The House on the Borderland

1) Nov. 2000. DC Vertigo. 7x10-1/2x1/2". $29.95. 85[+19] pgs. Hard Bound. Dustjacket: matt color. Guts: matt color on white. [id,håkan,wmars]
2) May 2003. $19.95. 88 pgs. Softcovers. [wmars]
There is a short essay, by Richard Corben, of backgrounds of this adaptation in Flinch #16 (2001).

"The House on the Borderland" Pict
Wraparound Cover Art -Richard Corben. c-Lee Loughridge. Color.

"The House on the Borderland [Poster]"
1 Promotional Poster: a-Richard Corben. c-Lee Loughridge. 28x43 cm. Color.

"The House on the Borderland"
85 pgs: pgs 1-85. s-William Hope Hodgson. adapt-Richard Corben & Simon Revelstroke. a-Richard Corben. color&separated-Lee Loughridge. l-Clem Robins. Color.

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