A Muddy Plot"A Muddy Plot"

8 pgs. Appeared first time [B&W] in Shadows on the Grave #2 (2017).
Story/Art: Richard Corben (no signature). Lettering printed (Richard Corben).

No known translation.

Style: Black and white with CG greytones. Genre: Horror. Time Span: Near Past. Nudity: None.
Keywords: Stash. Money. Aunt. Brother. Car. Beat. Strangle. Kill. Burry. Grave. Trapdoor. Downstairs. Oak. EC.
Synopsis: Youngsters are searching for a new life with the money of their relative.
Comment: Nice visuals. The haunting house is presented everywhere and characters are freshly different looking than what Mr. Corben used to draw. Nice car and mood and frame work. The story was okay too.

A Muddy Plot

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