"Retard" is a painting Richard Corben made in 70s and it was printed for the first time in Science Fiction Book Club flyer (Sept. 1977), and The 1977 Annual World's Best SF (Sept. 1977). It was reprinted in Flights into Fantasy (1981), but also in The New Visions (1982) and 1994 #26 (1982).

Weird Fantasy #14 (1950) Weird Fantasy #16 (1952) Weird Science #9 (1951) Fog City Comics #2 (1978)
The painting looks like having roots on old EC comics. Above covers by Al Feldstien, Weird Fantasy #14 (1950) and #16 (1952), Weird Science #9 (1951) by Wallace Wood. For comparing Fog City Comics #2 (1978) by Rand Holmes.

Retard vs. SD5

But what is the connection with the front cover of Slow Death #5 (April 1973) by Rand Homes, which was printed some years earlier? Are they based on the same sketch? Or was the Slow Death cover colored by Richard Corben, since it is solely signed by Rand? Slow Death does not look like Rand coloring; compare Fog City Comics #2 above.

THE TRUTH/October 18, 2015. The art by Rand Holmes, colors by Richard Corben. End of the conversiation. Thanks, John Barrick.

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