The Grave Flies"The Grave Flies"

10 pgs. Appeared first time [B&W] in Shadows on the Grave #3 (2017).
Story/Art: Richard Corben (no signature). Lettering printed (Richard Corben).

No known translation.

Style: Black and white with CG greytones. Genre: Horror. Time Span: Near Past. Nudity: Voluptuous artefact.
Keywords: Forgotten. Tomb. Grave Robbers. Flies. Sepulcher. Estate. Museum.
Synopsis: The owner of ghoul museum wants to add one more artifact into his collection.
Comment: The best part of the story are the two first pages. There is several twists during the story, and you can point out some inside jokes on artefacts in the museum.

The Grave Flies, 1(2)

The Grave Flies, 2(2)

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