3 pgs. Appeared first time in Hot Stuf' #2 (1975). Reprinted in Flights into Fantasy (1981) on pgs 101-103.
Story: Herb Arnold. Art: Richard Corben (signed as Richard Corben, 1975). Lettering: printed (Hot Stuf').

SPA SPA: as "Voluptas [SPA]" in Ilustracion+Comix Internacional #56 (1985), Richard Corben obras completas #11, Fan de fantasia #5, and Vuelo a la fantasia (1981).

Style: Greytones. Genre: Fantasy. Time Span: Greek ancient mythology. Nudity: Almost full frontal both men and women.
Keywords: Greece. Nymph. Dream. Challenge. Warriors.
Synopsis: Voluptas, nymph and goddess' daughter, gets bored and starts to explore the Earth. She challenges all best men of Greece and wins them all, even in wrestling.
Comment: This short piece of art has tiny but almost brilliantly working story of Herb Arnold. In B&W artwork Corben consentrates on naked bodies and does it very good. Usually Hot Stuf' has only one story entirely whole magazine, but not this time.

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