Roots in Hell"Denaeus"

8+8+13+ pgs. Appeared first time in Shadows on the Grave #1 (2016).
Story/Art: Richard Corben (no signature). Lettering printed (Richard Corben).

No known translation.

Style: Black and white with CG greytones. Genre: Horror. Time Span: Ancient history. Nudity: None.
Keywords: Denaeus. Oracle. Vision. Palace. Inner eye. Necroscope. Assassin. Jubilee. Temple. Zeus. Women. Blind. Cyclop.
Synopsis: Part 1: A oracle compare his vision with Denaeus. Part 2: The attack of the cyclop.
Comment: The beginning of Greek story starts a bit confusing. The second chapter was better.
Extra: According Shadows on the Grave #1 (2016) the chapters could be named as, Part 1: "The Oracle's Prediction of Death". Part 2: "A Compulsory Quest". Part 3: "A Land of Monsters and Treachery". Part 4: "Back from the Dead". Part 5: "Horror of the King's Justice". Part 6: "Vengeance 1". Part 7: "Vengeance 2". Part 8: "Vengeance 3". Part 9: "The Oracle's Trick". Part 10: "The Final Settlement", though there was only 8 issues of the comic book.

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