8+8+12+12+12+12(series) pgs. Appeared first time [COLOR] in Penthouse Comix #15 (1996) to #20 (1997).
Story: Jan Strand. Color/Art: Richard Corben (printed sign as Rich Corben, © 1995, © 1996). Lettering: printed (Corben).

France [FRA]: as "Denz [FRA]", as a 7 part serial in BD Penthouse [Comix] #12 to #18.
The Netherlands [NL]: as "Denz [NL]", as a 6 part serial in Penthouse Comix [NL] #1 to #6 (1998).
Spain [SPA]: as "Denz [SPA]", as a 6 part serial in Penthouse Comix [SPA] #15 to #20.

Style: CG colors. Genre: SF/Fantasy. Time Span: Ancient fantasy. Nudity: Full frontal nudity, both males and females.
Original Art Plate: Drawn in Sharpie pens and Pigma pens on Strathmore paper. "On the DENZ comic and a few covers and illustrations I rendered some scanned art work and went over the forms in PAINTER, especially with a couple of special brushes: BRUSHY that creates a painterly texture and another one that I can't remember the name of, that creates the paint texture without adding any other color. These are both from very old versions of PAINTER and may not be present in later versions", Richard Corben.
Keywords: Transformation. Stones. Betrayal. Bells. Magic. Dramites. Fight for life. Diving. Labyrinth.
Synopsis: Denzil Easton Norman, Den's brother, builds up the same transporter than Den did and follows his bro's footsteps. Denz has female helper Neema who does not get paid and she jumps after Denz. Both Denz and Neema goes through physically better body transformation. Time has passed in Neverwhere and people (as well Den himself) has became older. Neema steals Loc-nar and kicks Denz back to the Earth. When Denz finally gets back to Neverwhere Neema has already ruined everything; she is now ruler of dramites and whole Neverwhere and keeps Den as a prisoner. With advises of old lady with bells Denz decides to rescue Den. He has a companion, one dramite. On the way they get caught by seafaring people ("Den 5: Elements"), frog people, get lost into the labyrinths of quits, meet Indian girl's lonely lizard and finally end up into castle of Neema and dramite soildiers.
Comment: Saga of Den gets surprising sequal. Surprising is also the place you can find it (Penthouse Comix). Corben's totally computer generated color work rules brilliantly. Story of Jan Strand visits a lot on the old ground of DenSaga, but gives quite much new stuff too. Just marvelous script.
Extras: The Jan Strnad interview (February, March 2001). Den's Legacy, a full length run through of entire Den's adventures (beware a major spoilers!).

Denz, Part 1, 8 pgs

Denz, Part 2, 8 pgs

Denz, Part 3, 12 pgs

Denz, Part 4, 12 pgs

Denz, Part 5, 12 pgs

Denz, Part 6, 12 pgs

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