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This page collects non-Corben products which have linked to Mr. Corben's art.


Alraune, by Toni Greis
2001. Eros Comix. (sample picts: Alraune #3. Dec. 2001. $3.50. 28 pgs. Cover: glossy color. Guts: B&W on matt. Story: Rochaus Hahn).
Basics: A nymfo girl in porn comic book story. Alraune pumbs into situations where different people wants to have sex with her. Full frontal nudity, sexy poses or straight sex on almost every page. Story incl. hard-ons, ruff copulatings, lesbianism, masturbating.
Drawing technique was compared to Mr. Corben's art for advertising porpose only. German Toni Greis draws B&W wire frames by hand and adds grays by computer. Though he knows how to highlight bodies, his grays are surprisingly flat. There is quite a few variations. And his proportion of the body is not always ideal (cf. B&W sample aside), but that is common with the young artists.
Critique: Stories, characters or style has not much common with Mr. Corben's. There is no buxom girls, no supernatural or fantasy elements; Alraune lives in reality, though she's got more sex than anyone can dream about. Book series has got kind of an on-going story involved, not just erotic scenes. I haven't seen anything else from Toni Greis's art but his only one issue (Alraune #3, 2001), and I cannot make any further comparings with Mr. Corben's art.
Greis' Front Cover has been made with same technique, except it's in color. His coloring skills are about on a same level than his grays.
Other works: Luna.

The Mercenary, by Segrelles
(Sample page: Heavy Metal #60. March 1982. Pg 10. Sample cover: Heavy Metal #56. Nov. 1981. Guts: full color on white.)
Basics: A story of the Mercenary, who travels by the flying lizard and saves nude ladies and fights against evil tyrans.
Drawing technique: Segrelles style is close to Mr. Corben's. He paints all his panels in full color. He's got fantasy environment, heroic knighty guy, half dressed women and evil competitors. Segrelles is very pedantic with details. Most of his separate panels are pleasant to study. He uses a traditional panel order. And because of his painting style, panels are mostly big; they would not work in small sizes anyway.
Characters: Segrelles' nudity is safe; there is no big buxomed girls. And his hero is less muscular than for example Den. Everything, as well fantasy elements, is done most realistic way.
Critique: But though I haven't seen but one story (the beginning story of the serial of "The Mercenary"), I cannot find much life from his pages as a continious story. Nothing to compare with Mr. Corben. In Finnish info magazine Sarjainfo #70 (1/91) Harri Römpötti reviews this very same story and says that Segrelles' style is just a fade shadow from Mr. Corben's. And he's right. Beautiful picts, but nothing risky or boisterius.
Special: In a que of Spanish favourites of Mr. Corben, Segrelles is one of them
[A Spanish interview in 1984 [SPA] #47 (1982)].


DVD regions: "R0" is region free DVD, suitable for all players (usually music, porn and such discs). "R1" is for U.S.A. and Canada, "R2" is for Europa, Middle East, Egypt, Japan, "R3" Far East, HongKong, "R4" Central and South America, Mexico, Australia, New Zeland, Pasific islands, Caribia, "R5" Russia, Africa (except Egypt), North Korea, Mongolia, India, Pakistan, "R6" China, "R7" occupy, unused, "R7" extra use for airplanes, cruses etc.
Sound codes: "DD" Dolby Digital, "DTS" Digital Theater System. 5.1 chanal system, "PCM" non compressed, digital stereo.
Screens (width:height): "2.35:1" Cinemascope, Panavision, "1.85:1" ideal for 16:9 TV system (which is actually 1.78:1), "1.66:1" European standard, "1.33:1" traditional TV. [suorsa01]

A Boy and his Dog [see MOVIE]
1975. 90 min. "2.40:1". (DVD vers: Slingshot, "2.30:1", "DD" Stereo, "R1" with director's comment, "R0" only with two trailers). D: LQ Jones. A: Don Johnson.
Basics: Movie version of Harlan Ellison story, see Richard Corben's comic book version Vic and Blood (1987).

The Female Response aka Everybody's at It (UK)
1973. Prob. low budjet movie.
Basics: The Internet Movie Database (IMDb) lists Mr. Corben as an original art and sculptings.

Heavy Metal the Movie
1981, 1996. (See separate page for Movies.)
Basics: This movie belongs actually on this page, because Mr. Corben was not involved with the acutal animation, but what the hec.

Métal Hurlant Chronicles
2012. (See Métal Hurlant Chronicles.)
Basics: Live action movies based on comic stories printed in Métal Hurlant magazine.

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