Voluptuous aka Extreme Curves

I'm a big fan of voluptuous girls with extreme curves. That's why I'm running my Richard Corben web site. Besides him there is a lot of other favourites of mine. This page is a collecting list ot them.

Richard Corben

Heavy breasted girls, well-hunged guys. One of the best all time comic artists in color and black-and-white (with sensational zipatones). Ingenius painter.

The Most Complete Comicography of Richard Corben (my fan site)
www.corbenstudios.com (an official web site)

Phil Henderson

One word: voluptuous girls, really extreme curves. Heavy top, large hips and bums.

There is no official web site, but you can find his art from pay site:
http://xtreme-curves.com/artforsale.htm (art for sale)

Extreme Curves
Amerotica. 8-1/2x11. 80 pgs. full color trade pb. $16.95. ISBN 1-56163-416-6. A gallery of women, who actually exist and posed for him. 48 x 26 x 44DD, 46 x 28 x 52.

Grrr! Incredible interesting cover arts, though insides of this magazine nothing that relevant! Front covers of #13 (my all time favourite) and #19 by Phil Henderson.

Simon Bisley

Among others "Slaine", "Lobo", "Judge Dredd", and "Heavy Metal". Lots of heavy breasts! Yammy.

www.simonbisleyonline.com (an official web site – dead link, sorry!)
www.chez.com/simonbisley (an unofficial web site)

Jed Dougherty NEW!

Loves bodybuilder women with extra corbenesque extensions. Check specially his gallery, pages #1 and #3.

jebriodo.deviantart.com (blog/huge sample art collection)
www.jedsart.com (an official web site)

Luca Tarlazzi

Tremendously workful Italian digital artist, who does both digital 3D (3D Max) and 2D (Photoshop) art. Photorealistic women with soul, neat boobs.

www.lucatarlazzi.com (an official web site)

Rafa Garres

A Catalan comic artist, painter and sculptor. Among others for DC Comics, "Slaine", and "Lobo". Skulls, snakes, provocative girls.

www.garres.com (an official web site)

© Rafa Garres, all rights reserved. Used with permission.

Tanino Liberatore

Creator of an Italian comic book chacater Rank Xerox aka RanXerox, which was forced to change name as Ranx, becaue of certain xerox company. I like Liberatore's extremely grotesque style. Though he prefers more small sizes than voluptuous. Shame.

www.taninoliberatore.com (an official web site, Jan 2004)
Tanino Liberatore (un official web page) Informative, bios, links.

Juan Gimenez

A Spanish comic artist. Lots of alternative science fiction/sex short stories in Heavy Metal. His art is mostly harmless boobs, but as you can see, he can also paint provocatively.

www.juangimenez.com (an official web site)

Robert Crumb

Father of underground comix. My first love with UG-comix. Though Mr. Crumb is focusing on women's legs and buttocks, he does remember to draw for them good boobs and spectacular nipples.

rcrumb.com (an official web site)


Beautiful, beautiful French comic art. Mr. Loisel draws nicely. He likes sex, popping mamas and hard-ons, and above all mega boobs and nipples. Beautiful.

www.regisloisel.com (an official web site)


A French comic artist. I have seen only one of his stories, the beginning of "Alice"; imagenative story, though the positions of Alice is the main part. Great hips, bums and nipples.

www.riverstone.fr (an official web site)


A comic artist with crazy sense of humour. ALWAYS heavy top women, humorous hard-ones, nuns (or men dressed up like nuns) and lots of excliptic though humorous sex variations. Draws pretty quick, but the stories... Beware your cat.

www.blougou.com/edika (in French)

Guy Colwell

An underground comix artist. Famous for his story "Doll" for Rip Off Press. One of my UG-comix favourite. Does excliptic comix, though his women are less that voluptuous, though nude. Interesting storyteller – often realistic with imagenary (dreams) stories.

home.freeuk.net (sample arts)

John Cebollero

An American illustrator, comic artist and sculptor. Brief co-works with Mr. Corben (B&W pict aside). Lots of heavy breasts.

johncebollero.com (an official web site)

© John Cebollero, all rights reserved. Used with permission.

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