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Altered Picts

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Altered Picts


“Biosphere” (reworked from “Hidalgo’sBeard”)
The cover art (and on pg 132-133)of Flights into Fantasy (1981). Reprintedin CI-card #69 and ArtBook #2 (1994). The Hidalgo’s head is replacedwith a satellite kind of disc. Colors are changed from blue to more brownish,and the signs of the sea bottom is removed.

[VERS.1]: The plate of Corben Classics #2 (1986).
[VERS.2]: The cover art of The Bodyssey (1986). A girl added.


“The Cat Girl”
Unpublished cover art. Printed in Flightsinto Fantasy (1981). Reworked version in CI-card#27, and both versions in Art Book#2 (1994). The city skyline and the lurking scientisthas been removed, and added several new cats. A small tree isremoved and on a place of city repainted a tree.

“Cyan Demon”
The cover art of Fantagor #2 (1972). Printedalso in Flights into Fantasy (1981).Altered colors in Werewolf (1984). Skyreddish, figure greenish. In altered version sky greenish, figure reddish.

“Cyclops” (the original 1969 [VERS.1],redone 1993 [VERS.2],revised [VERS.3])
The cover art of Rocker Blast ComicCollector #83 (1971) [VERS.1] and the cover art of Heavy Metal: Havoc(1995) [VERS.3].It was published also in Flights into Fantasy(1981) [VERS.1],in CI-card #87 [VERS.2],and in Art Book #2 (1994) ([VERS.1] and [VERS.2]). Early,sold painting was totally redone. The original and reworked versions are morecloser to each other than the next year repainted “GreenMan”. Redone versions are less foggy, and the girl and the monsterare more closer to the viewer than in the original. The reworked version waspainted two times: the latter version has got more branches on the tree (cf. “Dreamsof an Ancient World”), girl’s face is changed and the monster’shand is repainted wider on a left.


“Dreams of an Ancient World”
The cover of the portfolio Fantastic Females(1984) (the original version). Reworked version in CI-card#79, and both versions in Art Book#2 (1994). In the reworked version, additionaltree branches, as Mr. Corben did with “Cyclops”,revised [VERS.3].


“Electric Canes”
The cover art of The Centrifugal RickshawDancer (1985). Color sketch, and both versions in ArtBook #1 (1992). The girl’s face was redrawn becauseshe looked sick.

“Enchanted Treasure”
The cover art of TheWarlock of Firetop Mountain (1983) (revisioned version).The originalversion printed in CI-card #70,and both versions in Art Book #2 (1994). Therevisioned version includes more monsters and reducing the size of the hero’smuscular arms. If you compare the both versions in Art Book #2, you can pointout only one extra monster in the front…


“Fireship” (see also, reworked version: “JovianBlue Girl”)
The cover art of Fireship (1981).Also printed in Flights into Fantasy (1981). Thisversion with the baby in arm.

“Forest of Doom”
The cover art of Forest of Doom (1983) (theoriginal version). Both versions printed in ArtBook #2 (1994). In the revised version, hairis less blond and face less agressive. Mr. Corben comments, that new versionisn’t much better than the original.


“A Girl in Distress” (reworked from “TheSword”, see also “Pilgor and the Boonthas”)
The cover art of Italian Lo straordinariomondo di R. Corben. Same as the original exceptthe hero framed out.

“Gurgy Tate” ( reworked from “Sortrum”)
The toc of Fantagor #5 (1983). GurgyTate is telling background stories of comics. This redrawn pict is tonal (notblack line artwork with zipatones) and there is writing on tombstone: “Tate”.Lots of branches on background.

“The Green Man”
The original version was printed first time in Infinity#5 (1973) as a B&W pict (under name “The Green Men of Rapaz”).The repainted version was the cover art of HeavyMetal #93 (1984). Both B&W original and color repainted versionsin Art Book #2 (1994). Theoriginal, unpublished, version was lost and Mr. Corben repainted it (cf. “Cyclops”).Paintings are different, though they bear same elements and positions (a girlin a new version reject green man, a girl in old does not).


“Hidalgo’s Beard” (see also, reworked version: “Biosphere”)
The cover art of Hidalgo’s Beard (1978).Republished in Art Book #2 (1994). Inthis version, Hidalgo’s face and human, animal stream blueish, marks of thesea bottom.


“Jovian Blue Girl” aka “Jovian Blue” (reworkedfrom “Fireship”)
Printed in CI-card #28. Both versionsin Art Book #2 (1994). Thisversion without the baby.


“Lizard Girl”
This cover art of Eerie #90 (1978) waspainted with the ink swirl sky and naked girl on lizard. Warren did not likenude girl on front cover. Mr. Corben removed sky, clothed girl and repositionvisible back leg. Both versions in ArtBook #2 (1994) in B&W, the original version with a sign “Corben © 1994”.Art Book claims that cover was printed first time in Creepy#132 (1981), but that is incorrect. Creepy was already a reprint.


“Naked Vampiress”
The cover of Heavy Metal Special, Vol. 12,#2: The Best of Richard Corben from Creepy & Eerie (1998). Reprintedalso in Heavy Metal Special, Vol. 12, #2:Richard Corben Special [TB] (1998). Soft coversversion’s vampiress has got a less showing bra on. Otherwise the same pict.

“A Night on Bald Mountain”
The cover of Heavy Metal #28 (1979).Reprinted in Flights into Fantasy (1981) and CI-card#7. Both version in Art Book #2(1994). Small draperies were added to some of thenude figures.


“Pilgor and the Boonthas” (reworked from “TheSword”, see also “A Girl in Distress”)
Color pict on pg 55 of The Bodyssey (1993, Fantagor).Both versions in Art Book #1 (1992). Sameas the original except with Pilgor’s face (looking in different way).

“Pilgor and the Worm” (reworked from “TheWorm-God”)
Color pict on pg 59 of The Bodyssey (1993, Fantagor),and on pg 26 of Art Book #1 (1992). Pilgorpainted on a background. 10″x14″. Mixed media incl. a photographand oil paint. 1984. Unpublished.


“Rip in Time #2”
The cover of Rip in Time #2 (1986). Theearly version of this cover art was printed in the end of Ripin Time #1 (1986). Same pict with some differences: girl’s T-shirtis not yet ripped, and there is no glimpse of back of Triceratops in frontof riders.

“Rip in Time #4”
The cover of Rip in Time #4 (1987). Theearly version of this cover art was printed in the end of Ripin Time #3 (1987). The composition was totally different, though theelements were the same, raft, girl, water dinos, desperate fight.


“The Slave Girl”
The cover art of The Wizard of Anharitte.The original version in Flightsinto Fantasy (1981). The revised version in CI-card#71. Both version in Art Book #2(1994). The marblized sky was done on a thin sheetof acetate that was applied to the artwork. Over the years, the acetate beganto shrink. Mr. Corben removed it and did the marble technique directly on thepainted art board. During change slave girl’s hair looses curls.

“Sortrum” ( reworked from “GurgyTate”)
The toc of The Mirkwood Times #5 (1973). Blackline art work with zipatones. There is writing “Sortrum” on tombstone.Lots of leaves on background.

“The Sword” (see also, reworked, version “Pilgorand the Boonthas”, and “AGirl in Distress”)
The cover of Epic #2 (1980). Alsoprinted in CI-card #38. Herewith the original face.


“Up from the Deep”
The cover art of Up from the Deep (1971).Also printed in CI-card#88. Revised version in Art Book#2 (1994). The revised version is loyal for theoriginal which was colored by overlays, though leaves are totally redrawn.


“With the Dead”
This cover art of Death Rattle Vol. II #1(1985) was painted with a nude girl on it. DennishKitchen wanted to cloth her. The original version in ArtBook #1 (1992).

“The Worm-God” (see also “Pilgorand the Worm”)
The cover art of Bizarre Sex #5 (1976). Herewithout Pilgor figure.

“Wrack and Roll” aka “Wrack and Rule”
The cover art of Wrack and Roll (1986).Also printed in CI-card #73. Bothversions in Art Book #1 (1992). Theart director’s request, the color intensity of the moon and background planeshas been increased by glazing color over the modeled forms.

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