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Books I


The Ice DragonThe Ice Dragon [GAME]

Sept. 1985. By Gary Gygax & Flint Dille. Sagard the Barbarian Gamebook #1. Paperback. Archway. US$2.25. [demian,ober,msu].
Interior illustrations by Leslie Morrill. [Demian’s Gamebook Web Page].
Cover Art: “The Ice Dragon”. Color. Pict

No Corben cover!

Den, DragonslayerI’ll Be Damned #1 [PUBLICATION]

May 1970. Mark Feldman. [ober,lopez].
Pg 64: “Den, Dragonslayer” Pict

No Corben cover!

Illustrated Checklist to Underground Comix Preliminary Edition [GUIDE]

1979. Archival Press/Robert Weiner. 8-1/8″x10-7/8″. 128[+4] pgs.
1) $4.50. 5,000 copies. Cover: glossy color. Guts: newsprint. [id].
2) $6.00. 25 copies with signature and a hand-colored contents page. [oug].
Pg 47: cover of Anomaly #4 (1973)
Pg 52: covers of Bizarre Sex #5 (1976), and #6 (1977)
Pg 57: cover of Death Rattle #1 (1972)
Pg 62: covers of Fantagor #1 (1970) [2nd], #2 (1972), #3 (1972), and #4 (1972)
Pg 63: cover of Fever Dreams #1 (1972)
Pg 67: covers of Grim it #1 (1972), and #2 (1973)
Pg 86: covers of Rowlf (1971), 1st and 2nd
Pg 89: covers of Slow Death #3 (1971), and #4 (1972)
Pg 98: cover of Up from the Deep #1 (1971)
Pg 99: covers of Weirdom Comix #14 (1971), and #15 (1972)
Pg 117: cover of Fantagor [1st #1 (1970)], here without number
Pg 119: covers of Hot Stuf’ #3 (1976), and #5 (1977), here misspelled as Hot Stuff
Pg 124: cover of Anthology of Slow Death (1975), here misspelled as Slow Death Anthology
Pg 126: cover of Weirdom [Illustrated] #13 [1969], here misspelled as Weirdom #13 (without year)
All cover picts B&W thumbnails, 1-1/2″x2″. Alphabethical list on pgs 25-40, picts 41-127. UG newspapers on pg 15 (list) and pgs 16-24 (picts).

No Corben cover!

Illustrated History of Horror Comics [GUIDE]

(?) 1991. Mike Benton. Taylor Publishing Co. [ober].
Pg 64: commentary
Pg 65: “Raven” excerpt
Pg 99: “With the Dead” [art2, pg 13, Death Rattle [II] #1 (1985)]

Illustration Art Works Catalogue #4: Underground Art Originals [ART]

(?) 1998. Robert Lewis. [ober].
Richard Corben included.

Illustrators #42 [ART]

January 24, 2024. [net].
Cover Art: “The Green Man”. Color. [PICT].
Pgs 3-15: Richard Corben. An article with picts.

Illustrators [ART]

Re: June 2021. Book Palace Books. By Diego Cordoba, David Roach. 144 pgs. Soft covers. 9″ x 11″ (216 mm x 280 mm). [net]Artists: Jordi Bernet, Enric, Luis Garcia, Pepe Gonzalez, Esteban Maroto, Luis Garcia Mozos, Sanjulian, Josep Toutain
Pg 8: A photo of Richard Corben and Josep Toutain. 1/4 page. Color.
Pgs 11, 13: Richard Corben mentioned in the text.

No Corben cover!Bat Out of HellIllustrators XX [ART]

(?) April 12, 1978. Twentieth Annual Exhibition of Illustrations, Galleries of the Society of Illustrators, New York. [ober].
“Bat Out of Hell” Pict

In Dire Straits #1 [PUBLICATION]

(?) 1972. Artists’ Press Unlimited. [ober].


International Journal of Applied Art and Graphic Art

No Corben cover!The International Book of Comics [GUIDE]

1984. By Denis Gifford. Hard Bound. Optimum Books. [id].
Pg 249: Single Richard Corben mention, under article, “Underground comics: Keep on truckin’!”. It says only, “Richard Corben’s full color Weird Fantasies (1972)”.

Man in RobotIn the Bone: The Best Scence Fiction of Gordon R. Dickson [NOVEL]

March, 1987. By Gordon R. Dickson. Paperback. Ace. $3.50. 228 pgs. [ober,msu,isfdb].
Cover Art: “Man in Robot” Pict

Invaders of the Planet EarthInvaders of the Planet Earth [NOVEL]

July 1, 1987. By Richard Brightfield. Paperback. Skylark. Choose Your Own Adventure #70. 128 pgs. [net].
Cover Art: “Invaders of the Planet Earth” Pict


LizardKingIsland of the Lizard King [GAME]

Jan. 1985. By Ian Livingstone. Fighting Fantasy Gamebook #7. Dell. US$2.25. [demian,ober].
The cover of the British original edition not by Richard Corben. Interior illustrations by Alan Langford. [Demian’s Gamebook Web Page].
Cover Art: “Lizard King” (art2, pg 55, CI-card #48)

Mutant BearIt Came from the Drive-In [PUBLICATION]

June 2004. Norman Partridge, Martin H. Greenberg (editors). IBooks. $11.95. 342 pgs. Tradeback. Anthology. [isfdb].
Cover Art: “Mutant Bear” (Mutant World (1983), FiF, pg 184, CI-card #P5) Pict

It Crept from the Tomb, The Best From the Tomb, Vol. 2 [PUBLICATION]

March 20, 2018. By Peter Normanton. TwoMorrows Publishing. $29,95. 192 pgs. 8,4″x0,9″x10,8″. Tradeback. Anthology. [amazon].
Pgs 76-85: “Richard Corben, the Early Days”, by Peter Normanton. Color. [see more].
Incl.exceprts from “[A Brief] Encounter at War” (pg 76), “The Lure of the Tower” (pg 77), “The Rats in the Walls” (pg 78), “To Meet the Faces You Meet” (pg 78), “Rowlf” (pg 79), “Frozen Beauty” (pg 80), “Horrible Harvey’s House!” (pg 80), “Lycanklutz” (pg 81), “The Secret of Zokma” (pg 83), and 26 covers and other picts, like the cover of Nasty Tales (1972).

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