February 4, 2017: I reserached Damsel in Snowy Distress, for is there any Corben story with a half naked heroine in the snow, cf. Red Sonja.


December 30, 2016: I did not do much of updating during year 2016. At least I did not remember to udate this page. There was Shadows on the Grave (added September 15, 2016), and during the Christmast time and before New Year I started to add non Corben covers, mainly for Books section.

January 24, 2016: I've got a proof for what was inside Cozmic Comics #1 (1972).


December 12, 2015: I updated PhotoModels page, and added a Czech Ragemoor [CZ] (2015).

November 21, 2015: I added a new feature: Marks of Respect for Richard Corben hommages by others.

October 23, 2015: I added a new feature: Hommages.

May 1, 2015: I realized that the Harlan Ellison story, "The Man on the Juice Wagon" as a comic story was under the very same name. It's labeled in several places shortly as, "The Juice Wagon". I corrcted that to my site.

April 21, 2015: I added German Edgar Allan Poes: Geister der Toten (2005).

March 9, 2015: I added Brasilian Shock.

February 25, 2015: I went on with the opening pages.

February 8, 2015: I started to add the opening pages for synopsis section. I prefere the Original Art Plates and the first page always when it's possible.


December 13, 2014: I corrected that actually three pages of "The Woodlik Inheritance"'s, and one page of "Bowser"'s got painted original art plates! Only the rest of the pages were colored by Corben's overlay technique. Thanks, José Villarrubia.

November 14, 2014: I can ruffly say 99% of my site should be mobile phone friendly coded.

November 8 to 13, 2014: I update majority of my site to have better access through mobile phone. See, Alice.

November 6, 2014: I added the synopsis for "Buffy the Vampire Slayer".

October 11, 2014: I added a upcoming series, Rat God.

August 9, 2014: I added a pict version explanation of the only existing censored version of "The Fall of the House of Usher".

August 8, 2014: I added Flights into the Trials and Tribulations with Spanish customs by Fershid Bharucha, a story how we lost Flights into Fantasy book originals in Spanish customs.

July 31, 2014: I added The Comics Alternative interview with Mr. Corben.

July 18, 2014: I added Buffy the Vamipre Slayer Season 10 #8 (2014).

June 29, 2014: I added an interview about future projects for Dark Horse.

May 24, 2014: I updated German Corben Index #2 (2014).

May 17, 2014: I added MuutaNet to Facebook.

April 19, 2014: I added on rejected projects Eram aka Red Shooter (2007).

April 18, 2014: I added Seachers After Horror (2014), Spirits of the Dead (2014) and an Italian "Ragemoor [ITA]".

March 19, 2014: I added Morella and the Murders in the Rue Morgue (2013).

February 23, 2014: I added CFA-APA #91 (2013) and #4 (2014).

February 6, 2014: I added Solo [ITA] #1 (2013) and #4 (2014).

February 2, 2014: I added The Premature Burial (2014) and a variant cover of B.P.R.D. Hell on Earth #116 (2014).


November 3, 2013: I added Famous Monsters of Filmland #47 (1967).

November 1, 2013: Updated Edgar Allan Poe's The Raven and the Red Death (2013), and Dark Horse Presents #28 & #29 (2013).

October 5, 2013: Added The CBLDF Liberty Annual 2013 (2013).

July 29, 2013: I updated [London] Oz.

July 22, 2013: I updated the outlook of The Richard Corben Interview. And added an animation with it (the way the opening pict ought to look like in the first page!)

July 14, 2013: I put a kind of button to the Story Count page. You can now switch a full list of Corben stories with color stories only, B&W stories only or stories which have got both B&W and color versions.

July 7, 2013: The first Esperanto language publication with Corben material: Sferoj (1986). Cf. "Rowlf".

June 13, 2013: NordicComicsNet has been down for several years. I relinked all PDFs for Review: Sarjainfo.

May 19, 2013: I added "[Edgar Allan Poe's] The Fall of the House of Usher [II]".


November 24, 2012: I added a new, interesting book The Stan Lee Universe (2011) by Two Morrows.

November 10, 2012: I updated the entire Danish section.

October 14, 2012: I updated Dark Horse Presents #9 (2012) and #16 (2012).

October 7, 2012: The outlook of Thumbnails section updated.

September 29, 2012: While I'm updating German Schwermetall issues, I separated the section for the page of it's own.

June 23, 2012: I added German Edgar Allan Poe [GER]: Welt des Schreckens (2009).

June 22, 2012: I added German Bigfoot [GER] (2009), 100% Marvel [GER] #1: Cage [GER] (2009) [the acutal name of Max: Cage], and Aliens [GER] (2009), Banner [GER] #1 to #2 (2009), Conan [GER]: Cimmeria (2010).

April 24, 2012: I added an Italian Dark Horse Presenta #1 (2011).

March 15, 2012: "Luana", a Back Cover Art of Vampirella #30 (1974) by Neal Adams was colored by Richard Corben. Pict was a line version of Frank Frazetta's cover used in Vamprella #31.

February 22, 2012: I finally corrected the writer of "The Pest!". In Eerie #33 (1971) it says incorrectely Al Hewetson, though it should be Steve Skeates. Correction can be found from Eerie #34 (1971), on letter's page (pg 5).

February 11, 2012: I updated Ragermoor #2 (2012) and #3 (2012), and added Creepy Presents Richard Corben (2012).

January 30, 2012: Since they've finally start to cover Corben stuff also, I added two new entries: Creepy / Eerie Archive Volumes.

January 6, 2012: I added comic story, Ragermoor #1 (2012), and a synopsis for "Ragemoor".

January 1, 2012: I added books Lens of The World (2006), and Elsewhere, Elsewhen, Elsehow (1971).


December 14, 2011: I added Murky World #1 (2012).

December 7, 2011: I added Men of War #6 (2012).

August 21, 2011: I added the part two of an animation in progress, "Mask of the Red Death".

July 11, 2011: I listed all Hard Bound books (with picts).

February 14, 2011: I updated synopsis of Herbert West: Reanimator.

February 11, 2011: Today I updated my server package to have more room for the site and higher traffic possibility.

January 30, 2011: I added a new Dark Horse Presents vol. 3 #1 (2011) and a synopsis for "Murky World".

January 15, 2011: I added Spanish House of Mystery [SPA].

January 7, 2011: I added Hellboy: Being Human (2011).


November 27, 2010: I added synopsis for Hellboy: "Double Feature of Evil", i.e. for "Sullivan's Reward", and "The House of Sebek".

October 15, 2010: I added a new record cover, Heaven's Gate: Planet E (1996).

September 19, 2010: I added Hellboy: Double Feature of Evil (2010).

August 26, 2010: I updated Dutch Gummi and realized that "Den [NL][I]" in it was actually a continious full feature. I added also a new story The Spirit: "The Moon" [from The Spirit [XII] #7 (2010)], and a new animation on Corben's web site: Masque of the Red Death.

August 14, 2010: I added an upcoming Edgar Allan Poe book Tales of Mystery and Imagination (2010?). Lots of Richard Corben picts. I also added a new book Kansas City Art Institute Alumni (2010).

July 25, 2010: I found out the other day that pretty many of the translated Corben pages did still not yet have updated outlook. After the pain taking hours I can say today that the very last Spanish pages and finally all of them are now updated into a new outlook. Thank me!

July 17, 2010: I added a new, another Spanish links, Nuncanada (blog and Facebook page).

July 13, 2010: I added a new Spanish link, El Blog del Rincón de Taula.

July 6, 2010: I added a new rejected project: Playboy (1979).

July 3, 2010: I updated info for Southeby's Comic Books and Comic Art 2000 (2002).

June 15, 2010: I updated Italian Alter alter and Dutch Den [NL] front covers and majority of them are now covered in Thumbnail section.

May 24, 2010: My hard disc collapsed! Luckily this site was 100% safe in net, but I lost big part of my reference files.

May 16, 2010. I added an Italian Super Totem [ITA] #1 (1988).

May 13, 2010: I added a new info for movie, Neverwhere [the Movie] (2010).

May 7, 2010: I updated Hellboy: "Hellboy in Mexico (Or, a Drunken Blur)" (2010), which is one and same with Hellboy: Camazotz.

April 22, 2010: I added Fluide Glacial #67 (1982).

April 12, 2010: I added the early French Metal Hurlant issues.

April 4-5, 2010: I added [Spanish] Metal Hurlant.

April 1, 2010: I added Hellboy: "Hellboy in Mexico (Or, a Drunken Blur)" (2010).

March 31, 2010: I updated the outlook of French translations, and it's comic book Sueurs froides (1983).

March 9, 2010: I updated Creepy Special #1: All Star Spectacular (2007).

February 17, 2010: I updated Odds and Ends (2009).

January 27, 2010: I added minor mentions of Catalan Communications Catalog (1989), The Comic Art Collection Catalog (1993), Suddenly 50 Years Later. DC History (1985) and Heritage Catalogs.

January 25, 2010: I added synopsis for "The Ringworld Throne Comic", a real Epic fanzine, and an fake Is fanzine. Beware the latter one!

January 24, 2010: I updated the outlook of the rest of synopsis.


October 8, 2009: I added a new feature Tribues.

September 30, 2009: I finally added synopsis of "Night of the Monkey".

September 18, 2009: I added House of Mystery and synopsis for "The Hounds of Titus Roan" and "[The Origin of] Starr the Slayer".

September 13, 2009: I added the original source photo for a couple of horror picts appeared in Photon #19 (1970)].

September 9, 2009: I found a Dutch 1984 [NL]. I updated Famous Monsters of Filmland #55 (1969).

September 7, 2009: I updated Starr the Slayer.

September 4, 2009: I updated "Instinct", the one of the last oasis out of synopsis.

July 24, 2009: I updated the outlook of Heavy Metal [Specials].

April 5, 2009: José Villarrubia sums nicely my Den's Legacy article in Wikipedia.

February 23, 2009: I added Dagon (1999), animation review.

February 1, 2009: Major updates on Flights into Fantasy (1981), according Spanish print.

January 31, 2009: False info corrected: Graphic Gallery #5 does NOT contain Corben material in it.

January 29, 2009: Finally we've got a clearance for the other dilemma: the front cover art of Slow Death #5 (1973). Thanks Jamie Horner!

January 25, 2009: I corrected the dilemma of "Demon's Breath" vs. "Pluto and Persephone". Some time ago I thought these picts were one and the same, but they are not!

January 21, 2009: I updated a major misprint: "Arthur Jeremyn" is finally corrected in right spelling, "Arthur Jermyn" (entire site).

January 19, 2009: I updated Mid-American Con Guide (1972). There appears to be the other pict called "Pluto and Persephone [1972]".

January 16, 2009: I updated the German Der Dämon im Cockpit (1985).

January 7, 2009: I updated the outlook of Movies. I also revisit on some of texts on "Neverwhere [the Movie)" and Den's Legacy, but did not make much of relevant changes.

January 6, 2009: I added Capa-Alpha [additional stapled mimeograph of Corben Index] (1972).

January 3, 2009: I updated The Canal (2000), animation review. And Movies section.


December 29, 2008: I added an additional pict illustration info for Lore I #8 (1997).

October 14, 2008: I added a new feature Guestbook.

September 5, 2008: I added Rocket Blast Comic Collector #68 (1970).

August 29, 2008: I added, "Arthur Jermyn" (and the original H.P. Lovecraft short story, "Facts Concerning the Late Arthur Jermyn and His Family"), "The Well" (and the original H.P. Lovecraft poem) and "The Window" (and the original H.P. Lovecraft poem).

August 1, 2008: I added, "The Canal" (and the original H.P. Lovecraft poem), "The Lamp" (and the original H.P. Lovecraft poem) and "The Music of Erich Zann" (and the original H.P. Lovecraft short story).

July 6, 2008: I updated Flights into Fantasy (1981) page and corrected some minor name differences.

June 28, 2008: I added the original Robert E. Howard short stories, "Spear and Fang" and "The Valley of the Worm". I also added a link to the Related To page, A Boy and his Dog (1975); there is a low resloution stream for the entire movie (Don Johnson talkint to the dog!).

June 27, 2008: I added the original H.P. Lovecraft short stories and poems, "Dagon", "A Memory", "The Rats in the Walls" and "Recognition" (from where Mr. Corben made an adaptation, "The Scar"). I also added the original Ray Bradbury short story, "A Sound of Thunder".

June 26, 2008: I added the original Clark Ashton Smith short stories, "The Return of the Sorcerer", "The Seed from the Sepulchre" and "The Vaults of Yoh-Vombis". I also added the original Edgar Allan Poe short stories and poems, "Berenice", "The Fall of the House of Usher", "The Oval Portrait", "The Raven", "Shadow - a Parable", and "The Tell-Tale Heart"; I also added the original short stories (by EAP) "The Conqueror Worm", "Eulalie", "The Happiest Day", "Israfel", "The Lake", "The Sleeper" and "Spirits of the Dead".

June 17, 2008: I added stories "Dagon", "The Scar" and "A Memory".

June 9, 2008: I corrected several mistakes in my Timeline page. The original info taken from Mr. Corben's website (there is quite a many mistakes in Mr. Corben's checklist...).

May 25, 2008: I added Brazilian Sólo imagina a Stan Lee con Walter Simonson creando a Sandman (2004). Well, actually publication is MEXICAN, not Brazilian. My mistake.

April 28, 2008: I added Spanish Hulk: Banner [SPA] (2002), and Ghost Rider [SPA] #2.

April 27, 2008: I added Spanish Hellboy [SPA]: Makoma (2006) and Hellboy [SPA]: Bruja troll y otras historias (2008). I corrected "Jeremey Brood [ITA]" titles.

April 23, 2008: "Jeremy Brood" appeared in Italy only as "Jeremy Brood [ITA]" or "Relativitá".

April 17, 2008: I added Conan the Cimmerian #1 (2008) and "Conan the Cimmerian", and Hellboy Volume 7: The Troll Witch and Others (2007), and Hellboy: The Crooked Man #1 (2008) and "Hellboy: The Crooked Man".

April 11, 2008: I added Mac Comics: Cage [TB]. The Hard Bound version there already was.

April 10, 2008: I updated The Art of Neal Adams, Volume 1 (1975) / Epic #7 (1981) info. No Corben colors!

March 21, 2008: I udpated German U-Comix and added a new issue U-Comix Sonderband #7 (198?).

March 18, 2008: I added a new entry Richard Corben Timeline.

February 26, 2008: I added Jonathan Hex #31 (2008).

February 5, 2008: I updated German Den [I] [Volksverlag].


December 29, 2007: French Metal Hurlant #3 (1975) has been sold in Ebay as having a Corben cover on it. That is incorrect info! Cover has nothing to do with him. It was made by Solé. I used name for it in my files as "Monster Eating Girl" (pict of cover has been deleted because it is not by Corben).

September 29, 2007: I added New Tales of the Arabian Nights latex rubber mask under Sculptures which is now called as Props.

August 17, 2007: I added With the Dead (2007).

August 7, 2007: I corrected "Neverwhere [the Short Story]" to be (as it should!) "Den [the Short Story]".

July 2, 2007: I added Lurker in the Lobby: The Guide to The Cinema Of H. P. Lovecraft (2006).

July 1, 2007: I added a new feature: ThumbNails. Enjoy!

June 16, 2007: I added a new link. It's interesting Corben Factor notes for a thesis. Blog exists both English and Spanish. I also put back somehow dissapeared link for the other Spanish Corben blog, Crocusland (sorry Sanchez). | I added a German Foto Comics #3.

May 3, 2007: I added Harlan Ellison's Dream Corridor (2007).

March 8, 2007: I added Fangoria.

March 7, 2007: I added Daily Planet, Dallas Fantasy Fair, Krupp Dealer's Catalog and possible Corben comics issue, a British Cozmic Comics #1 (1973).

March 6, 2007: Comics book Sold-Out nothing to do with Fantagor Press.

February 10, 2007: I updated the outlook of all Marvel prints. That means Unknown Worlds of Science Fiction is now under Marvel as well.

February 7, 2007: I updated the outlook of Italian pages.

January 30, 2007: Some Italian updates: Creepy [ITA] #6 (1985), Visiones di Arzach (1993), 9-11: 11 Settembre 2001 [ITA] (2002), The Punisher [ITA]: The End (2005), The Best Of Ray Bradbury [ITA] (2004), Bruce Jones Presenta Zombies [ITA]! (1993), The Dark Side of Comics #8: Aliens [ITA] (2006).

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