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No Corben cover!Famous Monsters of Filmland #34

Aug. 1965. Warren. [id].
Pgs 30-32, 35-36: Madonna Marchant’s (later Mrs. Corben) movie, Siegfried Saves Metropolis (1965), wins first prize.

No Corben cover!Famous Monsters of Filmland #35

Oct. 1965. Warren. [id].
Pgs 14-19: More about movie, Siegfried Saves Metropolis (1965), of Madonna Marchant, now Mrs Corben, wife of cameraman.
“Rex the Robot” (photo of buid-up robot model)
Untitled (a monstrous face pict)
The first known ever published Richard Corben pict, see .

No Corben cover!London After MidnightFamous Monsters of Filmland #47 Magazine

Nov. 1967. Warren. [ecm].
Pg 64: Fang Mail: “London After Midnight” PICT PHOTO

No Corben cover!Famous Monsters of Filmland #55

May 1969. Warren. [id].
Pg 52: Fang Mail. Photo of young Richard Corben made up as Frankenstein, “The Corben Creature: Richard the (Electric) Line-Hearted)”.

FM251Famous Monsters of Filmland #251

July 2010. IDW. [widw].
Front Cover Art (Primary): Richard Corben. Color.
There exists also three variant covers by others.

FM251Famous Monsters of Filmland #257

Aug. 31, 2011. IDW. [widw].
Front Cover Art: Richard Corben. Color.

No Corben cover!Famous Monsters Gallery. Dark Arts #1

2011. Movieland Classics. 8″x11″. 104 pgs. Full color. $16.99. [mycomicshop,shields].
Inc. Richard Corben int.
Pg 9: “Den and the Boonthas”.

No Corben cover!Fandom: Confidential

Ron Frantz. 212 pgs. Midquard Publishing Company, Mena AR. Print run of 2000, 750 signed and numbered. [ober].
Pg 134: “Alien Measuring Human Skull”

No Corben cover!Fangoria #166

Sept. 1997. [fang].
Pgs 34-37: Review of Aliens: Alchemy (1997)

Three cover groupFan Informer #27

March 1971 (?). [ober].
Cover Art: “Monster’s Lunch” (FiF, pg 58

Fan Informer #34

July 1973. The FFCG Newszine. 25¢. [ober].
Cover Art: “Razar on Horseback”, here as “Razar the Unhero”

Fantastic Films #26Fantastic Films #26 Vol. 4 #2

Nov. 1981. Fantastic Films, Inc. 21 W. Elm St., Chicago IL 60610. [ober].
Cover Art: “Den Triumphant” Pict

The Fantastic Worlds Of Clark Ashton Smith

Planned for Sept. 2005. By James Van Hise. $17.95. 8-1/2″x11″. 192 pgs. [cox] Unpublished!
The Clark Ashton Smith picts by Richard Corben planned for this issue were printed later in Odds and Ends (2009).
Incl. pict by Richard Corben, Frank R. Paul, Alien Koszowski, Rick McCollum, Tim Kirk, and Clark Ashton Smith,
Special, limited edition: Hard Bound (with dust jacket) limited to 500 run of prints. $100.00. A small portion will be signed editions (by one or more of the contributing artists, and the editor). Incl. a special color print of vintage pulp art.

No Corben cover!The Fantastic Worlds of Robert E. Howard

1st: 1997. 2nd: Jan. 2001. By James Van Hise. $17.95. 8-1/2″x11″. 192 pgs. Squarebound paperback. [ebay].
Pg 9: “Queen of the Black Coast”. Essay by James Van Hise. Short fiction by Richard Corben. Picts by Hugh Rankin, Allen Koszowski, Stephen Fabian.
Pg 58: “Robert E. Howard: One Character Writer?” Essay by Richard Toogood. Pict by Richard Corben.
Incl. pict by Steve Fabian, Bill Stout, Gary Gianni, Ned Dameron,

Fantastik recucil #1 Danish

1981. Collection book of Fantastik issues #1, #2, and #3. [ebayfra].
Corben, Wrightson, Ortiz. Interview with Bilal.

Fantasy Crossroads #8

May 1976. Stygian Isle Press. Lamoni IA. Print run of 1000. [ober].
Cover Art: “The Heart of the Sea’s Desire” [Night Images (1976)]

Fantasy Crossroads #9

Aug. 1976. Stygian Isle Press. Lamoni IA. Print run of 1200. [ober].
Cover Art: “Dark Barbarian”
Pg 17: “Bloodstar” reviewed by Dennis McHaney

No Corben cover!

Fantasy Review #80

June 1985. $2,75. [ober].
Profile of Richard Corben by Arnie Fenner (4 pgs).

The Far Out Worlds of Van Vogt Novels Greece

A Feast Unknown

1975. By Philip Jose Farmer. 286 pgs. Paperback (800 print of run). Fokker D-LXIX Press. Hard Bound with dustjacket (200 print of run). [ober,isfdb].
Wraparound cover: “A Feast Unknown” (FiF, pgs 108-109) Pict
Facing pg 48: “Getting onto the lion’s back requires very swift movements.” (FiF, pg 113) Pict
Facing pg 112: “I lowered him slowly and gently” Pict
Facing pg 128: “We swayed back and forth in this footless dance” Pict
Facing pg 160: “We stood side by side and faced Anana across the table” (FiF, pg 115) Pict
Facing pg 176: “My feet went from under me” (FiF, pg 115) Pict
Facing pg 192: “I turned to her and kissed her lips” Pict
Facing pg 240: “The room was a babel of screams and chaos” (FiF, pg 119) Pict
Facing pg 272: “I cast his testicles in his face” Pict

Fighting Fantasy Gamebooks

Pay attention, there is no Richard Corben covers (in American prints) after #7. Covers of #8 to #9 are made by R. Courtney.


(?) 1981. Dell. [ober]Cover Art: “Fireship” (FiF, pg 181, art2, pg 48)

Flashing Swords #5

Flights into Fantasy

Fluge en die Fantasie

Fluide Glacial #67 Comics FRA

Jan. 1982. Editions Audie. 10 Frangs. 68 pgs. [id].
Pgs 42-43: “Metal Lourd”, an half page article about Heavy Metal the Movie. In column called, Le zootrope epatant #27.

Fogel’s Underground Comix Price Guide, The First Supplement GUIDE

FoolCon4 Souvenir Program

April 3-5, 1982. Sword & Shield Club, Johnson County Community College, Overland Park, Kansas. [ober].
Incl. a mention of “Richard Corben‘s release of Creatures of the Box“.

The Forbidden City

May 1987. By Ian Page (and edited by Joe Dever). World of the Lone Wolf #2. Paperback. The American edition: Berkley/Pacer. US$2.95. [demian,ober].
The cover of the British original edition not by Richard Corben. Interior illustrations by Paul Bonner. [Demian’s Gamebook Web Page].
Cover Art: “The Forbidden City”

The Forest of Doom

Feb. 1984. By Ian Livingtsone. Fighting Fantasy Gamebook #3. Paperback. The American edition: Dell. US$1.95. [demian,ober].
The cover of the British original edition not by Richard Corben. Interior illustrations by Malcolm Barter. [Demian’s Gamebook Web Page].
Cover Art: “The Forest of Doom (art2, pg 54)

The Francophone Bande Dessinie

By Charles (EDT) Forsdick, Laurence (EDT) Grove, Libbie (EDT) Mcquillan. June 1st, 2005. Rodopi. 276 pgs. [googlebook].
Pgs 103, 111: Minor text mention.
Cf. Masters of the Ninth Art: Bandes Dessinees and Franco-Belgian Identity (2005).

No Corben cover!The Frazetta Sketchbook

Feb. 26, 2013. By Frank Frazetta, and J. David Spurlock. Vanguard Productions. $24.95. 160 pgs. [isfdb].
Pg 79: 1984 #1 comic cover.

Fremtiden i tegneserier Danish

(transl. “The Future in Comics”) 1982. Horst Schröder. Carlsen Comics, Denmark. In Danish. [håkan].
Translated version of Swedish “Framtiden i serierutor”.

Framtiden i serierutor Swedish

(transl. “The Future in Comics”) 1981. En serie on serier #2. By Horst Schröder. Carlsen if, Sweden. In Swedish. [håkan,ober].
See also Danish edition “Framtiden i tegneserier”.
Pgs 61-65: subchapter about Richard Corben in “Underground” section of sci-fi comics in USA, France and Britain. Heavily illustrated (B&W).


(?) 1991. Harvey Kurtzmnan’s Visual History of the Comics. HC, Kitchen Sink Press. Paperback. Prentic Hall Press. [ober].
Pg 63: “A World Peace Treaty…”
Pg 88: excerpt from “Neverwhere”

From the Tomb #6

UK. From 2000 to 2010 (?). 28 issues. [twomorrowscom].
Reprinted in The Best of From the Tomb.
Subterranean Nightmare by Frank Motler
“A World Peace Treaty…”. Pager. (?)
Richard Corben is mention as part of the underground revolution. Some frames from “The Awakening” was used with the article.

Fungi, Vol. 2, #16

Fall 1997. Fungoid Press. PO Box 904, Lowell MA 01853. $9.00. 42 pgs. [ober,net].
Cover Art: “Mummy With Amulet”

No Corben cover!Fungi, Vol. 2, #17

Summer 1998. Fungoid Press. PO Box 904, Lowell MA 01853. [ober].
Pg 51: “The Black Pilgrimage”

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