Omni Comix I, #3

Oct./Nov. 1995. Mark McClellan (editor). Penthouse International/Bob Guccione. 112[+4] pgs. $4.95/£2.75. Magazine. [id]

"Kzinti" PIC
Cover Art-Richard Corben. Color.

1 pict: pg 5. a-Richard Corben. Color. Condensed excerpt on table of contents page.
1 pict: pg 56. a-Richard Corben. Color.

"The Ringworld Throne Comic" SYNO
9 pgs: pgs 66-73, 75. s-Larry Niven. adapt.-Mark McClellan. a/c-Richard Corben. Color.
Part of the preview ("There is a Tide" by Louis Wu) of upcoming the thrid Ringworld novel (Ringworld Throne) by Larry Niven (on pg 45-77). Preview illustrated also by Tim Hilderbrandt, Dave Johnson, Boris Vallejo, Mike Mignola, Cam Kennedy, Walt Simonson, Dave Gibbons, Gil Kane, George Krauter, Syd Mead, John Berkey, and technical files by Elliot Brown and Arthur Suydam on colors.

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