"Ya Wanna Be Like Him?" see "Snarf Man" |

YourPadMine"Your Pad or Mine?" (aka "Silly Frog" aka "Funky Frog"; excerpt from "The Princess and the Frog Hippie")
Mousepad (1993) |

See also "Darv Cartoon" |

"Your parents will be proud boy, you're a hero!" see "A Hero" |

YourSins"Your Sins" (aka "I realize you know not what you are doing, but I refuse to die for your sins!")
Weirdom Comix #14 (1971) | CFA-APA #91 (2013) |

See also "Darvc Cartoon" |

"You Said anything I Wanted, now Hop in!"
Help! #27 (1996) |