The Most Complete Comicography of Richard Corben

A deluxe graphic novel and limited edition by Jan Strnad and Richard Corben

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Kickstarter: Mutant World and Son of Mutant World (Aug. 15, 2019)

Richard Corben and Jan Strand are launching a Kickstarter to fund a deluxe reprinting of “Mutant World” and “Son of Mutant World.”

The first English-language presentation of “Son of Mutant World” will be entirely recolored by Richard Corben’s daughter, Beth Corben Reed.

There will be two editions: a trade edition and a 200-copy limited edition with a bound-in art print, signed by the creators and numbered. 

The campaign was launched Thursday, August 15, and it was over in Monday, September 16, 2019 successfully.

An animation on a process, “To Meet the Faces You Meet”. © 2019 J. Allen Williams. Directed/Animated/Produced by J. Allen Williams/Parallax Studio LLC/Nixa, MO, USA. Story by J. Allen Williams, and Jan Strand. Conseptual Design by Richard Corben. [IMDb]

Spirits of the Dead 2nd Edition (August 20, 2019)
Angoulême videos 2019

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Available only from CorbencomicartCom/Sales: Odds and Ends (2009). 32 pgs. 7″x10.5″. Incl. in B&W the second chapter of “From the Pit”, book and CD covers and more.



  • Heavy Metal #301 (2021). “Murky World [II]!”, part 15(15).
  • Heavy Metal #300 (2020/2021). “Murky World [II]!”, part 14(15).
  • Heavy Metal #299 (2020). “Murky World [II]!”, part 13(15).
  • Heavy Metal #298 (2020). “Murky World [II]!”, part 12(15)
  • Heavy Metal #297 (2020). “Murky World [II]!”, part 11(15).
  • Heavy Metal #296 (2019/2020). “Murky World [II]!”, part 10(15)
  • Mutant World and Son of Mutant World (Dec. 2019). Kickstarter funding. Deluxe Hard Bound with a addition of an exclusive art print tipped, numbered, and signed by Richard Corben, Jan Strnad, and Beth Corben Reed with print run of 200. Also print without deluxe. Anomaly Publications. Richard Corben, Jan Strnad, and Son of Mutant World colored by Beth Corben Reed.

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Available from Like [FIN]: Cage [FIN] (2017). Reprints of Max Comics: Cage #1 to #5 (2002). • Review: Cage [FIN] (2017).



  • Corben Index, Book 3: Das Den-Universum (The Den Universe, Dec. 14, 2015). Incl. artiles about the Den Universe.
  • Rat God [HB] (Oct. 14, 2015. Dark Horse).
  • Rat God #5 (June 3, 2015. Dark Horse).
  • Rat God #4 (May 6, 2015. Dark Horse).
  • Rat God #3 (April 1, 2015. Dark Horse).
  • Rat God #2 (March 4, 2015. Dark Horse).
  • Rat God #1 (Feb. 4, 2015. Dark Horse). Richard Corben (story/art). Richard Corben, Beth Corben Reed (color). Color. [Read Interview]



Available from Egmont-kustannus [FIN]: Shokki [II] tekijänä Richard Corben #1 (Sept. 2013) and #2 (March 2014). Reprints of Creepy Presents Richard Corben (2012). • Reviews: volume 1 and volume 2!









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