7 pgs. Appeared first time [B&W] in Haunt of Horror: Edgar Allan Poe #2 (2006). Reprinted [B&W] in Haunt of Horror: Edgar Allan Poe [HC] (2006) and [B&W] in Haunt of Horror (2009).
Inspiration: Edgar Allan Poe. Story: Rick Dahl [here misspelled as "Richard Dahl"]. Art: Richard Corben (no signature). Lettering printed (VC's Randy Gentile).

Serbia [SER]: as "Eulalie [SER]", in Jeznovik #5: Leglo strave 2, Edgar Alan Po (2015).

Style: Black line, CG Greytones. Genre: Humorous. Time Span: The Present Day. Nudity: None (a funny rubber doll on pgs 6–7).
Keywords: Man. Waiting. Delivery. Rubber doll.
Origin: Edgar Allan Poe poem, "Eulalie".
Synopsis: A man is waiting angiously his partner.
Comment: A hilarious contrast between poem and comics story. Reminds Frank Zappa's "Ms Pinky".
Special: Delivery girl reminds Karen Gilbertson, a model.

Eulalie, 7 pgs

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