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No Corben cover!

Adult Comics: An Introduction [PUBLICATION]

1993. By Roger Sabin. Lodon & Routledge. [ober,msu].
Pgs 72, 214, 228: Index entry on Richard Corben.


No Corben cover!

Against the Grain: Mad Artist Wallace Wood [ART] [GOOGLEBOOK]

By Bhob Stewart. Sept. 1st, 2003. TwoMorrows. 336 pgs. Paperback. [googlebook].
Pgs 3, 209, 315, 316: Minor text mention.

No Corben cover!
Αγνωστοι Κόσμοι (Agnostoi Kósmoi) [transl. Unknown Worlds] [NOVEL] [GREECE]

1979. By Alfred Elton van Vogt. Dioptra, Athens. Paperback. 159 pgs. 21″x15″. In Greece. [palaio].
The original of the book by A. E. van Vogt might be The Far Out Worlds of Van Vogt (1968).
Front Cover Art: “Planet Busters”

Air Battle
Airbrush Action vol. IX, #1 [MAGAZINE]

May/June 1993. Airbrush Action. 8-1/5″x10-7/8″. [id].
Front Cover Art: “Air Battle”. Color. [PICT].
Pg 4: exceprt from “Beyond the Supernatural” on contents page. 3-7/16″x2-5/16″. Color.
Pg 6: “Air Battle”. Thumbnail pict of Cover Art. 1-3/4″x2-3/8″. B&W. [PICT].
Richard Corben created this illustration entitled “Air Battle” in 1985 for a cover in a series of role playing game books. The original is 19″x30″, done with oil paints on pressed wood.
Pgs 10-19: “Living In the Underground” by Neil Johnson
Pg 10: “Beyond the Supernatural”. Full page. Color.
1986. 18″x24″ oil on illustration board.
Pg 11: “Indian Evening”. 7-1/16″x4-5/8″. Color.
1984. 30″x20″ oil over acrylic on illustration board.
Pg 12: “Mutant Fight” [Son of Mutant World #3 (1990)]. 3-1/4″x4-7/8″. Color.
Pg 12: “Mutant Eclipse” [Son of Mutant World #5 (1990)]. 3-1/4″x4-7/8″. Color.
Pg 13: exceprt from story “Son Of Mutant World”, Part 4/5 (pg 6). Full page. B&W.
Pg 14: “Dark Mists”. Full page. Color.
1985. 16″x20″ oil on pressed wood.
Pg 15: “Electric Canes”. 6-5/8″x10-7/8″. Color.
1985. 18″x29″ oil over acrylic on illustration board.
Pgs 16-17: “Labyrinth”. 103/8″x7-5/8″. Color.
1986. 40″x50″ oil over acrylic on canvas.
Pg 18: “Deus Irae”. 3-15/32″x5-4/10″. Color.
1980. 13″x20″ oil over acrylic on illustration board.
Pg 18: “Blue Dragon”. 4″x5-1/8″. Color.
1984. 19″x25″ oil over acrylic on illustration board.
Pg 18: “Wizard’s Closet”. 3″x4-1/2″. Color.
1984. 13″x17″ acrylic on illustration board.
Pg 19: “Wizard’s Dreams”. 4-1/5″x6-1/2″. Color.
1985. 17″x30″ oil over acrylic on illustration board.
Pg 19: “Richard Corben Tech File”
(Airbrush/Compressor/Paint/Lighting/Ventilation/(Surface Media/Stencils and Masks/Advice to Beginners)

Alfred Hitchcock’s Grave Business, Cover by Richard Bober.

Alfred Hitchcock’s Grave Business [PUBLICATION]

Feb. 1975. Dell. $0.95. 208 pgs. PB. All covers (of the US 70’s edition): Richard Bober. [ed].
The book was sold in eBay and Richard Corben was mention but apparently there is no Corben inside.
No Corben included!

Alienisti #39: Monsters of #42 [FANZINE] [FINLAND]

Alienisti #39 (2019)

Summer 2019. Jyväskylä Science Fiction Society #42. 36 pgs [incl. covers].
A5. B&W. In Finnish.
Pgs 22-25: “Richard Corben: 292 tarinaa, 4598 sivua” (Transl. “Richard Corben, 292 stories, 4598 pages”), by SidSid Keränen
Extentended version of the forewords of the book Angoulême 2019 Book 2: A retrospective book with high end scans from the original art plates (2019).

Aliens Alchemy [MISCS] [GERMANY]

T-Shirt. German. [pegasos]

Aliens/Predator Panel to Panel [ART]


July 1985 (?). A(ssociation) M(ulhousienne pour la) S(cience) F(iction), 6, rue des Rabins, 68100 Mulhouse, France. 21×29,3cm. In French. [amic]“Corben underground”; by Jacques Haessle. Incl. bibliography, picts.

Amateur Production Vol.4 #2 [PUBLICATION]

(?) [ober]Richard Corben included, 3 pgs.

Amazing Heros #101 [MAGAZINE]

(?) Aug. 1986. [ober]Critique, by Geoff Schmidt

Amazing Science Fiction Vol. 12 #10 [MAGAZINE]

Jan. 1981. Ultimate Publishing Co, 131 pgs. $1.75. B&W. [ed,ober]“Run, Spot, Run” by Harlan Ellison (pgs 14-25).
Harlan Ellison article (25-).
Pg 14: “Vic and Blood (1980) #6” B&W. Illustrates the short story, “Harlan Ellison: Run, Spot, Run. Sequel to “A Boy and His Dog”.
Headshots of Vic and Blood. [PICT]
Pg 25: “Vic”. B&W. Illustrates article by Harlan Ellison. [PICT]
A headshot of Vic.

No Corben cover!

L’année de la bande dessinée [MAGAZINE] [FRANCE]

1981/82. In French. [amic]Pg 40: A small article about “Bloodstar” and Corben.
Pg 269: Illustration from “Pilgor”.

Anthology of Nightmares (2017)

Anthology of Nightmares [FANZINE]

Christmas 2017. Henry Simon & Babylon Press. B&W/Full color. 30 pgs. $4,50 (print of demand)/$1,49 (digital download). [id]Pgs 27-28: Artists from Darkness: Interview with Richard Corben. Interviewed by Henry Simon

No Corben cover!

Arcade, the Comics Review #4 [PUBLICATION]

Winter 1975. The Print Mint, Inc. [ober]Richard Corben appeared in small ad of “Antalogy of Slow Death” (Front Inside Cover)

The Art of Guido Crepax [ART]

By Nino Bernazzali. [amic]Introduction by Richard Corben.

No Corben cover!
The Art of Marvel Comics vol. 1 HC [ART]

Nov. 2003. Marvel. Hard Bound. [newsarama]Richard Corben incl.
Others: Kaare Andrews, Mark Bagley, Julie Bell, Tim Bradstreet, J. Scott Campbell, John Cassaday, ChrisCross, Gabriele Dell’Otto, Vince Evans, David Finch, Bryan Hitch, Greg Horn, Stuart Immonen, Richard Isanove, J.G. Jones, Joe Jusko, Dale Keown, Sam Kieth, Adam Kubert, Andy Kubert, Bob Larkin, Salvador Larroca, Jae Lee, Joseph Michael Linsner, David Mack, Alex Maleev, Tom Marvelli, Josh Middleton, Rudolfo Migliari, Glen Orbick, Joe Quesada, Frank Quitely, Esad Ribic, John Romita Jr., Alex Ross, Steve Rude, Tim Sale, Bill Sienkiewicz, Mark Texeira, Matt Wagner, Lee Weeks and Mike Wieringo.

No Corben cover!
The Art of the Movie Heavy Metal [ART]

July 1981. Guardian Trust Company. A New York Zoetope Book. [amic]12 pgs illustrées consacrées au travail préparatoire de la séquence Den du film. Corben, qui a vendu les droits, n’intervient pour rien dans cette élaboration et c’est sans doute dommage. Den ressemble plus à Tarzan qu’à lui-même..

No Corben cover!
The Art of Neal Adams, Volume 1 [ART]

1975. Sal Quartuccio. $3.00. 8-1/2″x11″. B&W. [stu,plogg,mael]Front Cover Art by Neal Adams. Colors: Richard Corben.
Ad for Richard Corben Art Prints: “Anticipation” and “Midnight Battle”.
It is mentioned here of an upcoming Eric Burdon album which contains a 16 page comic book entitled “Mirage: Holocaust” of Neal Adams with Richard Corben colors on it. See more in in Epic #7 (1981).

The Art of Richard Corben [ART]

1994. Promo flyer for exhibit at Words & Pictures Museum; Northampton, MA. [ober]Front Cover Art: “Green Hydra” [PICT]
Back Cover Art: “Planetary Geographic”
“Fall of the House of Usher”
“From The Darkness Oozed…”

No Corben cover!
Art of Steve Woron [ART]

Illus. 1991. Hard Bound & Paperback. Some signed by Woron. [ober]Pg 3: Introduction by Richard Corben.

No Corben cover!
No Corben cover!
Art Show #1 [FANZINE]

Dec. 1977. Folded (closed: 11.5″ x 15″). The Fantasy Art Monthly newspaper. [ebay,horner]Featuring stories and artists by Jeffrey Jones, Michael Kaluta, Frank Brunner, Steve Hickman etc.
Richard Corben included only as a name on a back cover.

No Corben cover!

Artsy, Fartsy, Funnies [PUBLICATION] [NL]

1974. Laren, Holland: Paranoia. [msu]Pg 52: Biographical entry by Patrick Rosenkranz & Hugo van Baren on Richard Corben.

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