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Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Fantastic Worlds [Guide]

Prob. 1996. Reprinted in 2??? (same as the 1st print). James Van Hise, ed. with Robert R. Barrett. $17.95. [ober,ed].
Front and Back Cover Arts (both same, except back without indies): “Victory Cry of the Bull Ape” [Tarzine #53 (Dec. 1986)]. Color. © 1970 by Robert R. Barrett [PICT]


Eerie #90 [Art]

1978. $2.25. [twc].
Poster: “Eerie #90”. Color. Cover Art of “Eerie #90” was published as a separated poster.

Eerie Fan Club [Art]

April 1972. $1.25. [twc].
Poster: “Eerie Fan Club”. Color. Consists of club badge membership card and poster of Cousin Eerie by Richard Corben.

Elsewhere, Elsewhen, Elsehow [Novel]

1971. By Miriam Allen deFord. Hard Bound. Walker & Co. $5.95. 180 pgs. [isfdb].
Cover Art: “Cosmic Death”. Color. [PICT]

Enchanted Pilgrimage [Novel]

(?) Clifford D. Simak. Nelson Doubleday SFBC. [ober].
Cover Art: “Enchanted Pilgrimage”. Color. [PICT]

Encounter #6

1982. Wichita Comicon program. 28 pgs. [Wayback Machine]Pict: Jeremy Brood #1 by Jan Strnad and Richard Corben. B&W.

Encounter #7

Encounter #7 cvr

Oct. 22-23, 1983. Encounter Program Book. $2.00.
The list of The Films of Richard Corben presented during FANdom: Search for the Golden Mold (1967), Neverwhere (1968), Creatures of the Box (1981), Relief Station (1983).

Encyclopedia de la Bande Dessinee Erotique [Guide][FRA]

(transl. “Encyclopedia of Erotic Comic Art”) 1999. By Henri Filippini. 288 pgs. La Musardine, Paris. In French. [msu,ober].
Pgs 88-89: Entry on Richard Corben.

The Encyclopedia of Fantasy [Guide]

1997. John Clute and John Grant, ed. St. Martin’s Press, New York. [msu].
Pgs 228-229: “Corben, Richard”, entry by Ron Tiner-Steve Holland.

Encyclopedia of Science Fiction [Guide]

(?) 1978. Robert Holdstock, ed. Hard Bound. Octopus Books, London. [ober].
Pg 158: reprints “Den, Chapter 3” (pg 5) from French Metal Hurlant

Encyclopédie des bandes dessinées [Guide][FRA]

1986. Ed. Marjorie Alessandrini. Nouv. ed. A. Michel, Paris. In French. [msu].
Pgs 65, 76, 180, 195, 259, 265. Index entry on Richard Corben.

Epic #11 [Fanzine]

Aug. 1970. Fanzine by Harry Wasserman.
Pict: “Werewolf with Victim”. B&W. [PICT][PHOTO]
Pg 41: “Werewolf with Underlight”. B&W. [PICT][PHOTO]

ERBdom #28 cvr

ERBdom #28 [Fanzine]

Oct. 1, or Nov. 1969. Camille E. “Caz” Cazedessus, Jr. Evergreen Co. [,ober].
Back Cover Art: “Tars Tarkas with Sword and Pistol” (FiF, pg 17) [PICT]

“Tars Tarkas with Sword and Pistol” was printed as a separate 13″x17″ full color poster. It was advertised at least in ERBdom #28, #37 (yellow paper), #39 (pink), #74 (blue).

ERBdom #29 [Fanzine]

ERBdom #29 cvr

Dec. 1, 1969. [,ober].
“Sola”. B&W.

ERBdom #49 [Fanzine]

Aug. 1971. [ober].
Pg 13: “John Carter Kicks” (FiF, pg 190 top) [PICT]

ERBdom #57 [Fanzine]

April 1972. 52[+4] pgs. [fbMark,ed].
Pg 28: “Tars Tarkas Profile” (with Herb Arnold, though in this issue Herb’s initials erased) [PICT] See also X-Ray Delta One – Special Edition #1 (1972)

Erotik und Pornographie im Comic Strip [Guide][GER]

By Michel Bourgeois. 1981. Published by Volksverlag in Germany. 155 pgs. In German. [ober].
Pgs 97-98 has “Richard Corben: Gewalttatige Welt?”
Pg 97: Color single panel except from “Den” and a B&W single panel except from “Flies” (the carnivorous plant can make itself appear like a beautiful nude woman).
Pg 98: B&W two panel excerpt from “The Spirit Of The Beast.”

Escape (de la realidad) #1 [Fanzine][ARG] 

Escape #1 cvr

March 1986. Diego Grillo Trubba. 22×17 cm. ARS 0,50 (peso). In Spanish. [jmh].
Richard Corben incl.
Incl. unpublished Richard Corben story [in Spanish at that time]. 

La Espada Salvaje de Conan #12 [Guide][SPA]

1st: 1983. Planeta Comic. 2nd: 1990. Comics Forum. 3rd: 2005. In Spanish. [esmania,prades].
Picts appeared before in Savage Sword of Conan #4 (1975) and #16 (1976).

“El fénix de la espada” [Golden Age #7 (1971)]“La hija del gigante helado” [Golden Age #7 (1971)]“La ciudadela escarlata” [Golden Age #7 (1971)]“El mundo de Conan” [Golden Age #7 (1971)]“La reina de la costa negra” [Golden Age #7 (1971)]

The Extraordinary Works of Alan Moore [Art]

By Alan Moore, George Khoury. July 23th, 2003. TwoMorrows. 208 pgs. [googlebook].
Pg 212: Minor text mention.
Pg 214: Small single page, “Heroes for Hope”. B&W.

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