Wizard Wagstaff"Wizard Wagstaff"

8 pgs. Appeared first time in Eerie #56 (1974). Reprinted in in Comix International #3 (1976), in Heavy Metal Special: Richard Corben Special (1998) Vers.2, Color in Heavy Metal Special: The Best of Richard Corben from Creepy & Eerie! (1998) Vers.2, Color in Creepy Presents Richard Corben (2012) Vers.3, and Color in Eerie Archives Volume #12 (2013) Vers.3.
Story: Jack Butterworth. Color (prob. colored with overlays)/Art: Richard Corben. Lettered by hand (Warren).

DK DK: as "Troldmanden Trofast" in Historier om hekse og varulve (1985).
FIN FIN: as "Velho Wagstaff" in Shokki tekijänä Richard Corben #1 (2013).
FRA FRA: as "Le magicien d'Os" in Vampirella [FRA] #19 (1975), Vampirella [FRA] Album #5 (1975) and Le Carnaval des monstres (1981).
: as "Tovenaar Wagstaff" in Weerwolf.
: as "Wizard Wagstaff [SER]" in Jeznovik #2: Ričard Korben (2013).
SPA SPA: as "El mago Wagstaff" in Ilustracion+Comix Internacional #53 and (!) Vampus #37 (1974).

Style: Fully Painted Colors. Genre: Horror / Humour. Time Span: No particular moment of time. Nudity: None.
Keywords: War. Bomb. Genius/crazy.
Keywords: Werewolfs. Sorcerer. Cure. Dogfood.
Synopsis: Tusk sells dogfood until turns by himself a dog, a werewolf. An absendminded sorcerer promises to help him. On the way they help one other werewolf and make it a big bisness.
Comment: Corben's artwork is a little over-colored, a lot of red, and the result is bit of murky. There is one excellent pict of Mr. Wagstaff; it's on page seven, when he forgets spell. Jack Butterworth's story gives a totally new angle for werewolf stories, but he does not use this possibility wisely.
Alternatives, Vers.2: Poorly scanned from magazine.
Alternatives, Vers.3: Restored with piety by José Villarrubia.

Wizard Wagstaff, 8 pgs

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