Demon in the Cockpit"Demon in the Cockpit"

8 pgs. Appeared first time in Creepy #63 (1974). Reprinted in Comix International #1 (1974), in Heavy Metal Special: The Best of Richard Corben from Creepy and Eerie! (1998) Vers.2, Color in Creepy Archieves Volume #13 (2012) Vers.3, and Color in Creepy Presents Richard Corben (2012) Vers.3.
Story: Richard Margopoulos. Color/Art: Richard Corben (no signature, © around 1974). Lettered by hand (Warren).

FIN FIN: as "Demoni ohjaamossa" in Shokki tekijänä Richard Corben #1 (2013).
FRA FRA: as "Le démon dans le cockpit" in Vampirella [FRA] #23 (1976), Razar le lâche (1976), and Sueurs froides (1983).
GER GER: as "Der Dämon im Cockpit" in Der Dämon im Cockpit (1985).
SER SER: as "Demon in the Cockpit [SER]" in Jeznovik #2: Ričard Korben (2013).
SPA SPA: as "Invocación computable" (!) in Rufus #17 (1974), and Delta #10.

Style: Prob. colored by Corben's overlays. Genre: Horror. Time Span: No particular moment of time. Nudity: None.
Keywords: Uncle Creepy. Government. Mystic Arts. Mountain-Fortress. Underneath. Black Magic. Spells. Demon. Communism.
Synopsis: American covernment is having experiment underneath fortress to spell demonic monsters. Then again, how about Communists?
Comment: This story is a little bit of out of this world. Richard Margopoulos story goes too far. Corben's art is average; even colors are nothing special (almost opposite).
Alternatives, Vers.2: Poorly scanned from magazine.
Alternatives, Vers.3: Restored with piety by José Villarrubia.

Demon in the Cockpit, 8 pgs

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