"The Penultimate Truth" see "Robots Gang Up" |

"Phantom of the Paradise"
Movie poster (1986) |

"The Phoenix on the Sword" see "His Outflung Hand Struck..." |

"Pickman's Model Promo" (Illustrates, "Pickman's Model", a H.P. Lovecraft short story)
Unpublished? (Corben Studios) |

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"Pilgor and the Worm" (Pilgor added to the background)
The Bodyssey [Fantagor] (1993) (as "The Worm God") | Richard Corben Art Book [#1] (1990) |
GER [GER] Die phantastische Welt des Richard Corben #7: Pilgor: Kampf um Ammora (1993) | NL [NL] Pilgor [NL] (1993) |
Original: 10"x14" mixed media including a photograph and oil paint [artbook1p26]

See also "The Worm-God" |

"Pilgor vs. the Emerald Lions" see "Pilgor and the Boonthas" |

"Pilgor vs. Serpicocks" see "Hunghoul's Guards" |

Pod-ship from 2001"Pod-ship from 2001"
Photon #18 (1970's) |

"Point of View" see "Ghouls" |

"Political Discussion" see "Pilgor Discusses Politics with his Friends" |

Portrait of Afro-American"Portrait of Afro-American"
Unpublished? |

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Den [III] #9 (1989) |
Praying Angel"Praying Angel"
Odds and Ends (2009) |

"Prehistoric Forest" see "Jungle" |

"The Princess and the Frog Hippie" (3 pages, 3 pict long joke)
Flights into Fantasy (1981) (two excerpts) | Mendocino County Comix #1 (1982) | Weirdom Comix #14 (1971) | Southeby's Comic Books and Comic Art 2000 (2002) |

See also "Darvc Cartoon" | "Your Pad or Mine?" (aka "Silly Frog" aka "Funky Frog"; excerpt from "The Princess and the Frog Hippie")

"The Prodical" see "Space Prodical" |

"Prospecting in the Asteroids"
Richard Corben Collector Card #25 (1993) | The Magazine of Fantasy of Science Fiction (1967) | Richard Corben Art Book [#1] (1990) |
Original: 16"x22" opague watercolor [artbook1p4]
Psychic Pilgrim COL"Psychic Pilgrim" aka "Psycho Pilgrim" (color)
J. Williams: Psychic Pilgrims |
"Psychic Pilgrim" (B&W)
Odds and Ends (2009) |
"Pterodactyl with Prey" [an except from Neverwhere the Movie (1968)]
Flights into Fantasy (1981) | The Mirkwood Times #4 (1973) |

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