Hellblazer: Hard TimeJohn Constantine, Hellblazer: "Hard Time"

22+22+22+22+22(series) pgs. Appeared first time in Hellblazer: Hard Time #146 to #150 (2000). Reprinted in Hellblazer: Hard Time [TB] (2000).
Story: Brian Azzarello. Art: Richard Corben (no signature, © 2000). Color: James Sinclair. Lettering: Clem Robins.

FRA FRA: as "Hellblazer [FRA]: Hard Time", as one in Hellblazer [FRA]: Hard Time (2002).
ITA ITA: as "Hellblazer: Tempi Duri", as 5 part serial in Vertigo presenta #1 (2000) to #5 (2001), and as one in Hellblazer: Tempi Duri (2005).
SPA SPA: as "Hellblazer - Tiempos difíciles", as one in Colección Vertigo: Hellblazer (2003), and as Hellblazer [SPA]: "Hard Time [SPA]", as one in Hellblazer: Brian Azzarello (2015).

Style: Color with black line. Genre: Crime. Time Span: No particular moment of time. Nudity: Half naked girl and man.
Keywords: Prison. Gangs. Humiliation. Chain-smoking. Mystic. Violence. Bossing. Guards. Puzzles. Punishment. Hallucination. Revolution. Bargain.
Synopsis: Hellblazer is a serial of character John Constantine. In "Hard Time" they put him into the high security prison. John smokes constantly. Quickly he climbs right to the top in prison's inside hierarchy. Mystical accidents start to happen, but he does get his punishment and revolution.
Comment: Corben goes on with his B&W (without screens) comic stories. This story is also colored by outsider, DC Vertigo house. Corben controls brilliantly Brian Azarello's tricky story of prisoners' relationships. Color fits good into Mr. Corben's story. This story has quick-dead end, but the end is not important while we are talking about continous series of stories; the main thing is, how we reach it. Azarello does it with passion.
Extra: There is only two girls in this story - hey, it's a inside jale story for guys - one is pretend-to-be-a-wife prostitute who dances provocatively to one leader criminal. And another "girl" is just a hallucination. Both on them are well shown. One certain criminal is solving nude girl puzzles.

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