male Human]
World: NeverWhere

Skullerella [Voluptuous Female Creature]
a horny hostess with gorgeus body but horrific face, mother of Horrilor.

Snake [Animal]

SorgofSorgof [Male Human]
World: Murky World

Sortrum [Male Human]
World: Rowlf

The Spectre [Male Superhuman]

Captain Squid [Source of a trip]
World: Dremurth

Razar Map

Straxthonbourg [City]
World: Razar the Unhero

Stony Carr [Human]

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