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Galaxy Science Fiction Digest Magazine Volume 38 Number 3 [PUBLICATION]

May 1977. [jlmh].
Pg 140-141: Reviews of Richard Corben’s Funny Book and Bloodstar.

Gallery III, #5 [ART]

May 1975. Brookbridge Publishing Corp., New York. [ober].
Pg 18: Richard Corben mentioned in article on Underground Comix as “Gore”. 13 panels excerpted from “Horrible Harvey’s House”, not in correct sequence.

Gallery XIII, #7 [ART]

July 1985. Montcalm Publishing Corporation. New York. [ober].
Pgs 60-63: Interview by Donald Newlove
“Dreams of An Ancient World”
Pg 61: “His Master’s Voice”
“Jovian Blue Girl”
“Planet Busters”

Pg 5, pg 60: “Venus”
“Wood Demon”

Garvortenplatz [FANZINE]

The journal of Kansas City Fandom. Kansas City Science Fiction and Fantasy Society. Edited by William Fasselmeyer. [scheiman].
Pg 2: “Rover”. a/s-Richard Corben. A small half page comic story. B&W.
Pg 4(?): “Standing Astronaut”. B&W. 

Gargoyle #1 [MAGAZINE]

(?)Fall 1970. Paul Scott. Horror magazine. [ober].
Back Inside Cover: “What’s Your Hangup Man?” With Dennis A. Cunningham.

Gateways #7 [PUBLICATION]

Gina Diggers: Warnerd of Mars. Bonus Issue Full Moons of Mars [COMICS]

Glamour International #3 [MAGAZINE]

(?) Sept. 1985. [ober,ebayit].
Pg 14: excerpt, “How Howie Made It in the Real World”

Glamour International #19 [MAGAZINE]

Oct. 1992. Glamour International Production S.N.C. Florence, Italy. In Italy. [ober,ebayit].
Pgs 22-24: Bibliography
Pg 22: “The Corbou Girl”. Color.
Pg 23: “The Three Graces”

Gobbledygook #1

The Gods of Mars [AUDIO]

Edgar Rice Burroughs, read by Grover Gardner. B&B Audio, 2 cassettes, 3 hours, abridged. [ober,ebay].
Cover Art: “The thing started to lift me from the ground…” (also printed in Llana of Gathol & John Carter of Mars (1977)). Color.

Going to See the End of the Sky [NOVEL]

July 1986. By William John Watkins. Paperback. Popular Library/ Questar. $3.50. 230 pgs. [ober,isfdb].
Cover Art: “Space Burger to Go”

Golden Age #7 [PUBLICATION]

Winter 1971. S.F.C.A. Miami, FL. [ober,plogg].
Pg 7: “World of Conan” 6 page portfolio [prob. first appearing here, reprinted as a separate portfolio, Sword & Fantasy (1973), and partly in Rocket Blast Comic Collector #81 (1971), Savage Sword of Conan #4 (1975), #16 (1976) & #29 (1978)]:
Pg 8: “Jewels of Gwahlur” (here printed as a mirror image, see Rocket Blast Comic Collector #81 (1971))
Pg 9: “Curse of the Monolith”
Pg 10: “His Outflung Hand Struck…” (as “The Phoenix on the Sword”)
Pg 11: “Gorilla with Wings” (as “Queen of the Black Coast”)
Pg 12: “The Whole Sky Leaped Into Icy Fire…” (as “The Frost Giant’s Daughter”)
Pg 13: “From the Darkness Oozed…” (as “The Scarlet Citadel”)

Gore Shriek #6 [FANZINE]

1989. Fantaco Enterprises, Inc. Tom Sculan, ed. [ober,twc].
“Warren Comics in the ’70s: The Run for the E.C. Roses, Part Two: Horror in the Underground”, by Jack Butterworth (11 pgs).
Heavily illustrated.

Graphic Classics: Edgar Allan Poe [Revised and Expanded 2nd edition]

Graphic Collectibles #3 [ART]

1984. 36 pgs. Graphic Collectibles, 174 Jewett Ave, Staten island NY 10302. [ober].
Pg 16: “In a single bound I cleared the table and the diners…” (also printed in Thuvia, a Maid of Mars and Llana od Gathol & John Carter of Mars)
Pg 16: “Quietly he started to edge his way along a ledge…” (also printed in Llana od Gathol & John Carter of Mars)
Pg 16: “The thing started to lift me from the ground…” (also printed in The Gods of Mars and Llana od Gathol & John Carter of Mars)

Graphic Gallery

Graphic Novels: A Bibliographic Guide to Book-length Comics [GUIDE]

Graphic Story Magazine #15

By D. Aviva Rothschild. June 30th, 1995. Libraries Unlimited. 246 pgs. Hard Bound. [googlebook].
Pgs 49, 54, 150: Listed in order: Bloodstar, Neverwhere and The Odd Comic World of Richard Corben, and Vic & Blood.
Pg 71: Minor text mentions.

Graphic Story Magazine #15 [PUBLICATION]

1970. Edited by Bill Spicer. 32 pgs. B&W. $1.00. [ober,mycomicshop].
Richard Corben included (?). Most likely there is no Corben in it.

Graphic Story World #7 [PUBLICATION]

Sept. 1972. Later Wonderworld. [ober].
Pg 28: tie vote between Richard Corben and Kaluta for 1971 Shazam Awards – Outstanding New Talent (tie vote).
Pg 28: 1971 Comic Art Fan awards (Goethe Award) – Favorite Fan Artist: Richard Corben.
Pg 31: mentions Richard Corben in Funny World #14.
Pg 32: mentions Skull #5 with stories and art by Gore.

Graphis Vol.28, #159: The Art of the Comic Strip [ART]

aka International Journal of Applied Art and Graphic Art. 1972/1973. By Walter Herdeg/The Graphis Press in Zurich, Switzerland. In English, German and French. [plogg].
“Comics Variations”:
Pg 72: “Rowlf” excerpt (from pg 26, the fight scene where Rowlf climbs in through the window).
Pg 74: two pages from “How Howie Made It In The Real World” (the beach scene from pgs 4 and 5).
Pg 74: first page of “C-Dopey”


1999. Jeff Williams. [wcorb04]

Great Balls of Fire, An Illustrated History of Sex In Science Fiction [GUIDE]

1977. By Harry Harrison. Paperback and Hard Bound. 118 pgs. 10″x10″. $6.95. Warren Publishing Company. [ober].
Pgs 37, 90, 94: sample illus.
Illustrated history of sex in SF. Over 150 illustrations by the finest SF artist of all time – – Richard Corben a color excerpt from “Den [I]”, Kath and Den laying in a garden; B&W Kath from “Den [I]”, and the back cover of Fantagor #2 [1984 #2, net]Apparently appears with two different covers.
Printed in French under title, “La queue de la comète”. 

Great Masters of Fantasy Art [ART]

1986. Edited by Eckart Sackmann. Taco. 9″x12″. 93 pgs. [eBay].
Richard Corben included.
Also printed in Spanish Obras maestras del arte fantástico.
Others: Frank Frazetta, Frank Kelly Freas Greg Hildebrandt Carl Lundgren Oliviero Berni Boris Vallejo Vincente Segrelles Barclay Shaw Rowena Morrill Rodney Matthews Paul Lehr Richard Hescox Tim White Michael Whelan Don Maitz.

The Green Hydra [GAME]

1985. By Gary Gygax and Flint Dille. Sagard the Barbarian Gamebook #2. Paperback. Archway. US$2.25. [ober,msu].
Interior illustrations not by
Richard Corben.
Cover Art: “The Green Hydra” (CI-card #85)
Pay attention, the very same hydra is borrowed to the cover art of Den Saga #4 (1994).

Grey Star the Wizard [NOVEL]

1987. By Ian Page (edited by Joe Dever). World of the Lone Wolf #1. Paperback. The American edition: Berkley/Pacer. US$2.95. [demian,ober].
The cover of the British original edition not by Richard Corben. Interior illustrations by Paul Bonner. [Demian’s Gamebook Web Page].
Cover Art: “Grey Star”
Richard Corben did three sketches for the cover, #1: Greystar holding glowing staff. #2: Greystar surrounded by creatures (chosen for book cover). #3: Greystar and giant horn monster (water colors and marker), .

Das Grosse Buch der Comics [GUIDE] [GER]

1971. Wolfgang J. Fuchs & Reinhold C. Reitberger. 280+4 pgs. Meco Verlag Gmbh, Dreieich, Germany. ISBN 23400179-01. Hard Bound. In German. [id].
Cover: About dozen color frames in perfect rows and columns; one of them is from Rowlf (close up face of kidnapped girl from fighting scene from the end of story, colored)
Pgs 245, 247, 251: Richard Corben metioned.

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