True Blood (2008–2014)

Bon Temps

True Blood Characters

True Blood Season 7:

S07E01. Vampires infected with H attack on human vampire gathering and kill a lot though kidnap as well. Sookie's got all blame on her, she gets confused and leaves. Jessican protects the only child left for Andy. Vince gathers humans against vampires though every human must have a vampre protection. A destructive Pam searches for Eric.
S07E02. Eric has been spotted twice. H infected vampires cannot not choose a common goal. A search party finds only dead bodies. Holly and Arlene are still missing.
S07E03. Sarah Newlin is back in the business. Bon Temps arms themselves since they do not fancy Sam. Sookie meets an another tragedy.

True Blood Season 6:

S06E01. Everybody escape Lilith bunker and governor forces all vampires to hide. Sookie abandons Eric and Jason Sookie while he's lifting to the car own by an older stranger. Jessica comes back to Bill who meets three sirens, and Andy's kids grow up. Alcide get kissed by both Danielle and Rikki Naylor.
S06E02. Bill sees a vison and goes to no place to meet Lilith while Warlow enters. Eric meets governor's daughter, Sookie helps a wounded half faerie to her house and Sam meets a gang who wants to bring shapeshifters in public.
S06E03. Bill gets burnt by sun, Sookie become a dead to him and while he's searching himself he kidnaps the inventer of synthetic TrueBlood. The old stranger visits faerie land and governor's daughter makes a decision. The authority is interested of Alcide's and Bill's.
S06E04. Jason's got vampire blood and shaves together with a half faerie while an old stranger talks about Lilith. Emma's got back to Sam and while Andy's kids keep growing up Jessica throws a part. Governor, his daughter, an old stranger, Jessica or Bill does not get what they want. But Sookie does.
S06E05. Undefined.
S06E06. Undefined.
S06E07. Undefined.
S06E08. Undefined.
S06E09. Undefined.
S06E10. Undefined.

True Blood Season 5:

S05E01. Eric could use a hand of Bill and they get arrested. Twice. Pam gives a hand to Sookie, Tara and Lafayette and Sookie recalls her past with Tara. Steve Newlin likes naked Jason, naked Andy Holly, but none of naked wolves like Sam to undress. Jessica acts like a queen and pisses her boyfriend off. Eric's got a lovely sister Nora, but Terry is not enjoying the output of his past. Alcide meets Sookie and wolves and Andy is in a tight spot. Wolf mother digs Marcus up.
S05E02. Tara freaks out. Eric and Bill are judged under the eyes of Lilith believers. Pam recalls her first meeting with Eric. Lafayette helps Sookie. Jason and the mother of his ex best friend are pals, while Newlin pisses Jessica off. Arlene's boyfriend meets old ghosts.
S05E03. Tare is seeing things while Lafayette is haunted by a ghost. The leader of vampires gives Eric and Bill a device for the heart. He likes new Nan Flanagan though. Jason meets old, old friend who evidently changes his mind. Totally. Pam tastes a light power of Sookie and recalls her past with Eric and Bill. Lorena is also involved. Eric and Bill are wanted by Salome and Andy hooks with Holly. Debbie is being searched by the police, and Alcide hates the truth. Jessica finds something really tasty but Jason wants to be just friends.
S05E04. Sookie makes Lafayette angry. Bill and Eric interview, while one of the vampires have to go. Alcide tells the truth about his ex, although Andy believes more Jessica. Terry recalls his dark past and Eric lets Pam go. Judge Clemmons, Andy and Jason parties.
S05E05. Alcide makes Sookie to puke. Lafayette and his mother cannot let Jesus go. Jason recalls his parents and Terry something black and smokey. Andy finds out more than he wants to. Tara and Hoyt hunt in Fangtasia, but Pam don't agree with Tara everything she is doing. Although Jessica and Tara are talking the same thing. Sookie, Alcide, Bill and Eric hunt for Russell. Sam and Luna ask the kid to run like a dog.
S05E06. Sookie gives light power for Russell, because Russell does not like the vampire leader. Tara and Jessica've got a girl to girl talk. Terry's got more smoke on him. Sookie and Alcide've got clamed, but Alcide has to fight with the pack master. Jason and Sookie find out bloody past of their partents. Sam rescues Andy and vampyre haters Jessica's ex-boyfried.
S05E07. Sookie wants to be a normal girl. Sam smells an enemy. Russell's execution doesn't go well. Men have more sex than usual, while vampires drink the blood of Lilith. Lafayette visits brujo.
S05E08. Luna turns to Sam. Vampire haters bring Jessica and her ex-boyfriend together. Sookie finds out more about the bloody past. Arlene wants to help Terry.
S05E09. Gran sends a message to Sookie through Lafayette. Terry fights with Mike and smoke gets what she wants. Eric doesn't buy the Lilith thing and Bill doesn't like it. Sookie and Hoyt mess with Sheriff Bud's pigsty. Fangtasia's got a new sheriff and Russell a new pet. Alcide meets his old man.
S05E10. Terry wants to move to Alaska while Lilith is angry for Godric. Fight between vampries and humans escalate. The new sheriff pisses Tara off and Jason digs out a surprising contract only one person can read. Sam and Luna search Emma and Russell declaires himself a sun.
S05E11. Lilith chooses several vampires to be her next and vampires declaire a war for humans. Jessica has to burry Jason while Sam and Luna finds Emma. Alcide and his farther fights with vampires and Russell tastes a faerie.
S05E12. Faeries are forceless for Russell and Nora yearns Sookie though Eric will not let her. Andy's got quadruplets and Alcide collects his pact and kidnaps Emma, while reverend's got acutally a bad hair day. A group of rebellions attack the Lilith bunker, where vampires' got a fight for power and Bill, who thinks he's Billith, dies for it.

Cliffhanger: Billith dies.

True Blood Season 4:

S04E01. Sookie visits Claudine in paradise and meets Barry from Dallas and her grandfather Earl. There's also Mab but she does not like it. Sookie comes back to Bon Temps too late. Andy is a drug addict. Jesus brings Lafayette to the meeting with Holy, Katherine and Marnie the magic maker. Tara wrestles with the name of Tony. Eric and Bill have a political speaches. Bill thanks Portia. Jessica cannot stay put and Sam hangs around with shapeshifters. Jason helps Crystal's family in vain. Bill's got a promotion while Eric finds naked Sookie.
S04E02. Sookie meets Bill's bodyguards and Katherine. Bill recalls the meeting with Nan Flanagan and having a promotion. Tara comes back. Eric and Bill talk about witches. Sam's girlfriend talks about Navaho skinshifters. Eric visits the meeting and gets fingers burned. Marnie does not know who is coming in and Eric does not recognize Sookie.
S04E03. Eric recalls the meeting and Sookie asks him in. Pam finds out the new Eric. Debbie apologies Sookie while Bill and Portia lunches. Jesus and Tara do not like Pam. Marnie get lost and Jason's got plenty of sex. Claudine chats with Sookie.
S04E04. Eric is drunk but the sun burns and Marnie meets old friend. Tara, Lafayette and Jesus try to get rid of the curse, but Pam gets it instead. Tommy comes back to his mother and Jason leaves Crystal. Bill and Portia have got something common. Jessica gives blood to Jason.
S04E05. Tommy revenges while Eric meets Godric. Portia affraids Bill and Pam reveals her face. Jesus recalls his past and goes to Mexico with Lafayette while Marnie is arrested. Jessica, Jason, Sookie and Eric have got the same dream.
S04E06. Eric's got a death sentence and Arlene's house gets burned. The baby's got an ugly doll and a ghost. Tommy does not like Sam while Sam kicks Sookie out and misbehaves with the girlfriend. Jason afraids for his life but Jessica joins him. Lafayette's got a visitor and Pam does not like Tara.
S04E07. Lafayette finds a medium and Alcide pays attention on Sookie. Bill get shot and Bill and Jessica chats about witches. Eric and Sookie finds each other. Pam needs a help of a vampire doctor while Sam chats with his girlfriend. Lafayette sees things and Jessica steps to the sunlight.
S04E08. Jason guards vampires. Sookie and Eric changes blood in paradise. Arlene's baby sees the ghost and Lafayette while Tommy feels bad. Bill and Marnie meet and Alcide helps. Tara is a friend with Bill, but not with Eric. Sookie uses the light power but it does not help.
S04E09. Marnie likes Eric while Sookie likes both Eric and Bill. Lafayette and police does not like each other. Jesus helps. Marnie goes to the vampire meeting and Tommy to werewolves. Debbie acts for Sookie.
S04E10. Bill shoots Eric and Sookie breaks the spell. Alcide brings Tommy to the bar and Andy's got withdrawal. Marnie takes Jesus, Sookie and Lafayette.
S04E11. Vampires fight against a witch. Sookie is busy and Jesus burns his fingers while Marnie goes away. Andy meets a faerie and Alcide separates with Debbie.
S04E12. Lafayette does not want to talk with Jesus while Jessica meets Jason. When Bill and Eric get burned, Sookie has to activate herself - thanks to granny. Sookie cannot break in half but Jesus meets Lafayette. Newlin shows his teeth while Alcide proofs something concrete. Nan Flanagan quits and Debbie makes up her mind which gives only tragedy.

Cliffhanger: Sookie meets an another tragedy.

True Blood Season 3:

S03E01. Andy rescues Jason who's got problems with his manhood. Sookie seaks Bill from Fangtasia and finds naked Eric. Tara is crashed but her mother gives her help. Bill tries to kiss Sam. The vampire king and Sophie-Anne the queen of Louisiana visit Fangtasia. Bill lunches late and meets werewolves.
S03E02. Bill lunches with Russell the vampire king of Mississippiwhile Lorena flames up. Lafayette resques Tara and Tara's mother introduces Jesus. Eric recalls Godric and werewolves. Somebody studies Sookie's family tree while Eric protects her. Sam's mother introduces Tommy, his stepbrother. Jason meets Crystal.
S03E03. Sookie shoots Eric. Tara gets together with Franklin the vampire and Franklin with Jessica. Jason wants to be a cop. Bil recalls his past wife, bows Russell but not Lorena. Sookie and Alcide the werewolf step in Lou Pine bar. Arlene tells to Terry about her pregnancy. Sam introduces his bar to his family.
S03E04. Bill chooses Lorena over Sookie while Eric visits Sookie. Sam's new family looses their home. Sookie meets Debbie and Russell. Tara and Franklin leave Bon Temps. Jessica starts at Merlotte's as a waitress. Lafayette gets troubled with Crystal's family and Eric helps him. Vampire king takes Pam.
S03E05. Tara finds Bill and werewolves. Franklin brings a present to Russell. Eric asks the help of Russell and recalls the death of his family. Jason starts as a cop and stops Crystal. Jesus meets Lafayette and Tommy starts at Merlotte's. Bill and Russell want Sookie, but Sookie uses the light power.
S03E06. Lorena is the executioner of Bill. Russell and Sookie have a deep chat about Sookie. Lafayette and Jesus meet each other. Russell and Eric meet Sophie-Anne the queen of Louisiana. Tara leaves Franklin and meets Alcide while Crystal kicks Jason out.
S03E07. Lorena likes Sookie, but Debbie don't. Bill sucks Sookie dry and gets kicked out to the daylight. Sam's new family participates the dog fight. Sookie visits paradise to meet Claudine. Pam, the king and the queen of Lousiana, Eric and Russell the king of Mississippi talk.
S03E08. Sookie and Bill break. Russell and Sophie-Anne move together and Debbie cries to Russell while Eric bows the king. Bill frees Jessica and Franklin haunts Tara. Sam's new family splits and Tommy stays with Sam. Crystal comes back to Jason. Holly joins Merlotte's as a waitress. Hadley Stackhouse brings a message to Sookie. Russell, Debbie and wolves haunt Sookie, Jessica and Bill. Eric revenges to Russell. Sookie and Bill find each other.
S03E09. Nan Flanagan brings Eric to court and Sam gets mad. Andy's got a big stash of "v". Tara and Holly join the group. The son of Hadley is telepathic and Sookie's grandfather's got a gift. Bill meets Claudine in paradise and tastes the light power. Franlin haunts Tara but Jason helps. Russell declares the war.
S03E10. Sookie finds out about herself while Sam recalls his past. Eric leaves Fangtasia for Pam. Lafayette and Jesus rescue Crystal's father. Eric and Bill talk about faerie blood. Arlene reveals the baby was her ex's and he is bad. Lafayette and Jesus take "v" and they find out Jesus's past. Sookie and Eric kiss and he takes her. Jessica returns back to her ex. Jason meets a panther.
S03E11. Sookie resques Bill. Jesus shows his face and Eric reveals himself to Russell. Holy helps Arlene with her bad child and Sam drinks. Sam and Tara finds each other. Eric brings Russell to Sookie. Eric and Russell step to the daylight.
S03E12. Godric visits Eric. Sookie uses the light power and gives blood to Eric. Sam opens to Tara and she leaves Bon Temps. Sookie shredders a vampire while Lafayette's got a rough day. Eric gives Russell a concrete lession. So does Bill to Eric. Sookie and Bill separates. Sam deals with Tommy and Bill duels with Sophie-Anne.

Cliffhanger: Sookie meets Claudine.

True Blood Season 3 Minisodes:

S03M01: Pam and Eric. Pam and Eric are audition a new dancer for Fangtasia. A Slavic girl will be choosen.
S03M02: Jessica. While Jessica is hunting she meets a reverent.
S03M03: Sookie, Tara and Lafayette. Tara is questioning Bill's financial backgrounds and Sookie the backgrounds of Eggs.
S03M04: Sam. Sam is fighting with bull and old demons.
S03M05: Bill. Bill meets an eager Miss Smallwood and they discuss the price of a ring.
S03M06: Jason. Jason runs away from himself and asks help from all possible gods. Includes flashbacks and a stalking panther.

True Blood Season 2:

S02E01. Maryann brings Tara home and Tara and Eggs find each other. Jason joins the church of Fellowship of the Sun. Sam recalls his common history with Maryann. Lafayette is arrested. Sookie asks the relationship between Bill and Jessica. Sookie and Bill find each other. Andy keeps on drinking.
S02E02. Lafayette talks with Eric. Maryann dances at Merlotte's. Jessica and Sookie find each other. Bill protects Jessica.
S02E03. Sookie almost gets killed and a vampire doctor is needed. Jason feels connected with the wife of the church leader. Jessica meets Hoyt. Maryann parties. Sam meets Dafney.
S02E04. Jason does not like the vampire prank, but he does the wife of the church leader. Sam sees the scars on Dafney and Sam is very angry. Tara finds Lafayette from home. Sooke and Bill arrives to Dallas. Maryann's party goes wild. Lafayette lets Eric in and Eric visits Dallas. Sookie meets Bill the mindreader.
S02E05. Sam meets a shapeshifter. Jessica's got an eating problem. Lafayette goes back to work. Jason likes guns while the wife of the church leader washes him. Arlene gets pregnant. Eric recalls how he met Godric. Bill's ex girlfriend Lorena arrives.
S02E06. Lorena recalls the memories with Bill. Sookie arrives and stays in Fellowship of the Sun. Eggs recalls something from his past. Pam the vampire visits Lafayette. Sam and Dafney participate Maryann's party. Hoyt arrives Dallas.
S02E07. Andy rescues Sam and Sam and Dafney chat about Maryann. Jason and the wife of the head of the church meet each other. Lorena and Bill recall. Jason gets caught. Sookie finds Godric.
S02E08. Eric and Bill come to church. Sam finds Dafney. Godric stops the blood bath. Maryann bakes for Tara and Eggs. Jessica is a virgin. The vampire court. Sookie meets Lorena. The head of the church arrives the court.
S02E09. The house of Godric will be destroyed. Sookie gets blood from Eric and finds him from her bed. Maryann gets mad with Tara and Lafayette. Godric and Sookie meet the sunrise.
S02E10. Eric and Sookie find each other. Bon Temps looses sense of time. Maryann prepairs a party. Andy hides Sam while Bill drinks a bad blood. Sookie uses her light power and helps Tara. Jessica fights with the mother of her boyfriend.
S02E11. Bill seeks help from Sophie-Anne, but has to amuse her instead. Andy and Jason declare a war against Maryann. Lafayette chats with Eric and Sam seeks help from him. Sam's got two kids. Bon Temps looses more sense of time. Lafayette suppoused to protect Sookiewhile Eggs and Tara build the nest.
S02E12. Maryann, Sookie and everybody dress nicely, but Maryann cannot change the mind of Sookie. Eric and Sophie-Anne have a chat. Maryann's got a party with Sam. The peak of the fest is a big white ox and even bigger hangover. Eggs sees his insides.

Cliffhanger: Sookie cannot say yes to Bill's proposal and Bill disappears.

True Blood Season 1:

Season 1 Spoilers: preair | 01 | 02 | 03 | 04 |

S01E01. The world of series is introduced. Sookie resques Bill. Jason has sex with the first murder victim.
S01E02. Jason finds an another girlfriend. Sookie almost gets killed and Bill gives her vampire blood.
S01E03. Bill introduces his vampire friends to Sookie. Tara's got problematic mother and she finds comfort from Lafayette. Sookie finds the other muder victim.
S01E04. Jason gets arrested, but Tara helps him. Sookie seeks evidence for Jason's innocence. Sookie and Bill meets Eric the viking in Fangtasia.
S01E05. Bill visits in Sookie's gran's club. Jason uses "v" drug and finds Tara interesting. Sam reveals his feelings to Sookie. Bill recalls how he became a vampire.
S01E06. Sookie seeks comfrom for her tragedy. Jason's got withdrawal. Sam and Tara find each other.
S01E07. Sookie and Bill make love. Tara searches solution for her mothers drinking problem. Bill gets activated by Sookie's past. Jason searches "v" from Fangtasia and bumps to Amy. Three punks protest on a frontyard of Billy's.
S01E08. Jason and Amy are sexually active and meets a gay vampire. Sookie helps Eric to catch the thief.
S01E09. Jason and Amy are addicted to "v" trip. Bill's got court because of vampire slaughter. Sam and Tara comfort each other. Sookie finds naked Sam.
S01E10. Sam reveals his true blood and recalls his past. Bill makes Jessica a vampire. Sookie almost gets killed. Maryann introduces herself.
S01E11. Jason and Amy hooked on "v" trip and Amy gets killed. Lafayette can be seen for the last time. Jessica feels free. Maryann frees Tara from jail.
S01E12. Jason gets caught. The house of Maryann is a paradise. Tara meets Eggs and Jason Fellowship of the Sun. Sookie, Sam and Bill meet the murder an eye to eye in the middle of the bright daylight. Andy the police's got an alcohol problem.

Cliffhanger: Andy finds a young, dark skinned very dead person from the back of his car. "Don't tell it's Lafayette," Tara cries in the beginning of the next season.

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