No Corben cover!Unknown Worlds of Science Fiction

Marvel Comics Group. 1/75 - No. 6, 11/75; Special 1(12/76) [B&W Magazine, 100 pgs] ($1.00) [oos, fan2,msu]

Unknown Worlds of Science Fiction, vol. 1, #4

July 1975.

"Encounter at War"
13 pgs: pgs 49-61. s-Jan Strnad, a/r[B&W Anomaly #4 (1972)]-Richard Corben. B&W. Original, different version, B&W in Anomaly fanzine.

The story was introduced (by Roy Thomas?) on the preceding page: "A year or two ago, comics-fan Jan S. Strnad and underground cartoonist Richard V. Corben collaborated on a short series of tales dealing with an Earth invaded by a race of gnome-like aliens who had teleported here from a distant star. This is the final episode of that interstellar struggle..." [Actually "Survivors of the Suicide World, Episode 1: The Homecoming" appeared in Anomaly #1 (1969), written as a 7-page text piece by Jan Strnad with illustrations by Greg Phillips, not Corben. "Survivors of the Suicide World, Episode 2: The Gnome" appeared in Anomaly #2 (1970), written by Jan Strnad as a 3-page text piece with illustrations by Ken Meaux.]

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