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The Most Complete Comicography of Richard Corben


Dark Horse Comics will release new editions of Richard Corben’s Murky World and Den in hardcover deluxe format in 2023.

Dark Horse announced a new, exclusive line reprinting Corben’s material. The new editions come in deluxe hardcover format and include introductions by other legendary creators and never-before-seen content. “I’m so pleased and proud to share Corben’s art and stories with the world,” said Dona Corben, Richard’s widow. “It means so much to me to make his early works available in print again; and, I’m excited to share his new story that he poured all of his imagination and artistic vision into. I’m incredibly proud of him as an artist and a person, and touched that his work means so much to so many.”

Murky World

Murky World HC will be available at comic book stores on April 26, 2023, and in bookstores on May 9, 2023. Currently available for pre-order at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and comic shops for $39.99, the book collects all of Murky World together for the first time. “In Murky World, Tugat the warrior wakes from a strange dream to find himself in a bizarre land populated by hungry deadlings, cruel necromancers, buxom cyclops, evil cults, and more as he sets off on a dangerous journey with his beloved horse Frix. This special edition also includes an introduction by Hellboy creator Mike Mignola, Corben’s Dark Horse Presents one-shot, and never-before-seen bonus material,” Dark Horse said of the book.

Den: Neverwhere

Den: Neverwhere comes just in time for the title’s 50th anniversary. The book will be available in comic book shops on July 26, 2023, and in bookstores on Aug. 8, 2023. “Thrust into a bizarre fantasy world called Neverwhere, the muscular adventurer Den goes on an exotic adventure through ancient ruins meeting an evil queen, her sacrificial doppelganger, bizarre lizard men, giant insects, and more strange and dangerous madness in this legendary saga brimming with horror, magic, and violence,” Dark Horse said. José Villarrubia will restore the art and write the forward for Den: Neverwhere, while Nate Piekos of Blambot will do the re-lettering. The book will also include an introduction by actor and comedian Patton Oswalt. []

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Kickstarter: To Meet the Faces You Meet

A feature-length film based on the comic by Richard Corben and Jan Strnad, featuring the voice of Patton Oswalt.

Upcomming: Vamps #6: Vampiress Carmilla (Jan. 2022)
MEAD, The Exclusive Red Carpet West Coast Premiere (Aug. 2022) movie poster
To Meet the Faces You Meet (2020) movie poster

Angoulême videos 2019


Available only from CorbencomicartCom/Sales: Odds and Ends (2009). 32 pgs. 7″x10.5″. Incl. in B&W the second chapter of “From the Pit”, book and CD covers and more.



  • Vamps #6: Vampiress Carmilla (Jan. 2022). A Warrant Magazine. Cover. Unpublished.
  • Dimwood (2021?). Color. 120 pgs. Unpublished.

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Recent prints:


  • Murky World [HC] (May 3, 2023). Dark Horse / Fantagor Press. Incl. both “Murky World [II]!” (color), and “Murky World” (B&W).Hard Bound.
  • Den. Volume 1: Neverwhere [HC] (Aug. 8, 2023). Dark Horse / Fantagor Press. Hard Bound.




Angoulême 2019

Angoulême 2019 Corben Books: Corben donner corps a l’imaginaire (Jan. 2019)



Available from Like [FIN]: Cage [FIN] (2017). Reprints of Max Comics: Cage #1 to #5 (2002). • Review: Cage [FIN] (2017).



  • Corben Index, Book 3: Das Den-Universum (The Den Universe, Dec. 14, 2015). Incl. artiles about the Den Universe.
  • Rat God [HB] (Oct. 14, 2015. Dark Horse).
  • Rat God #5 (June 3, 2015. Dark Horse).
  • Rat God #4 (May 6, 2015. Dark Horse).
  • Rat God #3 (April 1, 2015. Dark Horse).
  • Rat God #2 (March 4, 2015. Dark Horse).
  • Rat God #1 (Feb. 4, 2015. Dark Horse). Richard Corben (story/art). Richard Corben, Beth Corben Reed (color). Color. [Read Interview]



Available from Egmont-kustannus [FIN]: Shokki [II] tekijänä Richard Corben #1 (Sept. 2013) and #2 (March 2014). Reprints of Creepy Presents Richard Corben (2012). • Reviews: volume 1 and volume 2!









The Offical web site of Richard Corben: The Official Corben Studios site was founded in Nov. 10, 1998. Mine was already up in the air (prob. starting from Aug. 27, 1997).

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