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Daily Planet

Dec. 10th, 1971. Florida Underground paper. [asceiman]

Dallas Fantasy Fair 1979

1979. [asceiman]

Dallas Fantasy Fair 1994

1994. [asceiman]

Dark Age. A Collection of Fantasy Art

Dark Age1982. Dark Age Productions. $3.95. [ober,ebay] Back Cover Art: “Castle Girl”. Color. Pict
Pg 22: “Man vs. Monster” Pict
Pg 46: “Bald Head”. Self portrait(?).Pict
Incl. also George Barr, Steve Fabian, Jeff Jones, John Severin, Berni Wrightson etc.

The Dark Planet

The Dark Planet

No Corben cover!Das Da Magazin #3/81 Magazine German

March 1981. DM 4.80. A German men’s magazine for culture and politics. In German. [plogg] An excerpt from “New Tales of the Arabian Nights” on a cover.


The Day of Their Return

Feb. 1973 (also reprints, like Oct. 1986). By Poul Anderson. Hard Bound. Nelson Doubleday SFBC. $1.49. 182 pgs. [ober,isfdb] Cover Art: “Neverwhere Castle” Pict

The DC Comics Guide to Inking Comics

2003. By Klaus Janson. Introduction by Frank Miller. Watson-Guptill. Soft Covers. 8″x11″. 128 pgs. B&W. [wbp] Incl. Neal Adams, Gil Kane, Moebius, Wally Wood, P. Craig Russell, Jack Kirby, Kevin Nowlan, Richard Corben

D-Con ’71: D-Con Rises Again!

(?) Dallas summer convention. [ober,eBay] Cover Art: “Alien Measuring Human Skull” (FiF, pg 189). Full page.

D-Con ’79 Programme Book

(?) Dallas summer convention. [ober] 1 pict: “John Carter Kicks” (FiF, pg 190). Full page.

Death in the Dark

1998. Fantasy miniature game. RAFM, product code #4500. $69.95. [lopez] Box and Poster Cover Art: “Subterranean Nazi Dwarves”

Deathrealm #30 Magazine

1996/1997. [ed] Pict: “The Ropes of the Lasso Inn” Pict
Illustrates “The Ropes of the Lasso Inn”, by Ray Nayler.

Deathrealm #31 Magazine

Summer (March) 1997. Malicious Press, Greensboro NC. $4.95. 56 pgs. Magazine. A4. This was the last issue of the series. [ober,isfdb] Cover Art: “Deathrealm” Pict

Deathtrap Dungeon

Sept. 1984. By Ian Livingstone. Fighting Fantasy Gamebook #6. Paperbook. The American edition: Dell. US$2.25. [demian,ober] The cover of the British original edition not by Richard Corben. Interior illustrations by Iain McCaig. [Demian’s Gamebook Web Page].
Cover Art: “Wizard’s Closet” Pict

Deathworld Trilogy

Nov. 1974. By Harry Harrison. Hard Bound. Nelson Doubleday SFBC. $3.50. 440 pgs. [ober,isfdb] Cover Art: “Deathworld Trilogy” (FiF, pg 107) Pict
See also, Science Fiction Book Club flyers.

Demons and Daggers

Flashing Swords #5. Dec. 1981. Lin Carter (editor). Paperback. Dell. $2.50. 250 pgs. Anthology. [isfdb] Pay attention, Flights into Fantasy (1981) claims that the book was called as Flashing Swords #5: Parting Gifts. Actually novellette “Parting Gifts” by Diane Duane was one of the stories incl. into that anthology.
Cover Art: “Snow Creature” (FiF, pg 177, art2, pg 23)

Denver Free Press #3

(?) [ober] Richard Corben included.

No Corben cover!

Deutsche Comicforshung 2019  GER

Nov. 30, 2018. Comicplus+. [sebastian] Pg 132: Eckart Sackmann: Der erste deutsche Computercomic: Das Robotimperium. (Transl. “The first German computer comic: The Robot Empire”). An article about computer generated comics.
Splash page: “Silver, Emeralds and Rubies“ (pg 1)

Deus Irae

Oct. 1980. By Philip K. Dick and Roger Zelazny. Paperback. Dell. $2.25. 238 pgs. [ober,isfdb] Cover Art: “Deus Irae” Pict

Dictionnaire de la Bande Dessinée French

1999. By Henri Filippini. Bordas, France. Hard Bound. In French. [bob] Pgs 150-151: Article on “Den”.
Pgs 604-604: Short bibliography of Richard Corben.

Dictionnaire Encyclopédique de Héros et Auteurs de BD French

2000. By Henri Filippini, France. Grenoble: Glénat. In French. [msu] Pg 788: Entry on Richard Corben.

Dictionnaire mondial de la Bande Dessinée French

1st: 1994. Reprinted in 1998. By Patrick Gaumer and Claude Moliterni. Larousse, France. Hard Bound. In French. [håkan] Pgs 187-188: Entry/profile on Richard Corben. A Single panel excerpt from “When Dreams Collide” (misslabelled as “Den”).

The Dinosaur Scrapbook

(?) 1980. Donald F. Glut. 320 pgs. Hard Bound. Citadel Press. [ober]

No Corben cover!

Diva Satanica  French ITA

1990. Glittering Image. 26,5×33 cm. 104 pgs. Printed in English, French, Italian. [jlmh]

Sword & Sorcery by Richard Corben.


(?) By Bruce Jones. Blackthorne. [ober] Richard Corben illustrations.

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