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Kenny Everett: Licence to Laught (document, 2007)

Original Air Date—18 November 2007. Time: 10:00 to 11:00. 47 min.
Produced/Directed: Clyde Holcroft, Chris Salt. © 2007 Bellyache Productions Ltd. / Spun Gold TV Ltd.
Interviewed: Cleo Rocos, Billy Connolly, Robin Gib, Russell Brand, Lulu, Barry Cryer, Leigh Francis, Michael McIntyre, Chris Moyles, Chris Tarrant, Kate Adie, Paul McKenna, Michael Parkinson (a friend of Cupid Stunt), Sir. Cliff Richard, John Lennon.
Entire document: YouTube

Must See TV - Kenny Everett with Julian Clary (document, 2005)

[Must See TV - Kenny Everett with Julian Clary]

Original Air Date—17 November 2005. 22 min.
Interviewed: Barry Cryer, Arlene Philips, David Lister, David Mallet, Ryston Mayoh and Tony Blackburn.
Kenny Everett with Julian Clary presenting a celebration of the life and legacy of the controversial comedian. The show includes an uncensored version of the Hot Gossip dance routine that enraged Mary Whitehouse. The Evening Standard commented - "Julian Clary stands in front of a white background and remembers the lunacy of Everett's Thames years, complete with mad characters, the crew laughing, and Hot Gossip dancing in their pants. Brilliant."
Style: Focus on jokes. A lot of clips.
Entire document: YouTube

When Freddie Mercury Met Kenny Everett (document, 2002)

Original Air Date—2002. Part of Channel 4's short tribute to the group Queen, which also included Killer Queen! and The Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert
Director: Nicola Black. Interviewed: Tony Blackburn, Lee Everett-Alkin, Barry Cryer, Bob Harris [BFI]
Entire document: YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube

The Unforgettable Kenny Everett (document, 2000)

Original Air Date—2000. Reaired—31 May 2009 at 10:15pm–10:45 (ITV)
Series Producer: Karen Steyn. Produced/Directed: Charles Boyd.
Interviewed: Kate Horgan (sister), Dave Cash, Lee Everett Alkin (ex-wife), Terry Wogan, Cleo Rocos (co-star, close friend), Chris Tarrant, George and Eric Gear, Barry Cryer (writer), Jo Gurnett (manager), Kenny Everett, Simon Booker (producer).
A look at the life of comic and DJ Kenny Everett, who died aged 50 in 1995. His talent, originality and sense of the outrageous made him both the enfant terrible of broadcasting and one of its brightest stars. Using archive footage, home videos and interviews, the programme traces his rise from pirate radio to primetime TV icon, exploring the insecurity and sexual angst that troubled him later in life.
Style: Focus on his life. Few clips from both shows Thames and BBC.
Entire document: YouTube

Heroes of Comedy, Season 2 Episode 2: Kenny Everett (document, 1997)

Original Air Date—April 23, 1997.
Director: Tom Atkinson. Writer: John Fisher.
Interviewed: Kenny Everett, Jeremy Beadle, Dave Cash, Barry Cryer (writer), Eric Gear, Jo Gurnett, Cliff Richard, Cleo Rocos (co-star, close friend), Barry Took, Terry Woga, Steve Wright, John Bluthal, Ray Cameron, Ray Gearing, Freddie Mercury, Sheila Steafel, Rod Stewart, Toyah Willcox.
A lot of clips.
Entire document: YouTube

Open Air (document, 1988)

Original Air Date—19 January 1988. About 30 min. BBC.
Interviewed: Kenny Everett, Paul Ciani, Barry Cryer.
An interview document with lots of excerpts from Kenny Everett's early works (Nice Time) and Kenny Everett Video (Thames) and Television Shows (BBC).
Entire document: YouTube YouTube YouTube

Bloodbath at the House of Death (full feature movie, 1984)

Director: Ray Cameron. Cast: Kenny Everett ... Dr. Lukas Mandeville, Pamela Stephenson ... Dr. Barbara Coyle, Vincent Price ... Sinister Man, Gareth Hunt ... Elliot Broome, Don Warrington ... Stephen Wilson, John Fortune ... John Harrison, Sheila Steafel ... Sheila Finch, John Stephen Hill ... Henry Noland, Cleo Rocos ... Deborah Kedding, Graham Stark ... The Blind Man, Pat Ashton ... Barmaid, David Lodge ... Inspector Goule
Entire movie: YouTube

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