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Fantagor #1 (1st), Forewords by Richard V. Corben

Fantagor #1 (1st), Forewords by Richard V. Corben

Fantagor #1 (1st print) (1970)

Fall 1970. Fanzine selfpublished by Richard Corben: 8-1/2″x11″. $1.50. 28[+4] pages. Cover: glossy color heavy stock. Guts: white. [oug,ober]

Fantagor #1, 1st print. Inside Front Cover: Forewords by Richard V. Corben:

Welcome to FantaGor!! Within these pages lies the realm of fantasy, horror, science fiction and adventure. FantaGor is devoted to the telling of stories in this genre, though the medium of the picture story. In this first issue we present three stories. Twilight of the Dogs is your editors attempt at sf. Razar, the Unhero is a collaboration between Starr Armitage, who wrote a very good synopsis, and editor Corben, who did the artwork and completely changed the story to fit his own warped sensibilities. I’m hoping he’ll forget about that and write another adventure for Razar soon. The map on page 21 shows a portion of Erthvia, where Razar roams along with many other weird characters. The Devil in the Wall is written by Starr and illustrated by Herb Arnold. I would like to gratefully acknowledge the great help I received from Herb, Starr, Ed Faust, and Dona Corben, who helped with the production.

FantaGor, like most fanzines, is a hobby. It is an odd mixture of my favourite things; but, as a hobby, it is very expensive; nearly too expensive to become a reality. There are a lot of stories I would like to tell and a lot of things I want to do in FantaGor. Future issues will have more artists, more writers, and more pages. Every issue of FantaGor will have a colour cover. However, the printer told me he didn’t care about the great plans I had, nor about FantaGor’s unlimited future. He said he wanted some money for his paper, ink, and time. So, the future of this fanzine depends upon it’s acceptance by the fans and upon their acceptance of the posters. I sincerely thank everyone who has bought our posters. The money from these sales has enabled us to have this, our first issue printed.

FANTAGOR is published annually by Richard V. Corben, 1503 East 83rd Street, Kansas City, Missouri, 64131.
Fantagor 1, fall, 1970 is copyrighted (C) 1970 by Richard V. Corben. Nothing may be reprinted without written permission from the publisher. Price: $ 1.50 per copy; no subscriptions yet.

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