6 pgs. Appeared first time [COLOR] in Forbidden Zone #1 (1999).
Creator: Arthur Suydam. Story: Arthur Suydam & Bob Burden. Art: Richard Corben (no signature). Hand painted color: John Cebollero. Lettering: printed (Forbidden Zone).

No known translation.

Style: Black line with color. Genre: SF/Humour. Time Span: Future. Nudity: Half naked girls.
Keywords: Robot. Boyfriend. Household. Cleaning. Fight.
Synopsis: A business girl shows to her girlfriend, what kind of new household master she has got at home to keep home tidy, but robot and owner have different points of view. That means first family fight.
Comment: Arthur Suydam's and Bob Burden's simple story produces okay fight though there is no big deal in it. By accident it leads to sexistic posings (do not serve story very well). Corben's extra funny (so called ready laughted) art follows a little bit non-Corbenish paths. His B&W art gives enough room for colors. Colors works good with story. I like Corben's way to break conventional frame lines.
Special: There was no mention about colorist... John Cebollero himself had to approach me by mail.

M-80, 6 pgs

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