Startling Stories: Banner"Startling Stories: Banner"

22+22+23+23 (series) pgs. Appeared first time in Startling Stories: Banner #1 to #4 (2001). Reprinted in Startling Stories: Banner [TB] (2002) and in The Incredible Hulk vol. 1 (2002).
Story: Brian Azzarello. Color: Studio F. Art: Richard Corben (no signature). Lettering: printed (Marvel/Richard Starkings & Comicraft's Wes Abbott).

BRA BRA: as "Hulk: Banner [BRA]", as one in Marvel [BRA] Apresenta #3: Banner (2002).
DK DK: as "Hulk #1 [DK]", as one in Giga #7: Hulk #1 [DK] (2005).
FIN FIN: as "Hulk: Banner [FIN]", as one in Mega #4: Hulk [FIN] (2003).
GER GER: as "Banner [GER]", half and half in Banner [GER] #1 (2002) to #2 (2009).
FRA FRA: as "Banner [FRA]", as one in Collection 100% Marvel [FRA]: Hulk, Book 2 (2002).
ITA ITA: as "Banner [ITA]", as one in 100% Marvel [ITA]: Hulk vol 1: Banner [ITA] (2002).
SPA SPA: as "Banner [SPA]", as one in Banner [SPA] (2002) and Hulk: Banner [SPA] (2008).
TUR TUR: as "Banner [TUR]", as one in Hulk: Banner [TUR] - Içimdeki Canavar (2003).
YUG YSL: as "Banner [YSL]", as two in Banner [YSL] #1 to #2 (2004).

Style: Black line with colors. Genre: Super Hero. Time Span: No particular moment of time. Nudity: None.
Original Art Plate: Copyright 2001. Drawn with Sharpie and Pigma pen on Strathmore paper, size 11"x17".
Keywords: Anger. Destruction. Fear. Military. Bomb. Fight. Gas.
Synopsis: Dr. Bruce Banner does not prefer to loose his coolness, because he does, he will become the Incredible Hulk, a totally destructive green bomb. Then again Doctor Samson is the guy who talks over Mayor to put the full force of army after Hulk to put him down. But fighting with guns is just the rehearsal for both Doctors. Good fist fight is the thing they love.
Comment: Brian Azzarello wrote to Mr. Corben also the pervious story, "Hard Time", as well as "Cage", though the first one was made for DC. Yes, Banner has a necessary inside talk by himself, but still the story does not go much deep of the theme. Mr. Corben's art with bodybuidling men serves the story but no more. Chapter two is specially grafical straight forewards story telling. Mr. Corben does his best on several no talking moments like fight with helicopters in chapter two: on a spread frame of attack with Dr. Samson and Hulk, see how cute feet Hulk has got, or couple of pages later the wack of helicopter's blade against Hulk's head are brilliant moments during the story. Also a silently dreamy and calm opening scene of chapter four is worth to see. But the story's ending sucks!

Banner, Part 1, 22 pgs

Banner, Part 2, 22 pgs

Banner, Part 3, 23 pgs

Banner, Part 4, 23 pgs

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