Weird War Tales

1997. DC Vertigo. 6-5/8"x10-1/5" (I have got a version, where #3 is 6-2/5"x10-1/5" - they cut outer margin too narrow; there is ends of covernames near down right corner off of page!. $2.50. 36 pages. Cover: glossy color. Guts: matt color on white. [id]

Weird War Tales #1

June 1997.

"The Survivor"
6 pgs: pgs 5-6, 9-12. s-Simon Revelstroke, a-Richard Corben, c-Ted McKeever, l-Richard Starkings & Comicraft. Color.

Weird War Tales #3

Aug. 1997.

"Robots Raise a Flag"
Cover Art -Richard Corben. Color.

Weird War Tales Promo

Corben's stuff in promotional use.

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