OddComicWorldRC"The Odd Comic World of Richard Corben [B&W]" (illustrates "Razar")
1978 Warren Calendar (1977) |
Odds and Ends"Odds and Ends"
Odds and Ends (2009) |

OfDreamsOfVisions"Of Dreams and of Visions"
Night Images (1976) |

See also "Night Images" |

"Ogre" (photo from photocomics "Ogre")
[FRA] Ogre [2nd] (1979) |

"On Guard" see "Support Fantagor #1" |

"The Ophiuchi Hotline" see "The Three Graces" |

The Other One Too?"The Other One Too?" (an excerpt from "Mangle, Robot Mangler", pg 5, middle frame, mirror image and turned ninety degrees)
ITA [ITA] Alter alter 9 (1978 or 1979) |

"Ox" see "Robot Worm" |