(Jayzey Lynch's) Nard n' Pat #1

March? 1974. Cartoonist Co-op Press. 7"x10". $.50. 24[+4] pages. Cover: glossy color. Guts: newsprint.
2nd: April 1978. Kitchen Sink Enterprises, Says, $1.00. Guts: white. "First Krupp printing April 1978. Printing Number 54321". [id,oug]

Nard n' Pat (Continued from inside front cover)
4 pgs: 21-24. s/a-Jayzey Lynch. B&W. Jam story (several artists).
One frame (lower left corner) on pg 23, half of it, drawn by Richard Corben ("Gore").

Others (half of each frame): Skip Williamson, Justin Green, Art Spiegelman, Harvey Kurtzman, Robert Crumb, Gilbert Shelton, Robert Williams, Spain, S. Clay Wilson (on pg 22), Dave Sheridaon, Denis Kitchen, Pete Poplaski, Kim Deitch, Evert Geradts, Trina, Rich Corben, Willy Murphy, Bill Griffith (on pg 23).

On page 24 and 25 there is a sequence where Patrick Kat imagines being drawn by some other artist (because Jayzey Lynch won't give him a raise). Each frame appears to be a parody of another artist's style. On page 25 there is one frame in which Patrick dreams of being drawn by Richard Corben (and there is a "bubble" insert with Nard as "Den" and Patrick as "Boontha", with the signature "Gore"). But the whole strip is signed Jayzey Lynch and the frame looks more like a copy of Mr. Corben's style than a real Corben. [bob]

Because of prev. text in Fakes! department, I have got an e-mail from Jay Lynch himself. It goes like this:

In Nard n' Pat #1, what I did in that strip is cut out each panel and send it to the individual artists... and each drew his character on it in the upper half... and I drew Pat the Cat in the lower half. So, in fact, the panel signed Gore actually WAS drawn by Corben. - Jay Lynch.

"Noota hoki aronaé!" Thanks Jay.

The original page spread of story's pages 2 to 3.
I found also a Finnish version of this story. It was in Jymy-sarjat #4 (1974) on pgs 27-29. See, they combine pages 2 and 3, added some local comic artists and erased most of the originals, among them Richard Corben!
Jymy-sarjat #4 was printed in 1974 by Graafinen Kustannus Oy. Page size was A4, which is bigger than Jayzey Lynch's Nard n' Pat #1. It costed FIM 2,50 and the cover and half of the stories are from the very same Nard n' Pat comic book, because issue was "Special Nard n' Pat issue". Comic book has got 40 pages + covers.

© Jayzey Lynch & Richard Corben, all rights reserved. Used with permission of Jayzey Lynch & Richard Corben.

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