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In here "Squarebound" is Warren binding style where "Paperback" publication has additional stitches in back. There is also "Hard Bound" comics.

Batman: Black and White [Album]. 1998. DC. 7-1/4x11-1/5x2/5". $19.95. 240[+4] pgs. "Monster Maker" (RE). B&W.

Batman: Musta ja Valkoinen. Osa 1 [Volume 1(2)]. 1999. Like. 6-7/10"x9-5/6"x3/8". FIM 89. 144[+4] pgs. "Hirviön tekijä" ("Monster Maker") (RE). B&W.

Bloodstar. 2nd: Sept. 1979 (1st: 1976, by Morning Star as Hard Bound). Ariel. 8-1/2"x11". $8.95. 116 pgs. Front. Full story (RE). B&W.

The Bodyssey [Catalan]. 2nd: Oct. 1987 (1st: Sept. 1986). Catalan. 8-1/4"x10-7/8". $12.95. 64[+4] pgs. Front. In six parts (RE). Color.

The Bodyssey [Fantagor]. 1993. Fantagor. 8-1/2"x11-1/8". Front. In six parts (RE). Color.

Den [I]: Neverwhere [Catalan]. 2nd: Nov. 1985 (1st: 1984). Catalan. 8-3/4"x11-1/2". $12.95. 120[+4] pgs. Front & Back. "Den1" in 13 parts (incld. "Den's Farewell") (RE). Color.

Den 2: Muvovum. 2nd: 1991. Fantagor. 8-1/2"x11". $14.95. 112[+4] pgs. Front & Back. "Den2" in 13 parts (RE). Color.

Den 3: Children of Fire. 1992. 80[+4] pgs. Front. "Den3" in 6 parts (RE). Color.

Den 4: Dreams. 1992. 80[+4] pgs. Front. "Den4" in 3 parts (RE). Color.

Den 5: Elements. 1992. 80[+4] pgs. Front. "Den5" in 4 parts (RE). Color.

Edgar Allan Poe. "The Fall of the House of Usher" and other Tales of Horror. Sept. 1985. Catalan. 8-1/4"x10-7/8". $10.95. 56[+4] pgs. Front. All RE: "The Oval Portrait!". B&W, rest color: "The Raven". "Shadow". "The Fall of the House of Usher". Color.

Forbidden Zone #1. 1999. Galaxy. 8"x10-1/2". $5.95. 96[+4] pages. "M-80". "Angel of Andromeda". Both color.

Frank Frazetta Fantasy Illustrated #1. Spring 1998. Quantum Cat. 8-1/2"x11". $5.99. 96[+4] pgs. "Shadows in the Mist, Part 1(2)". Color.

Frank Frazetta Fantasy Illustrated #3. Fall 1998. "Part 2(2)". Color.

Hellblazer: Hard Time. Nov. 2000. DC Vertigo. 6-3/5"x10-1/5x1/5". $9.95. 128[+4] pages . "Hard Time" in 5 parts (RE). Color.

The House on the Borderland. Dec. 2000. DC Vertigo. 7x10-1/2x1/2". $29.95. 85[+19] pgs. Hard Bound. Wraparound. Full story. Color.

Jeremy Brood. Part One: Relativity. Nov. 1982. Fantagor. 8-1/2"x10-7/8". 60 pgs. Front & Back. "Part 1". Color.

Jeremy Brood [TB]. 1989. Fantagor. 8-3/10"x10-7/8". 68 pgs. Front. Color. "Parts 1 & 2" (RE). Color.

Just Imagine Stan Lee with Walter Simson creating Sandman. 2002. DC. 6-7/10"x10-1/4". $2.50. 48[+4] pgs. "On the Street". Color.

Karat-serien #3: Rowlf [DK]. 1977. Interpresse. DKR 12.85. 48[+4] pgs. Front. All RE: "Parts 1 to 3". "På gale veje" ("The Twilight of the Dogs"). B&W.

Kauhu #1. 2000. Egmont. 6-7/10"x10-1/6"x1/4". FIM 28. 100 pages. Front. "Susityttö syö" ("Wolf Girl Eats"). "Tappajan hymy" ("Killer Smile"). Both B&W.

The Last Voyage of Sindbad. 2nd: March 1988 (1st, 1978, as New Tales of the Arabian Nights). Catalan Communications. 8-1/4"x10-7/8". $15.95. 104[+4] pgs. Front. Full story (RE). Color.

Mega #4/2003: Hulk. 2003. Egmond. B5. € 5.40. 100 pgs. Front. "Banner" (RE). All original Front Covers as separate picts. Color.

Mutant World. June 1983. Fantagor (with Catalan). 8-3/4"x11-1/4". No cover price. 80[+4] pgs. Front. Full story with extra pgs (RE). Color.

Neverwhere [Ariel]. 2nd: Oct. 1978. (1st: Feb. 1978). Ariel. 9"x12". $7.95. 112[+4] pgs. Front. "Den1" in 12 parts (no "Den's Farewell") (RE). Color.

New Tales of the Arabian Nights. 1st, 1978. Simon & Schuster. Front. Full story. Color.

Official Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide 1989-1990. 19th Edition. By Robert M. Overstreet. House of Collectibles. 704[+4] pgs B&W + two separate 16 pgs color inserts. Tradebook.

Overstreet's Fan #2. July 1995. Gemstone. $3.95. B5. 224[+4] pgs. Color. Tradebook.

Penthouse Comix #6. March/April 1995.
Arthur Suydam.

Penthouse Comix #12. March/April 1996. General. 8-1/8"x10-1/2". "Pollution". Color.

Penthouse Comix #14. Aug. 1996. "Gone Fishin'". Color.

Penthouse Comix #15. Aug. 6, 1996. Front. "Denz #1(6)". Color.

Penthouse Comix #16. Sept. 10, 1996. "Denz #2(6)". Color.

Penthouse Comix #17. Oct. 15, 1996. "Denz #3(6)". Color.

Penthouse Comix #18. Nov. 19, 1996. "Denz #4(6)". Color.

Penthouse Comix #19. Dec. 23, 1997. "Denz #5(6)". Color.

Penthouse Comix #20. Jan. 28, 1997. "Denz #6(6)". Color.

Richard Corben Complete Works, Underground #1. Nov. 1985. Catalan. 8-1/4"x10-7/8". $10.95. 80[+4] pgs. Front. All RE: B&W: "Heirs of the Earth". "Alice in Wonderlust". "Horrible Harvey's House". "Twilight of the Dogs". "Gastric Fortitude". "The Dweller in the Dark". Color: "Cidopey". "For the Love of Daemon". "Kittens for Christian". "Damsel in Dragon Dress". Color.

Richard Corben Complete Works #2. June 1986. Front & Back ("Fantagor Intro [#3]"). All RE: B&W: "Fantagor Intros [#1, #3 & #4]". "Inna Pit". "A Dumb Story". "Grim Wit Intro [#1]". "Razar the Unhero". "Chard". "Story of Oteg". "Necromancer". Color: "To Spear a Fair Maiden". "The Secret of Zokma". "Lame Lem's Love". "The Temple". Color.

Richard Corben Complete Works #3. Jan. 1987. Front. All RE: B&W: "When Dreams Collide". "Bug". "Mangle, Robot Mangler". "The Rats in the Walls". "A Gothic Tale". Color: "Rowlf", Parts 1 to 3. Color.

Richard Corben's Art Book [Volume 1]. 2nd: 1992 (1st: 1990). Fantagor Press. 8-1/2"x11"x1/4". $14.95. 64[+4] pgs. Paperback. Color.
"Labyrinth". Wraparound Cover Art-Richard Corben. Color.
Includes around 45 picts by
Richard Corben, mostly full page and color.

Richard Corben's Art Book Volume 2. 1994. Fantagor Press. 8-1/2"x11"x1/4". $19.95. 64[+4] pgs. Paperback. Color.
"Art Book Vol.2". Wraparound Cover Art-Richard Corben. Color.
Includes around 60 picts by
Richard Corben, mostly full page and color.

Rip in Time [Album]. 2nd: Jan. 1991 (1st: 1990). Fantagor. 7"x10". $8.95. [112+4] pgs. Front. "Rip in Time" in 5 parts (RE). B&W.

Runepress Album #1: Uhyret fra Wolfton. 1979. Runepress. DKR 24.50. 28[+4] pgs. Front. "Uhyret fra Wolfton" ("The Beast of Wolfton") (RE). B&W.

Stjerne-serien #2: Judas. 5 fortællinger af Corben. 1979. Interpresse. DKR 19.85. 48[+4] pgs. Cover. All RE, all but one color: "Uprovokeret angreb på et Hilton Hotel" ("Unprovoked Attack on a Hilton Hotel". B&W. "Top til bund" ("Top to Bottom"). "Judas" (same). "Du er en stor pige nu" ("You're a Big Girl Now"). "På vej hjem" ("Going Home"). Color.

Tales of the Black Diamond. Dec. 1993. Fantagor. 8"x11". $8.95. 84 pgs. Front. In 5 parts (RE, except first). B&W.

Tapiiri #7 (3/1985). Fanzine. A4. FIM 17.90. 64[+4] pgs. "Lohikäärmeneito" ("Damsel in Dragon Dress") (RE). Color.

USA magazine #55/56. 1991. Glénat. FR 38. 132 pgs. "Fils du monde mutant", Part 4/5 ("Son of Mutant World") (RE). B&W.

Verotik Illustrated #3. April 1998. Verotik. 6-5/8"x10-3/16". $6.95. 48 pgs. "The Wild Satanika Jam". Color.

Vic and Blood [TB]. 1989. Nantier-Beall-Minoustchine. 8-1/2"x11"x1/5". $8.95. 64[+4] pgs. Front. Color. "Vic and Blood #1 & #2" (RE). Color.

The Warren Companion. By David A. Roach & Jon B. Cooke. July, 2001. TwoMorrows Publishing. 8-1/2"x11"x5/8". 272[+4] pgs. Paperback. B&W.

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