The Morning Star Press. 12"x9". 80 pages. Cover: glossy color.
A full color illustrated fantasy stories; outside of Corben comic stories the rest of the magazine(s) consist of illustrated articles about various fantasy artists and writers. [hm2,eerie87,bob]

Ariel [#1], A Fantasy Magazine

Autumn 1976. $5.95. Guts: B&W, except full color on pgs 33-48.

"Den in Statue's Eye"
Front Cover Art-Richard Corben. Color.
One frame from the story "Den [I]" (pg 17); frame is slightly truncated to square (6-3/4"x6-3/4").

An advertisement for "Bloodstar" (the Hardbound Album of Morning Star Press), including four frames
Back Inside Cover
"Helva", one frame from story "Bloodstar"
1 frame: pg 1. a-Richard Corben.
"Head of Satha"
1 mini-frame: pg 5. a-Richard Corben. B&W.
One frame from story "Bloodstar" (from the bottom frame on pg 74) on the contents page.

"Bloodstar - an excerpt (The Slaying of Satha)"
6 pgs: pgs 71-76. s-Robert E. Howard. adapt-Richard Corben & John Jakesk. a-Richard Corben. B&W.

"Den [I]", Part 1
16 pgs: pgs 33-48. s/a/c-Richard Corben. Lettering: printed. Color.
First 16 pages of the original "Den [I]" story. Ends with "tbc".

Ariel #2, The Book of Fantasy

1977. $6.95. Guts: B&W, except color on 54 pgs, including Corben "Den [I]", Part 2 and "The Princess and the Merman" by Bruce Jones.

"Bat and Statue"
1 pict: pg 2. a-Richard Corben
One frame from the story "Den [I]" (pg 19). Size: enlarged and truncates frame to full page (12"x9").
"Vic in the Wasteland"
1 pict: pgs 6-7. a-Richard Corben. Color. Reprinted in Vic and Blood [TB-2nd] (2003).
Illustration for Harlan Ellison story "Eggsucker". Pict is spread pgs 6 to 7, with text superimposed on pg 7.
"Blood Attacks Zombie"
1 pict: pg 13. a-Richard Corben. Color. Reprinted in Vic and Blood [TB-2nd] (2003).
Illustration for Harlan Ellison story "Eggsucker".

"Den [I]", Part 2
16 pgs: pgs 57-71. s/a/c-Richard Corben. Lettering: printed.
Next 16 pages of the original "Den [I]" story. There is on pg 56 headline "Den - Richard Corben" and text as "itle". Story was never concluded.

Others: s-Ray Bradbury, s-Harlan Ellison, s-Ursula Le Guin, s-Michael Moorcock, s-J.R.R. Tolkien, a-Frank Frazetta (as well Front Cover Art)

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