11 pgs. Appeared first time [COLOR] in Heavy Metal #75 (1983).
Story/Color/Art/Photography: Richard Corben (printed signed as DOOMSCULT © 1980 Richard Corben). With Bruce Jones, Karen Feeley, Stan Dresser, Harvey Sea, Estelle Gunderson, Octave Lee. Additional Photography: Jan Strnad. Lettering: printed (prob. Heavy Metal).

France [FRA]: as "Doomscult [FRA]" in Sueurs froides (1983), and as "La justice de la secte" in Fantastik #6.
Germany [GER]: as "Doomscult [GER]" as 2 part serial in Foto-Comics #2 (1983) to #3 (1983).
Spain [SPA]: as "Doomscult [SPA]" in 1984 [SPA] Almanaque 1982 (1981).

Style: Full color and photo. Genre: SF. Time Span: Ancient past. Nudity: Full frontal.
Keywords: Pilgrim. Shore. Surviving. Cult. Undead servants. Fight. Ceremony. Temple. Creature.
Synopsis: Lithon the pilgrim finds Vesira, the only survivor from the shipwreck. He offers shelter and food. And shelter she needs, because maksed, totally naked, voluptuous Queen enters with a group of undead men with swords. Fight is almost leathal, but Queen steals Vesira. During ceremony in Queen's castle, she takes off her mask. On her face is controlling creature and she wants to put alike another creature on Vesira's face, while Lithon enters the ceremony.
Comment: Corben's story is very stright forewards and offers nothing new, only the creature is interesting looking. Story is a photo-collage with a lot of added paintings and modified picts. While the Queen enters, there is interesting smoky, red sky background. Fight sequence is not very successful, but ceremony works better (again blue, smoky background stands out excelently). Panel orientation is rather conventional. Bruce as Lithon and Karen as Vesira are good faces in the story. The nude Queen is very corbenish female character, if you know what I mean.
Special note: Bruce Jones acts in an another Corben movie, The Dark Planet.
Humour: One of the crew is credited as, Harvey Sea (RVC). :7
Extras: The Jan Strnad interview (February, March 2001)
A Presentation in Photo-collage.

Doomscult, 11 pgs

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