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Color Overlay Technique

Color Overlay Technique

The coloring technique for the fifteen years peroid till Den 3: Children of Fire (1987-1988) was developed by Richard Corben. The purpose of the technique was to create brightly colored comics but with a full range of modeling effects, and it had to be faster and less expensive than full color oil painting. It consisted of a four layered overlay for each ink color that is photographed over a continuous tone original artwork. The work was done by the Corben copy camera. [Children of Fire #3 (1988)]

The overlay technique was used till 1988 in the most of the (color) comics, but ones made by other techniques (see deeper on other techniques listed above).

Art Plates of “Lucanklutz” and “The Low Spar of High Heeled Noise!”
Art Plates and overlays of several comics coloured by Richard Corben: “Lucanklutz”, “Terror Tomb”, “Harry” (by Jeff Jones)
Art Plates of “Lucanklutz”, “Terror Tomb” and “The Low Spar of High Heeled Noise!”

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