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Bad for Good

Bat Out of Hell / (Classic Album) / 25th Anniversary Edition

La Bella y la BestiaLa Bella y la Bestia Spanish

By Tino Reguera. In Spanish. [coleccionistatebeos].
Tino Reguera passed away before his book about Richard Corben was published. Still unpublished.

No Corben cover!La bande dessinée de science fiction américaine French

In French. [amic].
4 frames from “How Howie Made It In Real World”. Quelques réflexions sur Corben.

No Corben cover!La bande dessinée en 10 leçons French

1976. By Henri Filippini, Michel Bourgeois. Hachette, Paris. In French. [msu,oug].
Pg 45: Index entry on Richard Corben.

Barbarian Comics #1 (1972) or Barbarian Comics #4 (1975)

No Richard Corben! [ober]

No Corben cover!Nude VampiressBarbarian Comics #2

April 1973. California Comics. 7″x10″. $.50. 52 pages. Cover: glossy color. Guts: newsprint. [oug,ober].
Front Inside Cover: “Nude Vampiress” Pict
Back Inside Cover: “Demon’s Breath” (FiF, pg 191) Pict

No Corben cover!Man Wrestling MonsterBarbarian Comics #3

April 1974.California Comics. 6-7/8″x10-1/8″. $.50. 36 pages. Cover: glossy color. Guts: newsprint. [oug,ober].
Pg 34: “Man Wrestling Monster” Pict

No Corben cover!Barbarian Scroll #16 Fanzine

Aug. 1991. Conquest Press. 46[+4] pgs. [ober,otten].
“An Interview with Rich Corben” by anonymous.
Incl. Richard Corben picts.
Barbarian Scroll was edited by Alfonso D.J. Alfonso. There was total of 16 issues. The first issue was called The Cimerian Scroll, but Conan Properties, Inc. requested a name change. Issues #1 to #12 were published by Alfonso.

No Corben cover!Basically Strange

Dec. 1982. John C. Productions. [ober,otten].
Front Cover Art: “Neverwhere [European]” (FiF, pg 139) Pict

Battle Flag #6

1978. The Syndicate, Inc. Carrollton TX. [ober,ebay].
Fiends with TalonsPublication for military enthusiasts. Also incl. Vaughn Bodé and Brad Foster. Articles incl. Sci-fi Games, the Arsenal of the Future, Bogart in Sahara, King Kong and the Military, and more.
Front Cover Art: “Fiend with Talons” (FiF, pg 197) Pict
Pgs 55-60: Interview
Pg 58: “Alien Measuring Human Skull” (FiF, pg 189) Pict

SabertoothBenefit Portfolio in Defense of the First Amendment

1987. Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. 1500 run of prints (250 signed). [ober].
“Sabertooth” (Corben 1 plate of 15 by various artists).

Berkeley Barb #436

(?) Dec. 21-27, 1973. 48 pgs. [ober].
Critique by Clay Geerdes

Berkeley Con Program Book

To Serve ManThe Best of Damon Knight

May 1976. By Damon Knight. Hard Bound. Nelson Doubleday SFBC. $2.49. 307 pgs. Introduction by Barry N. Malzberg. [ober,isfdb].
Cover Art: “To Serve Man” Pict

No Corben cover!The Best of From the Tomb

2012. Two Morrows. TPB. Edited by Peter Normanton. $27.95. 190 pgs. [twomorrowscom].
Pg 187: Subterranean Nightmare by Frank Motler (From the Tomb #6)
“A World Peace Treaty…”. Pager. Color.
Richard Corben is mention as part of the underground revolution. Some frames from “The Awakening” was used with the article.

AbominableSnowmanThe Best of Fredric Brown

Jan. 1977. Robert Bloch (Editor). Hard Bound. Nelson Doubleday SFBC. $2.49. 280 pgs. [ober,isfdb].
Cover Art: “Abominable Snowman” (FiF, pg 123) Pict

DinoHunterThe Best of L. Sprague De Camp

Feb. 1978. By L. Sprague de Camp. Hard Bound. Nelson Doubleday SFBC. $2.98. 301 pgs. Introduction by Poul Anderson. [ober,isfdb].
Cover Art: “Dino Hunter” Pict

The Best of SF 1977

Best Science Fiction of Gordon R. Dickson

No Corben cover! Beware! The Scientists Revolt Novel

1st: 2008. Lohae Press. By Edgar Rice Burroughs. Under name, The Scientists Revolt and Beware with the cover of Richard Corben. [otten].
2nd: Feb. 27, 2009. CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform. No Corben cover.
“Written in 1922 and untold until 1939 when it became THE SCIENTISTS REVOLT, severely altered from its original form, BEWARE remained unpublished in Edgar Rice Burroughs’ lifetime. Until now the two versions of this story had never appeared in book form and had previously only been reprinted in fan publications.”

BeyondNightmareGateBeyond the Nightmare Gate

1987. By Ian Page (edited by Joe Dever). World of the Lone Wolf #3. Paperback. The American edition: Berkley/Pacer. US$2.95. [demian,ober].
The cover of the British original edition not by Richard Corben. Interior illustrations by Paul Bonner. [Demian’s Gamebook Web Page].
Cover Art: “Beyond the Nightmare Gate” Pict

BeyondSupernaturalBeyond the Supernatural

(?) 1988. Role-playing game. McCall and Siembieda. Palladium Books. [ober].
Cover Art: “Beyond the Supernatural” (art1, pg 39) Pict

Bild&Bubbla #3 (1979) Swedish

Swedish Comics Society (Seriefrämjandet), Sweden. In Swedish. [wsf].
Pgs 30-31: Karat-serien nr 3: “Rowlf”, review of Danish album
Pgs 30-31: “Uhyret fra Wolfton” (transl. “The Beast of Wolfton”), review of Danish album (Runepress Album #1)

No Corben cover!Bild&Bubbla #2 (1985) Swedish

Swedish Comics Society (Seriefrämjandet), Sweden. In Swedish. [wsf,håkan].
Pgs 4-11: Critique, “Corben – inte bara bröst” (transl. “Corben – not only breasts”), heavily illustrated (B&W)

Bild&Bubbla #2 (1990) Swedish

Swedish Comics Society (Seriefrämjandet), Sweden. In Swedish. [wsf,håkan].
Pg 36: Review of Pox special nr 3/89: “Fången i tiden” (transl. “Trapped in time” – i.e. “Rip in Time”)

Bild&Bubbla #2 (1992) Swedish

Swedish Comics Society (Seriefrämjandet), Sweden. In Swedish. [wsf].
Pg 31: Review of Tung metall presenterar nr 4: “Den” (rating for “Den”: 5 stars out of 5!)

No Corben cover!Bild och Bubblas Stora Seriebok Swedish

(?) 1989. Swedish Comics Society (Seriefrämjandet), Sweden. In Swedish. [håkan,ober].
Pgs 90-97. Heavily illustrated article, “Corben – inte bara bröst”.
Includes comic stories as well.

No Corben cover!Bild und Wort Band 2 German

By Rudolf Sanladerer. 2006. BoD – Books on Demand. [googlebook].
Pgs 891, 899, 905, 915, 916, 924, 938, 939, 945, 948, 952, 976: Minor text mentions.
Pg 640: single page, “Rip in Time”. B&W.

No Corben cover!Bildwelten und Weltbilder German

1982. Horst Schroder. Carlsen Verlag GmbH, Hamburg, Germany. Lettering (on German translated comics) by Klaus-Dieter Baedermann. in German. [ober,sebastian].
Science fiction comics in USA, Germany, Britain, and France.
Pg 63: 1984 cover “Scourge Of the Spaceway”
Pg 67: Richard Corben portrait.
Pg 69: single panel excerpt from “Neverwhere”
Pgs 69-72: critique.
Pg 71: single page excerpt from “Going Home”
Pg 72: four panel excerpt from “Neverwhere”
Pg 73: single panel excerpt from “Bloodstar”
Pg 80: partial bibliography.

BilledStorm #3 Danish

(?) Winter 1991. BilledStorm, Denmark. In Danish. [ober,håkan].
Pgs 19-21: Profile by Anders Hjorth-Jørgensen

Bite the Bone, Weirdom Steak HouseBite the Bone, Weirdom Steak House

9-1/4″x7-3/4″x1/4″. Internet Shoppe. Color. [wyowzers].
“Bite the Bone, Weirdom Steak House” Pict

No Corben cover!Black Gate: Adventures In Fantasy Vol 1, #3

Winter 2002. New Epoch Press, USA. 224 pgs. Quarterly text-fiction magazine: color covers, B&W interior. 7″x10″. [ober,ed,ecm].
Pg 166: “Ringard”. Full pager for a Michael Naughton short story ‘Ringard and Dendra’. B&W. Pict
Pg 185: “Dendra”. Pict for the Michael Naughton short story Ringard and Dendra. B&W. Pict
Both prob. computer generated, maybe originals in color.

No Corben cover!Blab #1

Summer 1986. Monte Comix. 1500 print run. [ober,msu].
Pgs 15-75: “Notes from the Underground” by Clay S. Wilson.
Includes testemonials about EC Comics, from about 25 different comic artist/writer/publisher.
Pgs 59-60: Testemonial about EC Comics by Richard Corben.

Blab #2

(?) Monte Comix. [ober].
Pgs 34-36: mention of “Wishing On the Moon” and work from “Cidopey”

Blade Runner Magazine [SPA] #8 Spanish

June 1991. 450 pesetas. In Spanish. [amic,id].
4 pgs article by Luis Raúl Sánchez, frames from “Den”, “Bloodstar”, “Mutant World”. A word “Richard Corben” on a cover.

Blood's a RoverBlood’s a Rover [I] Publication

Ace. [ober].
Cover used in solicitations, but book was never printed.
Cover Art: “Blood’s a Rover” Pict
Author: Harlan Ellison.

Blood's a RoverBlood’s a Rover [II] Publication

June 2018. Subterranean Press. HardBound. 224 pgs. [atp].
Harlan Ellison and his editor, Jason Davis, have assembled the whole story of Vic and Blood and Spike from the author’s files, using revised-and-expanded versions of the novella and short stories, interstitial material developed for Richard Corben’s graphic adaptation, and—for the first time—never-before-published material from the aborted 1977 NBC television series Blood’s a Rover to tell the complete story of A Boy and His Dog, and a Girl who is tougher than the other two combined.
Cover Art: “Blood’s a Rover” Pict
Author: Harlan Ellison.

Boytoons Magazine #88 Magazine

Ice DragonNov. 8, 2007. Boytoons. Free. [wbt].
A digital magazine.
Cover Art: “Ice Dragon” Pict
Pict: “Neverwhere [European]” Pict
Pict: “Machola Seeks a Remembrance” Pict
Pict: “Pilgor’s and Ammora’s Happy Ending” Pict
Pict: “Hunghoul’s Guards” Pict
Pict: “Bloodstar” Pict
Pict: “Space Prodigal” Pict
Pict: “Snarf Man” Pict
Pict: “Planet Busters” Pict
Pict: “Robots Gang up” Pict
Pict: “Ytgna and his Faithful Ammora” Pict

No Corben cover!Brage #6 Publication Norsk

Aug. 1986. Best Badges. NOK 15,00. 48 pgs. In Norwegian language. [].
“Corben” by Gard Lunde. An article about Richard Corben. 5 pgs. 

Bud Plant’s Comic Art Update #124

March/April 1991. [ober].
Back Cover Art: “Blue Girl” Pict

Burroughs Bulletin

The Buyer’s Guide for Comic Fandom #400 GUIDE

July 17, 1981. [face].
A cover filled corner to corner with famous faces, drawn by Terry Beatty. Around 450 differnet characters, and in the lower right corner, on a second row a face of Den, Bloodstar, and Bloodstar’s helper.

Buzzard #1Buzzard #1 Comics

June 9, 2010. $3.50. 40 pgs. Story: Eric Powell. Art: Eric Powell, Kyle Hotz. Colors: Dave Stewart. [wdh].
Front Cover Art: “Buzzard #1” Pict
Cover reprinted in German Geschichten aus dem The Goon Universum (2015).

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