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Cable7VarCable #7 Comics

Marvel. Oct. 1, 2008. 32 pgs. $2.99. [wmarvel] Front Cover Art: “Cable #7 [Zombie Variant]” Pict
Written by Duane Swierczynski; Pencils by Ariel Olivetti; Cover Pencils by Richard Corben; Cover by Ariel Olivetti & Richard Corben; Colors by José Villarrubia (NOT Ariel Olivetti as mentioned on Marvel web site).

No Corben cover!Les Cahiers de la Bande Dessinée #89 French

June 1990. In French. [msu] Pg 14: “Ficelé”. Brief review of: Den: La Cité des Bruits

No Corben cover!Les Cahiers de la BD #6 French

Jan-March 2019. 192 pgs. In French. [facebook,] Pgs 86-115: “Cachier monographique [Richard Corben]” (30 pgs):

  • Pgs 92-103: “Un singulier créateur de formes: Richard Corben” (12 pgs)
  • Pg 100: “5 BD de Corben à lire avant l’alliénation” (1 pg): Variation, Collaboration, Invention, Fondation, Citation
  • Pgs 104-107: “Du détail érotique et morbide considéré comme un des beaux-arts” (4 pgs)
  • Pgs 108-109: “Le mystère des 1res images de Corben enfin décrypté” (2 pgs)
  • Pgs 110-115: “Restaurer Corben en quatre leçons” (6 pgs)

Pg 87: “Twilight of the Dogs”. Color. Full pager.
Pg 88: The cover of Anomaly #4 (1972) with indies. Color. Full pager.
Pg 89: The cover of Grim Wit #1 (1972) with indies. Color. Full pager.
Pg 90: The cover of Grim Wit #2 (1973) with indies. Color.  Full pager.
Pg 91: The cover of Up from the Deep #1 (1971) with indies. Color. Full pager.
Pg 92: A photo of Richard Corben. B&W.
Pg 94: “Midnight Battle”. B&W.
Pgs 96-97: “Robot Worm”. Color. A spread.
Pg 98: “My feet went from under me.” Color.
Pg 99: The original art plate from the story, “Top to Bottom” (pg 1). Color. Pager.
Pg 100: A collection of five of the recent book covers.
Pg 101: A pager from the story, “Rip in Time” (Chapter 3, pg 10). B&W.
Pg 102: A page from the story, “Judas” (pg 1). Color. No texts.
Pg 103: “His Master’s Voice”. Color. Pager.
Pg 104: Pilgor’s and Ammora’s Happy Ending. B&W. Pager.
Pg 105: “Gorilla with Wings”. B&W.
Pg 106: A page from the story, “Rowlf” (pg 4). B&W.
Pg 107: A page from the story, “Duel of Titans” (pg 1). B&W.
Pg 108: The original artplate of Treed by Triceratops. Color.
Pg 109: Treed by Triceratops. Color. Pager.
Pg 110: “Lizard Girl”. Color. Pager.
Pg 111: A sample from the story, “Bright Eyes” (pg 7), three different brightness versions. B&W.
Pg 112: A sample frame from the story, “Within You… Without You” (pg 4), both uncensored and censored version. B&W.
Pg 112: A sample frame from the story, “You’re a Big Girl Now” (pg 1), three different versions. Color.
Pg 112: A sample frame from the story, “Childhood’s End” (pg 5), four different color versions. Color.
Pg 113: A sample page from the story, “Childhood’s End” (pg 5). Color. Pager.
Pg 114: A sample page from the story, “Indeep” (pg 1, prologue). B&W. Pager.
Pg 115: A sample page from the story, “Indeep” (pg 2). Color. Pager.

The Corbou GirlCalifornia Comics #3

Jan. 1977. California Comics. 7″x10-1/4″. $2.00. 40 pages. Cover: glossy color. Guts: newsprint, except for 4 page glossy color centerfold. [oug,ober] Centre pages (pgs 20-21): “The Corbou Girl” (FiF, pg 13) Pict

Capa-Alpha #72 Fanzine

(?) 197?. [ober,mocba] Richard Corben included (cf. next!).

CastleRideHorseMenCapa-Alpha [additional stapled mimeograph of Corben Index]

1972. 7 sheets (i.e. 14 pages). Print run of +/– 110. Compiled and produced by Charles Schreck. [ebay] Both Covers (same): “Castle and Riding Horsemen” Pict
Insides list Corben items.

No Corben cover!Carlsens store tegneserieleksikon Danish

1996. By Anders Hjorth-Jørgensen. Hard Bound. Carlsen Comics, Denmark. In Danish. [håkan] Pgs 53-54: Entry/profile on Richard Corben. Small photo, single panel excerpt from “Rowlf”.
Apparently this book is based on a German book.

Cartoonist Profiles #15

Sept. 1972. Cartoonist Profiles, Inc.: P.O. Box 325, Fairfield CT 06430. [ober] Pg 63: Full first page excerpt of “Rowlf”; Richard Corben awarded “Outstanding New Talent” at 2nd Annual Awards Dinner of the Academy of Comic Book Arts

Cartoonists & Illustrators Portfolio Volume 2 Guide

(?) 1978. Supergraphics. 66 pgs. [ober] No Richard Corben content.
He is merely listed with many others on the last page.

Catalan Communications CatalogPub

1989. Catalan Communications. [scheiman] Set of 6 postcards (pict).

Electric CanesThe Centrifugal Rickshaw Dancer

Nov. 1985. By William John Watkins. Paperback. Questar / Popular Library. $2.95. 233 pgs. [ober,isfdb] Cover Art: “Electric Canes” (Art1, pg 35) Pict

Cerebus #146

May 1991. Aardvark-Vanaheim, Inc. [stu,ober] “A Cerebus Preview”, by Dave Sim. Shortly (2 pgs) about Richard Corben, followed by 8 first pages of actual comic art of “Horror in the Dark” No.1 (June 1991) Pict Pict



No Corben cover!Chacal #1

Winter 1976. Byron L. Roark, Arnie Fenner (editors). Nemedian Chronmicles; Shawnee Mission, KS. $3.50. 60 pgs. [ober,isfdb] Back Cover Art: “Daemon” (FiF, pg 29) Pict

The Chasm of DoomThe Chasm of Doom

Oct. 1985. By Joe Dever & Gary Chalk. Lone Wolf Gamebook #4. Paperback. The American edition: Berkley/ Pacer. US$2.95. [demian,ober] The cover of the British original edition not by Richard Corben. Interior illustrations by Gary Chalk. [Demian’s Gamebook Web Page].
Cover Art: “The Chasm of Doom” Pict

Children of the LightChildren of the Light

May 1987. By Susan B. Weston. Paperback. St Martin’s Press. $3.50. 262 pgs. [ober,isfdb] Cover Art: “Children of the Light” Pict

Choose Your Own Adventure #70 Novel

Choose Your Own Adventure #70: Invaders of the Planet Earth

Magic SwordChristie’s East Comic Collectibles Catalogue

Nov. 1983. By Steve Jackson (UK). Fighting Fantasy Gamebook #2. Paperback. The American edition: Dell. US$1.95. [demian,ober] The cover of the British original edition not by Richard Corben. Interior illustrations by Russ Nicholson. [Demian’s Gamebook Web Page].
Cover Art: “Magic Sword” Pict

Christie’s East Comic Collectibles Catalogue

(?) Oct. 31st, 1992. [ober] Item 300a: “Tars Tarkas with Sword and Pistol” (FiF, pg 17)

No Corben cover!Cimoc #151 Spanish

Norma Editorial. 500 pesetas. In Spanish. [esmania] “Visiones de Arzach”. Plate “The Rock of Everlasting Despare”. First print in Legends of Arzach #4 (1992). Also printed in Spanish as separate portfolio Visiones de Arzach.

Magic SwordThe Citadel of Chaos

Nov. 1983. By Steve Jackson (UK). Fighting Fantasy Gamebook #2. Paperback. The American edition: Dell. US$1.95. [demian,ober] The cover of the British original edition not by Richard Corben. Interior illustrations by Russ Nicholson. [Demian’s Gamebook Web Page].
Cover Art: “Magic Sword” Pict

ZanbarBoneBloodthirstyMoonDogsCity of Thieves

July 1984. By Ian Livingstone. Fighting Fantasy Gamebook #5. The American edition: Dell. US$1.95. [demian,ober] The cover of the British original edition not by Richard Corben. Interior illustrations by Iain McCaig. [Demian’s Gamebook Web Page].
Cover Art: “Zanbar Bone and His Bloodthirsty Moon Dogs” Pict

Fiends with TalonsCollage #9

225, S.F.C.A., 9875 SW 212 St., Miami FL 33157. Sept. 1971. 65¢. [ober] Cover Art: “Fiend with Talons” [FiF, pg 197] Pict
Here says “Copyright 1970 by “Mount To the Stars”.

Collecting Edgar Rice Burroughs

Glenn Erardi. Paperback. 144 pgs. Schiffer. 8″x11″. Color. 2000 print run. [ober,wbp] No Richard Corben content.
As stated in advertising.

No Corben cover!El Comic Spanish

1975. Biblioteca cultural #30. By Milagros Arizmendi. Editorial Planeta. 18×12 cm. 160 pgs. [prades] Pg 121: single frame from “Chance… into something confortable”

The Comic Art Collection Catalog Pub

1993. By Randall Scott Greenwood Press (Michican State). [scheiman] Richard Corben bibliography of 25 book.

Scratch My Back (B&W)Comic Art Showcase #4

(?) 1975. Tony Dispoto. [ober] 1 pg: “Scratch My Back” (B&W) PICT

Comic Art Showcase #6

1975. [ober] Richard Corben included.

Comic Book Artist

1993. Radnor, Pa.: Wallace-Homestead. [msu] Pg 106: Entry by Alex G. Malloy on Richard Corben.

No Corben cover!Comic Book Artist #4

Spring 1999. Two Morrows. [id,ober,plogg] Reprinted in The Warren Companion (2001).
Pg 41: “Self Portrait Caricature, Crewcut”. PICT
Pg 41: A strip of photos featuring Corben (with beard), Jim Warren and Will Eisner.
See pg 101.

Pg 42: “Within You… Without You”. Sketch. PICT
Pg 42: A portrait of Uncle Creepy.
Pg 43: A portrait of Cousin Eerie.
Pg 92: “Treed by Triceratops”. Sketch. PICT
Pg 97: “Lizard Girl”. B&W. PICT
Pg 101: Photo showing Eisner and Corben.
Warren threw a party for Will Eisner at the Plaza Hotel. Notes accompanying photos on 41 say 1975, photos on page 101 say 1974.

Pg 105: “In Deep”. r[Creepy #101 (1978)]. B&W. Full pager. PICT
In this version storm clouds in the background; they are excluded on the color cover version in favour of a yellow background. Says that the cover was intended for Creepy 83 (1976).

No Corben cover!Comic Book Artist #23

End of 2002. Two Morrows. 8″x11″. 112 pgs. B&W. [wbp] Writer Harlan Ellison is interviewed and discusses his work in comics over the years.
Richard Corben included.
Others (in Harlan Ellison part): Gene Ha, Gene Colan, William Stout, Alex Niño, Neal Adams.

No Corben cover!Comic Book Artist Collection, Vol. 3

By Jon B. Cooke. June 30th, 2005. TwoMorrows. 219 pgs. Paperback. [googlebook] Pgs 104, 187: Minor text mention.

Comic-Book Book

1998. Ed. Don Thompson & Dick Lupoff. Krause Publications. [msu] Pg 15. Index entry on Richard Corben.

No Corben cover!Comic Book Rebels: Conversations with the Creators of the New Comics

1992. Ed. Stanley Wiater and Stephen R. Bissette. Donald I. Fine, New York. Paperback, and Hard Bound signed and numbered (750 print run). 6″x9″. B&W. [ober,ebay] Pgs 31, 39, 120, 125, 201: Richard Corben mentioned.
Pg 46: excerpt from Rip In Time
Pgs 47-59: “Richard Corben: Up From the Deep”. Interview.
Pg 49: “Rock Climbing”. B&W.

No Corben cover!Comic Books as History: The Narrative Art of Jack Jackson, Art Spiegelman, and Harvey Pekar

By Joseph Witek. Jan. 1st, 1990. University Press of Mississippi. 180 pgs. Paperback. [googlebooks] Pg 53: Minor text mention.

No Corben cover!Comic Crusader #7

(?) Richard Corben included.

No Corben cover!Comic Crusader #10

(?) 1970. New York & Metro Convention issue. [ober] Pg 27: “Den Kicks” (FiF, pg190, lower right). PICT

No Corben cover!Comic Forum Sonderband, 100 Jahre Comics German

1997. Harald A. Havas & Gerhard Habarth. 288+4 pgs. Comic Forum, Germany. Paperback; Hardbound version under name Comic Welten (1993). In German. [id] Pgs 102, 105: About Schwermetall
Pg 178: About horror comics
Pgs 234, 238: About full feature Albums
Pg 234: Thumbnail of Front Cover Art of Die phantastische Welt des Richard Corben #1: Den 1 [GER], Die Reise nach Nirgendwo

No Corben cover!Comic & Illustration Art Auction and The Frank Darabont Collection Set – Limited Edition (July 30, 2016) Guide

July 30, 2016. Profiles in History, CA, USA. Two coffee-table catalogues: Comic and Illustration Art (176 pgs), Frank Darabont (158 pgs). 334 pgs (together). Both 10.5″x14.5″. Matte paper. Limited of 1000 prints. TPB. $95.00. [] Richard Corben included (9 lots): Swamp Thing #8: Missing Links (2004), the original artplate of page 2; Death Rattle [II] #1 (1985), the original artplate of the cover, “With the Dead [vers.2]”.
Others: Murphy Anderson, Vaughn Bode, John Buscema, Jack Davis, Steve Ditko, Mort Drucker, Will Eisner, Frank Frazetta, Carmine Infantino, “Ghastly” Graham Ingels, Jack Kirby, Roy Krenkel, Moebius, Mike Mignola, Eric Powell, John Romita, Sanjulian, Mark Schultz, Frank Thorne, Wally Wood, and others.

Comicograph #3 German

(?) 1989. [googlebook] Pgs 11-13: “Wanted: Richard Corben” by Wolfgang Brenner

No Corben cover!Comics Between the Panels

Sept. 1998. By Steve Duin & Mike Richardson. Hard Bound. Dark House. 500[+14] pgs. [id] Pg 222: Richard Corben and Jan Strnad shortly mentioned in comment about “Den” in Heavy Metal – character who says “ugh” and “argh” and runs around surrounded by big breasted, naked girls.

No Corben cover!Comics, Comix & Graphic Novels, History of Comic Art

1996. By Roger Sabin. Phaidon, London. [id] Pgs 106, 128, 151, 152, 154: Index entry on Richard Corben.
Pg 106: Thumbnail of Front Cover Art of Fantagor #3 (1972)
Pg 152: Thumbnail of Front Cover Art of Comix International #4 (1976)
Pg 154: Thumbnail of Front Cover Art of Epic #2 (1980)

No Corben cover!Los cómics de la transición (el boom del cómic adulto 1975-1984) Spanish

2001. By Francisca Lladó Pol. Glénat: Viñetas, #3, Barcelona. 153 pgs. 21×16 cm. B&W. Cover price: 9,02 €. In Spanish. [tebeos] Richard Corben included.

No Corben cover!“Comics Go Underground!” – Underground-sarjakuva vastakulttuurina vuosien 1967-1974 Yhdysvalloissa (akateeminen väitöskirja) Finnish

(Transl. “Comics Go Underground!” – Underground Comix as a Countercultural Movement 1967 to 1974 in U.S.A., an Academic Dissertation)
Early summer 2004. By Päivi Arffman. Turun yliopisto, kulttuurihistoria (University of Turku, Cultural History). 460[+4] pgs. 7-5/6″x8-5/8″x5/6″. B&W. In Finnish. [id]
Good book, though
Richard Corben has not much to do with underground here.
Pg 124: talks about Richard Corben‘s stories, “When Dreams Collide”, and “Rowlf”.
Pgs 136-137: more deeper the story, “When Dreams Collide”
Pg 138: an excerpt (pg 3, first two rows) from the story “When Dreams Collide”
Pg 151: “Your Sins!”. Cover of Weirdom Comix #14 (1971), Full page. B&W. (In index under name, “Darvc”!)
Pg 173: Richard Corben‘s story, “The Rats in the Walls” as an hommage for E.C. comics (pointing on ECish nickname “Gore”, storytelling and opening page layout)
Pg 178: an excerpt (opening page) from the story “The Rats in the Walls”

The Comics Journal

The Comics Journal

No Corben cover!Comics Kalender ’83 German

A daily calendar for 1983, featuring many artists, including Richard Corben, Enki Bilal, Moebius, Boris, Frazetta, etc. In German. [ploog]

The original art plate of one page of New Tales of the Arabian NightsComics! Mangas! Graphic Novels! German

Bundeskunsthalle, Germany. Six-part exhibition catalog for the exhibition. One book 8.00 €, all six 32.00 €. Exhibition started in May 2017, and lasted till Sept. 10th, 2017.

1. Strips. 2. Books. 3. Comics in Europa. 4. Manga. 5. Underground. 6. Graphic Novels.

In one of the books: the original art plate of one page of “New Tales of the Arabian Nights”. B&W.

No Corben cover!Comics Scene #14

Aug. 1990. Starlog Communications International, Inc.; New York. $3.95. 8″x10-7/8″. 72 pgs. Color. [id] Pgs 8-11: “Return to the Mutant Planet”. Critique by Scott Lobdell.
Article on “Son of Mutant World”. Quoting Richard Corben and Strnad, with several panels excerpted.
Pg 8: “Lizard and Mouse”. B&W.
Pg 9: “Dimentia and Ollie”. Color.

No Corben cover!Comics, vom Massenblatt ins multimediale Abenteuer

1996. By Andreas C. Knigge. Rowohlt, Reinbeck bei Hamburg. [msu] Pgs 165, 166, 276. Index entry on Richard Corben.

No Corben cover!Los comics, un arte del siglo XX Spanish

In Spanish. [amic] 1 pg: article about B&W “Bloodstar”. One pict.

No Corben cover!Comic Welten German

1993. Harald A. Havas & Gerhard Habarth. 304+8 pgs. Comic Forum, Germany. Hard Bound; Paperback version under name Comic Forum Sonderband, 100 Jahre Comics (1997) In German. [id] Pgs 102, 105: Richard Corben mentioned under Schwermetall
Pg 178: Richard Corben mentioned under horror comics
Pgs 234, 238: Richard Corben mentioned under full feature Albums
Pg 234: Thumbnail of Front Cover Art of Die phantastische Welt des Richard Corben #1: Den 1 [GER], Die Reise nach Nirgendwo

Comix (1960-1975) American + French +Spanish

Juli/Aug. 1979. Alejandro Vallejo (Dir.). Carmen Dominquez, Alejandro Vallejo, Maite Ruiz de Austri (Script). 28 min. Color. Available in English, French and Spanish. [web site The Roland Collection includes also preview clips!] The film about the history of undergound comix includes interviews with Jack Kirby, Harvey Kurtzman, Gilbert Shelton and Richard Corben, and features “Spiderman”, “Little Annie Fanny”, “Vampirella”, “Conan”, “Fabolous, Furry Freak Brothers” and “Den”.

No Corben cover!Comix: The Underground Revolution

Summer 2004. By Dez Skinn. Thunder’s Mouth. Foreword by Denis Kitchen. $24.95. 8″x8″. 288[+4] pgs. Text & full color (throughout) sample pages and front cover arts. Paperback. [id,wbp] A comprehensive directory (pgs 274-281) incl. more than 1,500 comix. Bibliography (pgs 286-287) incl. all main Richard Corben comics (20 items, ad 1976 to 2002!), though Den is mentioned oddly volumes 1-5 from Fantagor (1984-92) PLUS Den 2: Muvovum from Catalan, 1984.
Corben (mostly brief mention): pgs 42, 44, 142,189 (caption – listed as pg 190…), 225, 227 (with photo of Mr. Corben), 235. (Pay attention, pg 140 is not credited for Mr. Corben at all, because no text mention in caption!)
Pgs 152-153: short chapter entitled as, ‘The “International” Rich Corben’.
Pg 120: “Bat out of Hell” (record cover). 3-1/6″x2-4/5″. Color.
Pg 140: “A World Peace Treaty…” (front cover of Slow Death #4 (1972)). 2-1/20″x2-7/8″. Color.
Pg 152: “Comix International Montage [#5]” (front cover of Comix International #5 (1977)). 2-1/5″x3-1/5″. Color. Other Comix International #3, #2, and #1 as thumbnails.
Pg 188: “Horrible Harvey” (front cover of Nasty Tales #6 (1972)). 3″x4″. Color.
Pg 276: Thumbnail of Fantagor #3 (1972). Color.
Pg 277: Thumbnail of Grim Wit #1 (1972). Color.

No Corben cover!Comixene #25 German

Juli/August 1979. In German. [werist] Pgs 14-16: “Wer hat Angst vor Richard Corben?”, by Achim Schnurrer. Reprinted in German Wer ist Richard Corben? (1982), pgs 39-43.

No Corben cover!The Complete Book of Cartooning

(?) 1977. John Adkins Richardson. Prentice-Hall, Inc.. [ober] Pg 106: Bloodstar illus.
Pgs 111-114: Richard Corben on airbrushing, with quote
Pg 112: excerpt “Slipped Mickey Click Flip”
Pg 119: mechanical color separations
Pg 196: excerpt “Slipped Mickey Click Flip”
Pgs 197, 198: with Warren Publishing

No Corben cover!Contemporary Graphic Artists Vol. 1 Guide

1986. Gale Research Co. By Maurice Horn. [] Richard Corben included. Each lengthy entry includes a resume, biography and bibliography.
A great reference but was short-lived with only three volumes published.
Others: Over 100 artists incl. Brad Holland, Bob Peak, Edward Sorel, Saul Bass, Milton Glaser, Dik Browne, Burne Hogarth, Bil Keane, Jack Kent, Jose Gonzalez, Dave Berg, Will Eisner, Joe Kubert, Joe Barbera, Faith Hubley, Jordi Bernet, RO Blechman, Kinuko Craft, Osamu Tezuka, Trina Robbins, Esteban Maroto, Thomas Nast, Eldon Dedini.

No Corben cover!Conan La Spada Selvaggia #53

4/1991. Comic Art. In Italian. [marchesini] “Curse of the Monolith” [FiF, pg 95, Golden Age #7 (1971), Savage Sword of Conan #16 (1976)] “His Outflung Hand Struck…” [FiF, pg 93, Golden Age #7 (1971), Savage Sword of Conan #4 (1975)] “A gorilla with Wings” [Golden Age #7 (1971), Savage Sword of Conan #4 (1975)]

Corben donner corps a l’imaginaire FRA

Der Corben Index – Ein Fanprojekt Publication GER

No Corben cover!The Cosmical Horror of H.P. Lovecraft

1991. Glittering Images. Paperback. 9″x12″. 168 pgs. B&W. $60.00. [ober,wbp] Includes a biography, excerpts of writing, and abundant artwork from comics, films, pulps, books, etc. Several complete comic stories are reprinted, along with some original corrected manuscripts. Quite a variety of uncommon material. Some nudity. Text in Italian, French and English. Import.
Richard Corben included.
Others: Hannes Bok, Virgil Finlay, Giger, Bernie Wrightson, Tim White, Guido Buzzelli Nicollet, Juan Gimenez, Andreas, Druillet, Battaglia,

Cozmic Comics #1

Cozmic Comics



Critical Vision: The Best of Early Headpress

By Kerekesslater, David Kerekes, David Slater. Sept. 1st, 1995. Critical Vision. Paperback. [googlebook] Pgs 34, 49: Minor text mention.

The CrusadersThe Crusades #8

Dec. 2001. DC Comics, Vertigo. [ober] Cover Art: “The Crusades” Pict

Crusades [ITA]: Seconda Crociata Spanish

2003. Magic Press. In Italian. [marchesini]
See also Congo Bill [ITA].

Cover Art: “Crusades [ITA]: Seconda Crociata” [The Crusades #8 (2001)]

CthulhuCrypt of Cthulhu #93, Vol. 15 #3 Fanzine

Aug. 1996. Robert M. Price (editor). Necronomicon Press, PO Box 1304, West Warwick RI 02893. $5.95. 56 pgs. A5. Fanzine. [ober,isfdb] Cover Art: “Cthulhu” Pict

Indian EveningA Cry of Angry Thunder Novel

Oct. 1986. By G. Clifton Wisler. PaperJacks. Mass Market Paperback. [net] Cover Art: “Indian Evening” Pict

Walter Gilman Thorugh HyperspaceCrypt of Cthulhu #95, Vol. 16 #2 Fanzine

April 1977. Robert M. Price (editor). Necronomicon Press, PO Box 1304, West Warwick RI 02893, Eastertiede. $4.50. 36 pgs. A5. [ober,isfdb] Cover Art: “Walter Gilman Through Hyperspace [1977]” aka “Cthulhu” Pict

Azathoth [1997]Cthulhu Codex #10

April 1997. Robert M. Price (editor). Necronomicon Press, PO Box 1304, West Warwick RI 02893. Eastertide. $4.50. 36 pgs. A5. [ober,isfdb] Cover Art: “Azathoth [1997]” Pict

Cthulhu Hunter’s Address Book 1997

Toren Atkinson, The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets, 302-1015 W. 13th Ave., Vancouver BC Canada V6H 1N1. [ober] Includes Richard Corben illustration.
Never published (confirmed by Toren Atkinson); maybe he will do it in the future. [ed]

Cuando el comic es arte: Victor de la fuente

Cuando el comic es arte: Victor de la fuente

The Curio Shoppe #1 Comics

March 1995. Phoenix Press. 32 pgs. [horner] No Richard Corben material inside!
There was a story called “Nothing is Real” which was a rip-off from “Den” but not made by Richard Corben.

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