1980-. Marvel. 8-1/4"x11". 100 pages. Covers: glossy color. Guts: matt white. [id]

Epic #2

Summer 1980. $2.00. [id]

"The Sword"
Cover Art [art1, pg 22, CI-card #38]-Richard Corben. Color.

Epic #7

Aug. 1981. [mael]

In The Art of Neal Adams, Volume One (1975) was mention of an upcoming Eric Burdon Album which contains a 16 page comic book entitled "Mirage: Holocaust" of Neal Adams with Richard Corben colors. Originally artwork ought to be printed in 1972, but in 1975 it was still a "upcoming" thing. Artwork was never printed, until here in Epic #17, except story was colored by Neal Adams himself.

Epic #8

Oct. 1982. [id]

Pg 35: "Fantasy in a Package" by Archie Goodwin. Richard Corben mentioned (once) as one of portfolio makers.

Epic #9

Dec. 1982. [ed,ober]

Pgs 59-66: Article "Tales of Torment".
There is mention of Richard Corben and drawing of "How Howie Made It in the Real World".

Epic #15

Dec. 1982. $2.50. [id]

Pg 7: "Overview" by Archie Goodwin. Review for "Jeremy Brood". Pict
Pg 9: "The Sword" Cover Art used as part of Epic subscribe ad.
Pg 90: "Feedback" (Letters & Comments): Denis Greenwald asks, "More of Corben". Pict
Pg 99. Ad for Jeremy Brood, Part 1: Relativity. Pict

"Jeremy Brood", Part 1: Relativity
8 pgs: pgs 67-74. s-Jan Strnad, s/c/r[Jeremy Brood [Album] (1982)]-Richard Corben, addit. design-Stan Dresser. Color.
This version, kind of preview of album (pgs 5-11 of album story). On pg 1 general info of story: name of comic, story by, art by, add. designs by, and ©.

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