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Angouleme videos 2019

The Making of Skarr
One of three posters for Angoulême #46. Jan. 24-27, 2019 by Richard Corben

Corben donner corps a l’imaginaire (Box: Exhibition catalogue and a retrospective book, 2019)

Box: Corben: Donner copes à l’imaginaire (Giving body for the imagination). 160 pgs. 24,5 x 35 cm. Edition of 1,000 copies. Exhibition catalogue. Price 39€
All text in French. Around 160 reproductions of Richard Corben original arts scanned in high resolution with color calibration.

Also Deluxe Edition, print run of +450 copies. 300 pgs. Price 99€
Angoulême exhibition catalogue and Deluxe Edition on sale only in:
Link to the Angoulême Exhibition Catalogue (39€). OUT OF SALE!

Link to the Angoulême Box DeLuxe Edition (99€). OUT OF SALE!

Links to sale pages unavailable. Books out of sale.

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