The Lamp. Original Art Plate"The Lamp"

10 pgs. Appeared first time [B&W] in Haunt of Horror: Lovecraft #2 (2008). Reprinted [B&W] in Haunt of Horror: Lovecraft [HC] (2008) and [B&W] in Haunt of Horror (2009).
Story: H.P. Lovecraft. Adapt/Art: Richard Corben (no signature). Lettering printed (Jeff Eckleberry).

Serbia [SER]: as "The Lamp [SER]" in Jeznovik #3: Leglo strave (2014).

Style: Black line, CG (color) greytones. Genre: Horror. Time Span: No particular point of time. Nudity: None.
Original Art Plate: Drawn with Sharpie and Pigma pen on Strathmore bristol paper, size 11"x17". [Corben's web site]
Story Origin: H.P. Lovecraft poem, "The Lamp" from "Fungi from Yuggoth".
Keywords: Tomb Robbers. Site. Hieroclyphs. Lamp. Unknown. Attack. Monster.
Synopsis: A tomb robbers find a lamp and an unknown monster.
Comment: Graphically the story (and the plotline as well) thickens towards the end. Very Lovecraftian story of no special beginning, nor the end. There is no particular nudity in the story but the girl has been stripped pretty interestingly. :7

The Lamp, 10 pgs

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