Masks: RedhawkMasks: Too Hot for TV! Uncensored:
"Redhawk - Costumed Hero"

8 pgs. Appeared first time [COLOR] in Masks: Too Hot for TV #1 (2004).
Story-Marc Andreyko. Art-Richard Corben (no signature). Color-Darlene Royer & Wendy Fouts-Broome of WSFX. Lettering: printed (Phil Balsman).

Spain [SPA]: as "M√°scaras: ¬°Demasiado fuerte para la tele! - sin censura", COL in Grande autores de Vertigo: Richard Corben (2015).

Style: Black line with color. Genre: SF/Humour. Time Span: No particular space of time. Nudity: Voluptuous girl.
Keywords: Masks. Help. Cops. Trailerpark. Sex games. Troublemaker. Squirrel.
Synopsis: Mask called "Readhawk - Costumed Hero" has called to help other Masks who failed (BTW, failer Masks, man and woman, are nude except with mask and cloak!). Readhawk rides motorbike and he has a cameraman with him. Troublemakers live in trailerpark and their masks/sex toy games are squirrel costume (male) and bikini with mask, gloves and boots (female).
Comment: This is a parody of "Cops: Too Hot for Television", done with Superheroes and Supervillians, instead of cops. Stories are funny, if you follow Cops serial. For the rest of us it is just a mediocre of Mr. Corben's talent.
Special: Stories are not titled propely. Every independent story is "Masks: Too hot for TV!" or with extra text "Uncensored" or "Scared Straight", or "Masks in Chicago". Prob. it has connection to "Cops" original. I do not know. Anyway, every story has "tvish" typed text in the beginning of the story, and sometimes during it. In Corben's story it say in the beginning "Redhawk - Costumed Hero". It's not exactly a name of the chapter, but this story has only this one text.

Scanned from Spanish print. Apparently similar with the original English print.

Masks: Too Hot for TV! Uncensored: Redhawk - Costumed Hero, 8 pgs

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